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It’s going to be a quiet Thanksgiving around the Scalone household this year, but having a family who lives all the way in the Northwest and Northeast, that always tends to be the case. So, while our Thanksgiving traditions may not look as drastically different as they will for a lot of families this year, one thing I’ve intentionally tried to make different in my own life is my sense of thankfulness. I’ve been practicing “thankfulness exercises” for a few years now, but this year especially I’ve cranked up those practices. It’s something I started doing when my business was going through an especially stressful time, and I found myself worried during every hour of the day. It was causing me to view everything around me in a negative light, even when some things weren’t negative at all. My outlook was making them that way in my head. But then I learned how you can change your outlook with the simplest of actions. If you journal about just three good things that happened in your life at the beginning and end of every day, you can actively change the way you think about your life as a whole. Doing this led me to discover that even in the midst of stress and negativity, we can create our own positivity by sheer will. And that practice has helped me ever since. When COVID-19 first hit and things started to spiral, the situation quickly echoed those days when I was stressed over my business. Only this time, I was more prepared for it. I realized that if I started to go downhill, so would everything around me, and for the sake of my coworkers, our patients, and my family, I couldn’t let that happen. Realizing that my life is bigger than just me helped me make a conscious effort to stay positive. And here we are today, standing strong and standing together. AN EXERCISE IN THANKFULNESS HOW GRATITUDE FOR OTHERS GROUNDS ME

When I think about how thankfulness affects my life, I think about the people who make up my life. Whether they’re here virtually or standing 6 feet away, having people to turn to and rely on is what I’ll always be the most thankful for. So, I want to say thank you to the North County team for being so supportive during this past year. You truly make it easy to write down three (and often many more) points of gratitude in my journal every day. With each passing week, I see gratitude for one another grow instead of fade, whether it’s through weekly email shoutouts to teammates or helping each other with client care when the pool temporarily closes. Working together with you has brought so much gratitude to my life. I appreciate you so much. I’m also thankful for my husband. Having someone to come home to at the end of every day who loves me unconditionally truly means the world. He makes me consciously want to be a source of gratitude for him like he is for me, so on my ride home from work every day, I now find myself actively shedding my stress so I don’t bring it home. Being better for him even makes me better for myself. Gratitude can come from many places, but in my life, it first and foremost comes from the people who fill it. It’s hard to believe, but after living with so much intention to realize that fact every day, I have actually come to feel more grounded in my life during this time of COVID-19 than I ever have before. It’s an incredible feeling, and it’s one we can all achieve if we put our minds and our hearts into it.

–Beth Scalone

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Dogs and cats are exposed to many of the same carcinogenic and toxic chemicals as humans, especially in their food. But average levels of these chemicals were found to be substantially higher in pets than in people. According to “Polluted Pets,” a 2008 report from the Environmental Working Group, dogs were found to have 40% higher levels of dangerous chemicals as humans, and cats had 96% higher levels of the same chemicals. By upgrading your pet’s food to a healthier, eco-friendly brand, you can improve your furry friends’ quality of life while also helping save the planet. But how do you identify which brand is best for your pet and the environment? WAIT, IS PET FOOD REALLY THAT BAD? Many brands can be problematic to your pet’s health. Consider pet food with “meat meal” on the label — meat meal is processed dried meat that’s usually used in kibble and is composed of low-quality meat, bones, hooves, feathers, and other parts of the animal. How can they possibly use hooves and feathers, you ask? The “meal” is cooked at extremely high temperatures,

A lack of regulation in the pet food industry has been an issue for many years. Checking recalls on brand-name dog food brands will reveal that they’ve found salmonella, E. coli, and even the euthanasia drug pentobarbital in some dog food brands. Yes, the same chemical used to put dogs down! WHAT’S THE IMPORTANCE OF AN ECO-FRIENDLY BRAND? Like with other foods that we buy, picking an eco-friendly pet food brand will help support farmers and businesses with smaller carbon footprints, which keeps chemicals out of the ground and local waterways. As far as picking an eco-friendly brand, look for an organic, human grade, and/or non-GMO label when you’re shopping. Check out the packaging and whether or not it’s made from sustainable and renewable materials

— these are all signs of an eco-responsible company. Two popular, healthy brands are Honest Kitchen and Lily’s Kitchen!

