FeaturedMembers: Gabe Clements & Eitan Fishbein

B usiness partners and Think Realty Presidents’ Circle members Gabe Clements and Eitan Fishbein’s real estate investing story began in 2016 when they met at a local REI event. They hit it off immediately thanks to a shared passion other than real estate— aviation. “We hit it off when I heard Gabe was a pilot and he was looking to do more flips,” Fishbein said. “I love aviation and was looking to expand my business. Gabe had been flipping houses before, but not full time and when we learned more about each other we realized our skill sets were very com - plementary. We spent about six months strategizing and gearing up for business before we did our first deal together. Things quick - ly snowballed and it feels like an eternity that we have been working together.” In just a few short years and $5,000 each in start-up money, they have now flipped more than 100 properties and have grossed several million dollars. But more than assets have evolved on their entrepreneurial journey. Clements and Fishbein said they have evolved as individuals and together as a company.

G abe C lements with his wife B rooke

12 | think realty magazine :: january 2021

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