SOLUTIONS JUST FORYOU Once you understand our new concept, you will want to get in on the ground floor. We offer solutions at the county level or within a specified radius of your address. We offer the following ONE STOP, TURNKEY MARKETING SERVICES: Become Our Exclusive Premium Partner in your county of choice. Get leads from our Concierge Manager Team . This is a limited time opportunity – These will Sell out fast Let potential customers find you through our City/MSA/County/ State Directories Let us manage a Personalized Marketing Program just for you Post Cards, Emails, Outbound Calls, IP Mar - keting, Social Media Marketing Utilizing a multi-pronged 360 approach gets you in front of your customers in a variety of methods and helps build the trust and confi - dence you need to be a success. We would love to work with you to help you grow your business and get more leads. Give us a call today to learn more about our services for the Life Transitions Market. Also check out our weekly Webinars where we explain how this all works. Visit for more information. •

COLLABORATIVEMARKETING IS NOWAREALITY This is a concept that although frequently mentioned is rarely put in place as a viable marketing concept. We have solved that conundrum. Through our Marketplace solu - tion, we reach out to individuals in. transition with a variety of services and solutions. One time, we might present a financial solution, the next a move-related service, followed by counseling support, and then we might offer to pay cash and buy-as-Is for any properties they may be wish- ing to sell. The cost of each market - ing thrust would be absorbed by the respective service offeror. If you are the REI provider you will be sharing in a joint marketing effort resulting in greatly reduced marketing budgets. Collaboration at it BEST! WE OFFERA360MARKETING APPROACH There are several ways to utilize our marketplace. We have built a marketing behemoth – our “part- ners” can take advantage of a sizable number of marketing approaches and have those marketing efforts managed by members of our highly skilled marketing team. This means that you can market to potential cus - tomers using a variety of methods so that your potential customers see you

on different platforms and in different venues and are much more likely to turn to you for help. This approach allows us to keep your costs down so that you do not have to make hard choices about where to spend your marketing dollars. Let us help you stay within your budget while getting you in front of your potential custom - ers in as many ways possible.

Our Solutions include: • Marketplace Positioning • Directory Listings • Map-based Positioning • Email Campaigns • Outbound Mail Campaigns • Articles • Videos • Blogs • Webinars/Seminars • Outbound Call Center • In-Bound Call Support • Geo-based, IP Marketing Campaigns • Social Media Marketing • SMS Campaigns • Ringless Voice Mails

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