Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

You may make the call anonymously, but you may need to provide the driver’s name, date of birth, and license plate number. All driver’s licenses issued are listed in the National Driver Register, so driving privileges revoked in one state can be traced to the offender, even if they attempt to obtain a license in another state. Contact the Prosecuting Attorney If the person has already been charged with a substance impaired driving crime and was released on bond or bail, call the prosecuting attorney’s office and inform them about the ongoing problem. Ask for the prosecutor who has been assigned to the case and inform him or her that the person has a previous substance impaired driving record or is again driving while substance impaired. The prosecuting attorney may be able to recommend an appropriate course of action. Contact the Defense Attorney The person’s defense attorney should have advised him or her to stay out of further trouble with the law. You may want to inform the defense attorney that his or her client continues to drive while substance impaired. Contact the Probation and Parole Authorities A person who has been convicted of a crime can be put on probation for a period of time instead of serving time in jail or prison. People on probation are required to do certain things as elements of their sentences. They may have to report to a probation officer at certain times, be required to go to special classes, and refrain from getting into further trouble with the law. The elements


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