Sustaining Your Business During COVID-19


by Shawn Tiberio


he COVID-19 pandemic has rav- aged the globe, and businesses

product or service, which is what will carry your business through this time. There are times to try something new or add a new product line to your business. But, a recession isn’t one of those times. Instead, now is the time to focus on your bread and butter offer. As a real estate investor, your ability to help struggling homeowners out of a difficult time is the key to your business surviving. Focusing all your marketing and advertising efforts to educate those homeowners in your market that may need your service soon will be the difference in who gets the lead and who doesn’t. Reach out to past leads and/or past homeowners you have worked with. Ask if they know anyone who

might be struggling to pay their mortgage or needs additional op- tions. NO. 2 Don’t Stop Marketing During times of uncertainty, it’s important as a real estate investor that you do whatever you can to stay top-of-mind for customers. Reces- sions tend to be stressful times for not just the business owners but for their prospects as well. With so much media noise and stress to distract your prospects, it is easy for a business to get forgotten or lost in the shuffle. For many real estate investors, this means bringing their marketing online in a meaningful way. Your website is one of the most important ambassadors and a crucial compo-

everywhere are trying to cope while staying afloat or meet demand and stay ahead. Everyday brands pause their marketing efforts with the un- certain environment around us. This pandemic is critical, and companies should dedicate every resource to helping their target audience get through it, but in the spirit of pro- tecting ourselves from one existen- tial threat, we shouldn’t let another one go completely unnoticed. Here is a quick tactical guide to help real estate investors pursue sustainabili- ty under COVID-19. NO. 1 Focus on Core Competencies You have something you are really good at. It is most likely your core

92 | think realty magazine :: september 2020

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