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Family Means Everything for the Holidays



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Communication Is Everything to Us


Spotlight on Sara Ruiz

Meet Sara Ruiz Making Marketing Truly Meaningful

Sara Ruiz is New Frontier’s marketing manager who also works closely with our sales team. She has been crucial to helping people connect

When you’re all about connecting with people and showing them how you can help, the holiday season is especially meaningful. “Our December marketing campaign is ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ because that concept is what immigration law is all about,” Sara explains. “We want to make it so that people can see their family — wherever they may be — when it matters most. There’s nothing more beautiful than learning about families reuniting after years apart. No matter when that happens, it’s like coming home for Christmas.” Nothing is more important to Sara than family. “I’m so close with not just my immediate family, but also my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, too. I couldn’t imagine being away from them for 20 years or more, like some of our clients have been. So, I cherish my time with them every single day and work hard to help our clients do the same.” If you have any questions about your status, Sara is ready and waiting to connect with you through social media, email, or by phone. New Frontier wants to help make your holiday season special, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

with us and understand all the ways we can help them, but this work quickly became about so much more than that. “For many clients, I’m their very first point of contact when they ask a question through our social media pages,” Sara explains. “From that moment, a relationship starts to develop, and building on that relationship together is what makes each case special.” Before coming to New Frontier, Sara worked in sales and marketing for an industrial company. “I understood what marketing could do for a business, but I didn’t understand the incredible tool it can be for connecting with others in a meaningful way,” she says. “Working with New Frontier has shown me how much marketing can actually help people. My vision of it has changed. It’s a chance to give back to people and teach them how to protect and help themselves. It’s not about money. Immigration isn’t just some international transaction of people. It’s too important to think about that way.”



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