ing a turnkey business here. As the trustee, Equity & Help ® will assist with sales for a minimal fee, and the Philanthroinvestor ® becomes officially the private lender. The company will sell the real estate at the investor’s authorized price, including the mini - mum down payment of $1,000 and a 12 percent interest rate for 20 years. “If an offer comes to us that’s dif - ferent than these terms, we’ll call (the Philanthroinvestor ® ) and they’ll have to make a key decision,” Anz said. “You’re the CEO of your real estate portfolio; once the family moves in then we add an extra $40 a month to manage the relationship with the fam- ily and tell them what you want us to. It’s a unique turnkey business.” From a business standpoint, some - one can purchase a home for $40,000 that has an ARV (After Repair Value) of $70,000. The Philanthroinves - tor ® using assistance can sell it for $50,000 and the family can earn the

Equity & Help ® makes this possible because it seeks out close to 5,000 foreclosed properties a week. The company’s internally designed soft - ware can narrow down those 5,000 properties to the best 200 that are worth pursuing. Equity & Help ® purchases the prop - erties and places them in individu - als’ Land Trusts. Basic repairs and cleanup is done, but the company makes sure to note that this work is a “prehab” effort rather than a rehab. Real estate Philanthroinvestors ® then come to Equity & Help ® and purchase a minimum of three land trusts with the underlying real estate in it and become the beneficiary. Meanwhile, Equity & Help ® becomes the trustee of the property for $15 per month. The company markets the underlying real estate and the Philanthroinvestor ® becomes the CEO of their real estate portfolio. Philanthroinvestors ® are purchas -

ing with Philanthroinvestors through Equity & Help ® is that they can be patient with borrowers if something traumatic happens—major illness, job loss, natural disaster, etc. Fami - lies do not have to be worried about getting evicted if they need a couple of months to catch up on their pay - ments. If they have good intentions, the Philanthroinvestor ® will be there to support them. HOWTHE REAL ESTATE PHILANTHROINVESTORS ® MODELWORKS When someone opts to work with Equity & Help ® , they can become the CEO of their real estate portfolio starting by selecting and purchas - ing a package of three homes for $135,000 to $140,000 total ($45,000 each). Philanthroinvestors ® could see their real estate portfolio increase to $170,000 when their properties sell.

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