The Quiet And Strategic Move iBuyers Made This Summer That Real Estate Agents Need To Prepare For...


or risk being eaten alive by the Big Box iBuyers who are chomping at the bit to expand their territories. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. From big box stores to online mega retailers, the road to growing and dominating a competitive marketplace can become a battlefield. But you don’t have to be a casualty of war. How can you maintain footing when the giants start paving over everyone in their way? You fight back. In this case, you need to stay relevant and stay ahead of the curve. This means you adapt your strategy fast! As iBuyers move into the traditional world, real estate agents like you are going to have to fight even harder for your share of the marketplace, and for every single quali- fied traditional lead you can get. Our Managed Service solution can help you stay ahead of the curve. We’ve helped real estate agents build and manage their iBuying businesses without having to sacrifice their time or their traditional business model. In fact, we can even help you get more qualified traditional leads in the door. Our solutions can enhance your business, give you diversified revenue and massive leverage, and help you find more time and financial freedom in your business. All without having to hire a single person. Sound too good to be true? Let us prove to you it’s not. Let’s start the conversation today.

he marketplace is always changing, but this quiet move made by some of the largest iBuyers in the nation could have big implications for you if you’re a tradi- tional real estate broker or a real estate agent… When iBuying companies like Redfin and Zillow ceased purchasing homes a few months back during the first wave of the coronavirus, we weren’t surprised. Even though iBuyers represented a small portion of the real-estate market, that share has been growing steadily over the past several years. But, of course, even mega iBuyers have limitations. Such as not being able to offer traditional listing services to their customers. But, some of the big iBuyers used their time during the “safer at home” period of the coronavirus pandemic to bring some major game changers to the table for real es- tate entrepreneurs. And it all seemed to go down a little too “hush, hush” for our liking. Both Offerpad and Opendoor, two of the biggest iBuying firms, quietly launched their own traditional brokerage listing services this summer, making this one of the biggest evolutions in the iBuyer model yet. By taking measures to merge their alternative offer services with traditional services, these big iBuying firms can cover even more ground in the real estate mar- ketplace. Now that they offer the complete solution for homeowners, their competitive advantage will likely keep on growing. This means that Real Estate Agents like you must compete T

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