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business generates income. All tasks that are not the highest and best use of your time are outsourceable. As we say at REVA Global, “Do what you do BEST and outsource the REST!” REVA Global is the real estate industry-leading provider of out- sourced solutions utilizing trained Virtual Assistants. Since 2013, the team at REVA Global has been the key outsourcing solution for many of the country’s leading small to mid- size real estate businesses including brokerages, real estate teams, large scale investment firms, procure - ment and acquisition funds, property management companies, real estate coaching and training programs, and real estate software providers.

REVA Global stands apart from all other Virtual Assistant providers as the real estate entrepreneur’s strategic partner. The executive has years of real estate coaching and business consultation experience working with thousands of real estate entrepreneurs. Those skills are used actively to help business owners who come to REVA Global identify operational bottlenecks and areas in which they can automate and outsource to achieve scale, effi - ciency, and time-freedom. We prioritize our client’s needs so that they can achieve the success they want, cultivated by a core value culture of excellence and progress. Whether placing a one-on-one ded-

As real estate entrepreneurs, about 90 percent of your daily tasks are done by you or our team using the phone or the computer. Yet, nearly every task that can be done in those formats can be outsourced. You are aware of the activities that earn the highest return for your business. As you are aware of the hundreds of repetitive tasks that must be done that are not those highest revenue-generating activities you need to focus on. By affordably outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assis- tant, you are freeing up more of your time for the activities that earn you the most and grow your business or free you up to do spend more time doing things you enjoy while your

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