The Next NewLead Source – and it is Massive

by Leon, McKenzie, CEO, All Life Transitions and Kristine Gentry, Ph.D.,VP Marketing , All Life Transitions

“Howcan I find new leads?”

• Retirees • Downsizing

a number of necessary solutions – allowing us to become much more than that individual looking to simply buy their home. By providing an empathetic Concierge Manager to assist them in these trying times, we have now become a go to resource for any of the needs they may have. We have become a Trusted Advisor, and when they are ready to make that major property-related sales deci - sion – we are now at the front of the line! HOWDOES THIS HELPYOU? We have created a unique mar - ketplace where people undergoing transitions turn for assistance. When customers call us and speak with our concierge managers, we collect their information and pass it on to all of the professionals they need to assist them during their transition. This means that one customer is likely to need a real estate agent, an attor- ney, a CPA, counseling support, and a move manager. Rather than each of these people marketing individually to attract customers, we provide a centralized marketing solution where all of these solutions may be found in one place. You, as a property special - ist, are now presented the opportuni- ty to position yourself as the prin- cipal resource for property-related sales efforts in your targeted area as a member of a team of the All Life Transitions solution providers.

• Selling a business • Managing an estate • Experiencing a sudden financial gain or loss • Moving to a Senior Community or Assisted Living Center • Struggling with a serious illness or disability • Issues related to aging • Grieving the death of a loved one When we came to this realization, we began to appreciate the fact that life is full of transitions and when these transitions become significant enough, the people involved require support similar to that seen when working through the loss of a loved one. The fact that people undergo - ing life transitions often need the assistance of the same profession - als as those settling an estate led us to explore the feasibility of bringing those resources together and devel - oping an approach where a variety of solutions could be found under one umbrella. Thus was born All Life Transitions - the home of the All Life Transitions Marketplace - a marketplace to help people going through a variety of life transitions. With this approach, we can now reach out to this community with

This is the question every inves - tor asks. Our response is, “Have you thought about the life transitions market?” According to our friend, NY Times Best Selling author, Bruce Feiler, most people go through 3-5 major transitions during their life, and many of these involve a move. This equates to approximately 31 million people moving in the next year. Think about this - this is a huge market – one that has simply not been adequately explored nor previ - ously targeted. While working with estate execu - tors for almost 20 years through our sister company, US Probate Leads, we have learned that these people need the assistance of a team of professionals when attempting to resolve the many issues associated with an estate. They may need finan - cial assistance, move-related help, realtor and real estate investor-relat - ed support, personal property sales support, etc. They need a Village! Our eureka moment came when we realized that these folks are a just a subset of a much larger communi - ty – the community of people going through one of life’s many transi- tions. Major Life Changes come in many forms: • Empty-nesters

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