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July 2020

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How America Became a Land of Freedom and Opportunity Ever since our kids were babies, we’ve done what most families do on the Fourth of July. We hang out in our WE LIVE IN A COUNTRY WORTH CELEBRATING

From the time I was very young, my parents made sure to instill pride in my country in me. We’re a nation created under God,

backyard with friends and family, have a cookout, and light off some fireworks. Even if not as many of us are able to gather this summer due to some people still exercising caution in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I don’t foresee this year looking much different. However, even if our Fourth of July celebration does look different than it normally does, that doesn’t take away from just how much this country deserves to be celebrated. The United States is a land of freedom and opportunity. It’s a place where, with a good work ethic and a lot of persistence, you can make a great life for yourself and your family. Because of that, over the past 200 years, we’ve become a diverse country that raises up some of the best, most influential leaders the world has ever seen. Leaders like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Martin Luther King Jr., Ronald Reagan, and so many others embody the best

and so I live by God, family, and country. Even though America’s fight for freedom ended over 200 years ago, the Fourth of July should be more than just fireworks and cookouts

— it should be a time to remember what it took to make us into the great nation we are today. Before I sign off, I can’t go without mentioning that the Fourth of July is a very

special day for my family personally. Fifty-one years ago, on July 4, my mother and father were married. Even though my father passed away a few years ago, it’s still a special time for me and my family to celebrate his life while also celebrating the country he loved and taught me to love. And finally, all of us here

qualities of any American, and they’ve paved the way for so many other bright minds and leaders to follow in their footsteps.

at Grand Strand Health and Wellness want to wish all our readers a happy Fourth of July! I hope all of you have fun, stay safe, and remember how blessed we are to live in the USA.

All the good we’ve done as a nation started with the principles the pioneers of the American experiment, the Founding Fathers, used to establish this country. They had a vision, a common goal, for the United States as an independent nation, free from the tyranny of monarchical rule, and they ultimately acted on that vision. They didn’t veer from the path that ultimately brought them to their goal. They stuck to it, and it was that dedication that led them to break away from the British empire and forge a path toward the bastion of freedom we know today as the United States of America.

–Dr. Chris Garner

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