that helps everyday people have access to investment opportunities that used to only be available to pri - vate equity firms and larger institu - tions. They have ownership in 1,600 multifamily units in the southeast that provide passive income. In 2020, they founded Wealth Gym, an education company that empow - ers others to master their finances, build wealth, and achieve true time and financial freedom. Arianne and Chris are very pas - sionate about using their resources to support amazing charities and causes that make a positive impact in local and international commu - nities. One of the causes they passion - ately support is a local charity called Children in Crisis that cares for children who unfortunately don’t have anyone who can care for them. Usually, children who have to go to foster homes not only have to go through the traumatic experience of being removed from their home, but then shortly after, they have to part ways with their siblings who go to different foster parents. Children in Crisis provides group homes, foster parents, and resources for siblings, so they aren’t separated while they wait for their home. Emerald Coast Children’s advo - cacy center is another local chari - ty Arianne and Chris support. This organization provides therapy and support for children who suffer from abuse and neglect. It is a safe place for children to voice their concerns, thoughts and emotions, and a place for them to be heard, get support, and hopefully heal. Another cause dear to their hearts is Emerald Coast Autism Center, a local nonprofit that serves children with special needs and helps them achieve the level of independence they are capable of. One of Arianne’s big

giving goals is to be able to help cre - ate a sustainable community where adults with special needs can have a safe working and living environment. Being able to not only provide for their families, but support caus - es that make a positive impact is the main reason Arianne and Chris started their financial education company Wealth Gym. “Once we saw what time and financial freedom allowed us to do— to pursue our passions and help oth- ers with our gifts—we realized that if we can help MORE people do that, the ripple effect of those people can do more good for the world than we could do on our own, and that’s when Wealth Gym was born. We want more people to have the time and financial freedom to pursue their passion and purpose,” Lemire said. “My definition of wealth is having the freedom to do what you want with your time, without having to worry where the money’s going to come from. Through the years we saw that so many people just didn’t know how to manage their finances

to grow wealth — after all most peo- ple are never taught that growing up, including us. We stumbled through it ourselves and we want others to have a more direct path with less trial and error. We want Wealth Gym to be that safe community where people can learn, talk freely about money, which can be a taboo topic, and exercise their financial muscles to build passive income and achieve true wealth. Building financial habits is what we heavily focus on. Will - power will only carry us through so much. If we build great financial habits, then it becomes easier and at some point, almost automatic to build passive income and wealth.” Through Wealth Gym, and creating free content for her YouTube channel Ask Arianne, where she shares what she’s learned about money and real estate investing, she aims to empow - er one million people achieve time and financial freedom so they can live an abundant life with their fami - lies, and have the time and resourc - es to share their unique passion and purpose with the world. •

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