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Enjoy Wyoming’s Bounty

You can also begin to think about planting some of your own produce. Herbs like basil and rosemary are easy to start inside and plant in the garden when the risk of freeze passes, and arugula is a hardy plant that’s great to have on hand to add to any meal. In early summer, the Star Valley Farmers Market opens up, and our local growers share their beautiful fruits and vegetables with us. Enjoy making a visit and feel good knowing you’re supporting our local community. If a restaurant is more your style than foraging in the backcountry, enjoy Wyoming’s local bounty at places like Wild Sage in Jackson, which uses locally sourced ingredients, including local meat and produce. Thanks to our beautiful state, we’re lucky to have a bounty of fresh food close to home. Get out and enjoy it this spring! You Don’t Have to Look Far for Good Food How to Enjoy Our Local Bounty

With longer days on the horizon over the next couple months as we usher in the spring season, there’s the promise of the ground beginning to thaw out and, as a result, fresh produce that grows in our beautiful state. For much of our produce, you don’t have to go far. In fact, you might just find some around your backyard or during a short forage session outside. May brings a special, inexpensive treat: Asparagus grows wild along the flood plains of streams, most often around irrigation ditches and canals. You can find them throughout the Intermountain West. Dandelion greens and lamb’s quarters make a great addition to a salad or stir fry. Even nettles, while a bit intimidating for their thorns, make a nutritious tea when steeped with water (just use thick gloves when you harvest them).

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