JohnstonPT: How Posture Affects Back & Neck Pain



NOTES FROM ANDREW The new year is upon us. Did you accomplish what you “resolved” to do in 2019. So often I have very generic goals at the end of each year Or maybe that is just my self delusion. I know I have let aches or pains, little injuries be my reason for stopping an exercise program, or had so little direction that it was easy to drop my New Years exercise resolution.

Over the last years we have been doing some additional education to help us move forward in this challenging healthcare environment. It has been helpful both professionally and personally. Really it started with meaningful measurement. It makes sense, if I want to ensure that I am reaching toward achieving a goal I better have a target (and know where I am starting from). If I am wanting to improve strength, I better be using a strength measure to get my baseline. If I want to improve mobility, a range of motion measure better be included. Most important to many clients is a functional goal. This usually sounds something like-- I want to be able to “___________________” (fill in the blank- golf, walk, run, work, play a specific sport, do something specific with my kids or grandkids). Functional goals are usually pretty easy to see if we accomplished it during our course of care. Identifying and measuring the parts that will make us most successful, most rapidly and safely – now that’s the challenging part of our job. This is just one of the ways we see that the one-on-one individualized care we provide at Johnston Physical Therapy and Elevate Physical Therapy help us to achieve your goals. Yes, we are into the new year. There is still time to clarify our goals, make them specific, and make a lasting change. If you have an ache or pain that is keeping you from moving towards your goals, give us a call. Let us see if we can help your resolutions stick this year.

that make it difficult to see if we actually accomplished what we intended. I want to take more vacation time, I want to make more money, I want to be healthier. Very common and good goals, but how do we know if we accomplished these. In a 2017 CBS news cast, it was reported that only 64% of new year resolutions last longer than the first month, and only 46% last longer than six months. According to data from the Nielsen analytics firm, losing weight was number one on a lists of top New Years resolutions. We all know the benefits of exercise, but how do we actually stay fit or keep one of the most common new years resolutions. The more specific we make a goal or resolution the more likely we are to achieve it. Turns out if we communicate it with someone other than ourselves (business partner, coach, friend, significant other) it tends to make us more accountable – increasing the chance of success as well. I think we start with good intentions. But without proper planning, or preparation we set ourselves up for only short term success. If we don’t put time on our calendar for exercise, don’t plan our meals, don’t set achievable goals we fall short. This may be my confession, that I seem to start well, but not always finish strong. I am an evidence based guy, so if I don’t see the results, it couldn’t be that I didn’t do my part.


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