Ahead of the Curve: Tech Resources for Investors

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T hough still traditional in many ways, the real estate industry has wisely been embracing the use of modern technology over the last decade. The on-the- go lifestyle of many industry professionals and casual homebuyers has necessitated newer, faster, more convenient ways of doing business. These changes in consumer behavior, along with the significant effects of COVID-19, have done even more to push the industry towards contemporary tech solutions. Those who want to stay ahead of the curve would be wise to take advantage of the multitude of modern resources available today. FULL-SERVICE PLATFORMS A full-service real estate platform may be one of the best resources at a real estate investor’s disposal. Platforms that offer a comprehensive range of services like the ability to search for homes, research market information, connect with sellers and place bids online, allow investors to conduct much of the homebuying process over the web. Hubzu, for example, is an online home auction marketing platform where users have access to resources that can help them stay abreast of real estate and COVID-19 news, find upcoming auctions and browse thousands of properties around the country. Users can also tour select homes virtually from the comfort of their own homes. For investors who want to keep their portfolio fresh while mitigating the risks of traveling and touring properties, Hubzu offers a digital alternative to

the traditional, in-person home tour.

MOBILE RESOURCES Another important tech resource for investors can be found on their smartphones. There are over 3 billion smartphone users in the world and that number is projected to continue rising. According to a recent mobile marketing statistics study, users spend between 80- 90% of their time on mobile devices using apps. With an overwhelming majority of mobile users utilizing apps on their smartphones, more real estate service providers are moving towards strategic app development. As an investor, there are a variety of real estate apps that offer full-service resources to users who prefer the convenience and ease of the mobile experience. Much like its desktop version, Hubzu’s mobile app gives users the ability to search and bid on properties virtually. On the app, investors can quickly view property details, save their favorite homes, receive real-time alerts and more — all from their smartphones. The Hubzu app is available on both Apple and Android devices, along with many other apps that appeal to real estate investors. Whether modern investors are exercising caution due to the pandemic or simply prefer the ease of home shopping online, the tech resources available today can go a long way in helping them maintain and even improve their real estate business.Visit Hubzu. com/ThinkRealty to find and bid on properties in your area.Visit to find and bid on foreclosures in your area. •

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