vestor ® ,” Anz said. There are billions of families

remaining $20,000 through “sweat equity.” “They are their own contractors, they’re handymen and ‘do-it-your- selfers,’” Anz said. “They can improve the assets themselves and have the pride that comes with ownership. You’re investing with the purpose of helping families own their HappyHome™ for less than rent. Their monthly payment for these families, including principal interest, taxes and insurance is in the range of $650 a month. Plus, (the Philan - throinvestor) gets to be the CEO of this turnkey business and has us assisting them because they want to

be engaged and have true financial freedom.” Another perk of working with Equity & Help is the minimal time investment. According to Anz, Philan - throinvestors ® can have control, gain knowledge, and feel fulfilled in what they are doing and generate not only capital growth but also cashflow by committing just 30 to 60 minutes a month to make the key decisions using their intellectual efforts and energy. “You can potentially double your net worth in six to seven years while you remain in the driver’s seat and make the key decisions as a Philanthroin -

worldwide who do not own a place they can call home; they are tenants or even worse—homeless. Anz is launching a book and a course for any entrepreneur anywhere in the world who wants to become a Real Estate Philanthroinvestor ® to help families in their areas own their HappyHome™ and improve neighborhoods one home at a time.


20 | think realty magazine :: january 2021

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