help folks pay for rent, fund educa - tion, and create jobs. With housing prices at or near all-time highs in many areas, now could be the time to donate real estate to charity as well. For example, if you want to donate a property, the Realty Gift Fund accepts real estate gifts, converts them into cash, and then donates them to nonprofit charities. By donating a property, you can help people in your community while get - ting a tax deduction. You can also set aside a certain percentage of your capital for char - itable use. DLP Lending has estab - lished the DLP Positive Returns

ensure a better tomorrow for our communities. So, what specifically canwe do? Here are few philanthropic endeav - ors real estate entrepreneurs can do to solve the affordable housing and jobs crises in America. ALLOCATE CAPITAL OR DONATE PROPERTY FOR RENT HELP, EDUCATION GRANTS, SMALL BUSINESS LOANS, AND MORE Real estate investors with good cashflow are in a solid position to

Foundation. Through this foundation, we pledge to give: • ¼% of our capital raised to the DLP Positive Re - turns Foundation • ¼% of our net revenue to the DLP Positive Re - turns Foundation This funding goes towards a vari - ety of philanthropic activities, includ - ing rent and education assistance for those in need. PROMOTE HOMEOWNERSHIP AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Homeownership has long been one of the best ways to build wealth.

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