Real estate investors are in a unique position to promote homeownership. One way to do that is through interest-free loans. Interest-free loans help homeowners to repair their homes and cover living expens - es, which enables them to keep their homes and stay on a path toward financial security. Another action you could take is to provide interest-free loans to local entrepreneurs. This will boost jobs in your area and help many climb out of poverty. One organization doing this well is Kiva, a nonprofit that provides 0% interest to small businesses. You could do something similar through a philanthropic arm of your real estate business. MAKE VOLUNTEERING A PART OF YOUR BUSINESS Actions speak louder than words. It is one thing to say your business cares about the community. It is another thing to get out there and help. You can embed philanthropy into your business activities. To give you some ideas, here are a few things we have done at DLP Lending: • Each of our team members contributes one percent of their paid time toward philanthropy. • We regularly host charita -

• Improve the local community: With a healthier local econ - omy, your real estate invest - ments will perform better. • Provide marketing opportunities: Doing good is a great way to get publicity from local news. It also improves your brand’s image, which inevitably opens doors to more opportunities. Additionally, philanthropy has tax benefits. You can deduct what you give from your taxable income. Giving back feels good. Studies have repeatedly found that those who help others live happier, more fulfilled lives. Make philanthropy a part of your business activities soon - er rather than later, and you’ll quick - ly see that giving back to society is a gift that keeps giving. •

PHILANTHROPY IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS The more you give, the more you get. Philanthropy can benefit your real estate operation in many ways. It can help your business: • Become mission-driven: A mis- sion to improve your communi - ty and the wider world boosts workplace productivity. Pur - pose-driven companies grow three times faster than com - petitors, according to Deloitte. • Boost employee morale and improve culture: When team members feel they’re fulfilling a higher purpose, companies see 1.4x more engagement and 1.7x more job satisfaction. • Attract better talent: A survey found that 63 percent of mil - lennials believe a company’s primary purpose should be to

ble events, such as blood drives and mask donations. • We work with charities such as Feeding America. • We assist charities with running more efficiently.

improve society. If you want the best talent, your company must have strong values.

DonWenner is Founder and CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital.

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