How green are electric vehicles?

Although purchasing an electric car is generally associated with being environmentallyfriendly, someconsumers doubt it. Here are some facts to set the record straight. COMPLEX CALCULATION Fuel consumption alone doesn’t define a car’s environmental impact. In fact, the car’s entire life cycle must be considered, from the extraction of materials used in its manufacture to the car’s ultimate disposal. The amount of energy and resources required to manufacture the vehicle and to power it is an essential ecological consideration. Moreover, the vehicle’s weight, mileage and recyclability must also be considered.

STRIKING A BALANCE Studies show that manufacturing electric vehicles creates more pollution than manufacturing gasoline-powered cars. However, once the car reaches a specific mileage, this disadvantage gets cancelled out. This is especially true in countries, states and provinces that produce and use renewable energy from such sources as solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric dams. THE MOST ECOLOGICAL CHOICE Although not a cure-all as some would describe them, electric cars are a more climate-friendlyoption thanconventional vehicles. That said, you can help reduce your environmental impact by making lifestyle choices like carpooling and using public transit whenever possible.



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à l’achat de 4 pneus au choix avec installation with the purchase of 4 tires to choose from with installation

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* Ne comprend pas le montage des pneus sur des jantes. Les taxes applicables, les écofrais, les frais d’équilibrage et des frais supplémentaires sont en sus, le cas échéant. Certaines restrictions de véhicules s’appliquent. Plus de détails en magasin.// *Does not include mounting tires on rims. Applicable taxes, environmental fees, balancing fees and fees are additional, if any. Some vehicle restrictions apply. More details in store.

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