We are excited to announce REVA Global’s sponsorship of the weekly spin on the traditional podcast called, Friday Coffee Break Unfiltered. The LIVE recorded podcast is hosted by REVA’s CEO Bob Lachance, our CMO Amy Ransdell, and their good friend and Mastermind Coach Patrick Precourt. Bob, Amy, and Pat all share a passion for empowering entrepreneurs and real estate professionals. Join the LIVE broadcast each Friday at 10 a.m. EST for high octane entrepreneurial content guaranteed to speak to you as a business owner.

icated Virtual Assistant or helping our clients build teams of Virtual As- sistants, the goal of REVA Global is always to create winning processes and relationships that advance our client’s goals and equally advances the lives of our Virtual Assistants. Hiring Virtual Assistants means efficiency and savings for busi - ness owners. On average, a Virtual Assistant will mean at a minimum 37-40% savings over the cost of an in-office hire. By working with REVA Global’s unique placement process, our real estate business owners save additional time by foregoing the strenuous process of finding and hiring the right Virtual Assistant on their own and the roll- over that often comes when hiring without a team dedicated to finding the right hire. Pre-trained, dedicated, and custom placed Virtual Assistants can complete almost any task an in-office hire could accomplish by phone or computer. Commonly placed services are cold calling, follow up calls, lead generation and marketing, following up on offers, property research, skip tracing, list management, contractor bid scheduling, tenant calls, contract- to-close coordination, social media

marketing, content creation, prop- erty marketing, virtual networking, data entry, bookkeeping, and many more tasks. Our team of rock star Virtual Assistants are trained in real estate and ready to hit the ground running for your business. With only a five percent hiring rate, we ensure all our VA’s meet the gold standard we set for ourselves. All VA’s are col- lege-educated, proficient in English, have neutral accents, and work your time-zone and hours. When you are wearing multiple hats in your business, it can quick- ly become overwhelming. As our businesses grows, we often find that growth stops or becomes strained when doing too many tasks our- selves or having team members feel overloaded. Adding trained, skilled Virtual Assistants provides the way to scale your business and buy your time back so that you have the income, business, and lifestyle you deserve. Start today by going to to review the tasks you can outsource and schedule a free strategy session with our consultation and placement team. As a Think Realty member, you receive 50% off the REVA Global advanced placement fee. •

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