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GREGG CHAMBERLAIN Brave officers honoured at Rideau Hall RCMP Const. SylviaMarcoux receives her bravery award fromGovernor General David Johnston. —photoMCpl. Vincent Carbonneau officers assembled outside the Peace Tower and then entered Centre Block to support and assist their fellow officers already inside. Zihaf-Bibeau was cornered in an alcove leading to the parliamentary library. Sgt- at-Arms Kevin Vickers of Parliament Hill Security, advised of Zihaf-Bibeau’s position, then dove to the floor in front of the other man and shot at him. At the same time RCMP Const. Curtis Barrett strode towards Zihaf- Bibeau, firing his sidearm. The combined gunfire brought down Zihaf-Bibeau three minutes after he had entered the building carrying the concealed gun he had used to shoot and kill Cpl. Cirillo. Zihaf-Bibeau was later pronounced dead.

Another PA Day on the calendar The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) has updated its 2015-2016 term calendar with students getting an extra free day during the school year while their teachers are involved in professional training opportuni- ties. The CDSBEO term calendar’s Professional Activities Days (PA) schedule is increased from two to three now. The change meets recent contract settlements between the provincial government and four provincial teachers fede- rations. The addition to the PA schedule on the calendar is April 15. – Gregg Chamberlain They were all nominated for the awards for the courage they displayed in stopping Michael Zihaf-Bibeau who had rushed into the Centre Block of the Parliament Building on themorning of Oct. 22, 2014, after he gun- ned down Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was on guard post duty at the National War Memo- rial less than a block away on Elgin Street. Several RCMP and Ottawa Police officers exchanged shots with Zihaf-Bibeau in the building rotunda. He was followed down the Hall of Honour towards the Library of Parliament, still exchanging shots with police who were in pursuit. Constables Marcoux, Palmer and Ruest and eight other RCMP Three Russell County residents serving with the RCMP inOttawa receivedmedals for bravery for their part in stopping a lone gunman on a rampage on Parliament Hill more than a year ago. RCMP Constables Michel Palmer, of the City of Clarence-Rockland, and Sylvie Marcoux and Patrick Ruest, of the Village of Embrun, are among 15 members of the RCMP, the Ottawa Metro Police, and the Parliament Hill Security forces who received Medals for Bravery fromGovernor General David Johnston during a Feb. 8 ceremony at Rideau Hall.

Cement plant company fined for accident

A Québec-based company operating in a cement plant in Wendover was fined for improper safety procedures resulting in injuries to one of its workers. Representatives for Colacem Canada Inc., which has its head office in Laval, QC, registered a guilty plea in provincial court in L’Orignal on Feb. 4, in an occupational safety case filed through the OntarioMinistry of Labour. Presiding Justice of the Peace François J. Pilon fined the company $60,000. The case concerned an incident Dec. 18, 2014, at the company’s cement plant in Wendover in Alfred-Plantagenet Township. The previous month, the labour ministry was told that a mobile crushing unit was installed at the plant’s quarry on Route 25 near the village and was in operation for 30 days.The cement plant receives deliveries of materials from several quarries throughout Ontario. A three-member crew was on-site to operate the crusher unit. The mobile crushing unit has a long conveyor belt system set up at an incline on a built-up pad or base of earth. Weather conditions at the time of the accident had been rainy, resulting in some buildup of crush materials on the belts and rollers of the conveyor system.This created problems with alignment and an entanglement hazard resulted where the rotating roller was in contact with the conveyor belt.

The court report noted that on the day of the accident one of the workers on site was trying to remove mud from a conveyor roller. The worker had noticed a two- to three-inch buildup of mud on the roller and wanted to get the mud cleared away before the machine was shut down for the night, otherwise the mud would freeze overnight and be harder to remove the next day. At the time of the accident, the worker was using a hammer to knockmud off of the roller while the conveyor was still running. At one point, the hammer sank into the mud and was pulled around the roller. The worker was pulled along with the hammer. One of the other workers on-site shut off the conveyer and an ambulance called. The labour ministry charged Colacem Canada Inc. with failure tomake sure a fence or other type of guard was in place to protect workers from an exposed moving part of a machine as required under the provincial government’s Mining and Mining Plants Regular 854/90 and as required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act regula- tions for worker safety. The company pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $60,000. Justice of the Peace Pilon also imposed a victim fine surcharge of 25 per cent under the Provincial Offences Act. The surcharge goes into the provincial fund for assisting victims of crime.

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