No matter what kind of shenanigans our pets get into, we can all agree that they deserve healthy, happy lives. That can often start with their food. Let us know what brands are your favorite!

making it much less nutritious than higher-quality meats and fish. (No wonder some pets are so desperate for our table scraps!)



“All I can say is ‘I’ve come a looooong way!’ A year ago, I was bedridden with severe back and left hip pain. Having had back surgery 10 years prior, going down that road again was not an option for me. I went from hospitalization, to acute rehab, to home health therapy, to outpatient therapy. My at-home physical therapist had recommended North County Water and Sports, saying that one of his previous patients had spoken highly about this place. I was a bit skeptical since I’m not into water or sports, but I was willing to give it a try. I wanted to get better, and better is what I got! “The people here are so kind and compassionate, and Chris was amazing with me. He listened to my concerns, my pain, and my limitations and set up a program exclusively for me. He knew when to push me and was always very encouraging. I have had therapy in numerous different places over the years, and I can say that this place, especially Chris, is by far the best place ever.

“Thank you for making my life better and for giving me the tools to continue to do my own stretching and exercises at home.

“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

–Nancy D. Spinks 2

DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS? Physical therapists aren’t just for people who are injured or have had surgery. Physical therapists can also help healthy people improve their fitness.

HERE ARE 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER SEEING YOURS. YOU WANT A BASELINE When you see a physical therapist to improve your fitness, you’ll get an assessment of your strength, range of motion, posture, and movement patterns. This not only helps your physical therapist design a customized program just for you, but it also gives them a baseline to compare things to in the future should you start having pain or suffer after an injury. Not sure if we can help? Call 858-675-1133 and we will set up a free 15-minute phone call with you and one of our therapists to answer questions and make sure we are the right fit to meet your needs. YOU WANT EXPERT GUIDANCE Sure, other professionals could help with your fitness routine, but the fitness industry is not well-regulated. Some certifications just require participants to take an online course and pay a fee. There are no licenses or other requirements to use many titles. Becoming a physical therapist requires at least a bachelor’s degree, and most PTs practicing today have a doctorate. Every PT has passed a national board exam and maintains a state license. This guarantees that every physical therapist is a verified expert in human movement.


Here at North County Water and Sports Therapy Center, we are also experts in aquatic exercise, so if you want to workout in the pool, let us know. YOU WANT TO PREVENT INJURY Physical therapists don’t just work to heal injuries. They are also experts in preventing them. After a thorough assessment, a PT can help you design a program that will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but can also address any issues that increase your risk for injury.

Want to stay at home? We can do a virtual visit and help you along in your fitness routine in the comfort, convenience, and safety of your own home. Just ask for details.

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YOU WANT UNBIASED ADVICE Yoga instructors will want you to do yoga. Personal trainers will want you to come to their gym. Pilates instructors will want you to do Pilates. Strength coaches will want you to strength train. A physical therapist doesn’t have a bias or vested interest as to what type of fitness regimen you choose. They are only interested in helping you reach your goals.


If you have some kind of history that affects your ability to exercise, a PT is the best person to help you design a fitness regimen. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old injury from athletics or work, back pain that comes up from time to time, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), arthritis, or heart disease; a PT can help you safely work around it and meet your fitness goals.


Want to see how your fitness compares to others the same age? Head to our fit factor survey below. There is also a link at the bottom of our home webpage: BE SURE TO PUT IN THE CLINICIAN CODE JU0IX1 SO THE RESULTS ARE SENT TO US DIRECTLY. OR COMPLETE AND PRINT OUT YOUR RESULTS.


At North County Water and Sports Therapy Center, we can guide you to better health and fitness by developing a program that is right for you. Give us a call at 858-675-1133 and schedule your assessment and program development today.



According to the American Physical Therapy Association, around 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain each year. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic still going strong in the United States, chronic pain sufferers might be at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. Dr. Samer Narouze of Western Reserve Hospital says that’s because “there is a complex relationship between chronic pain and the immune system.” Narouze adds that chronic pain patients “can be considered immunocompromised, mainly because so many are elderly and have multiple comorbidities.” On top of that, people who contract COVID-19 may be at risk of developing chronic pain after the rest of the symptoms abate. Older adults are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 — especially if they have preexisting conditions. Additionally, some older adults develop chronic pain after contracting COVID-19, due to the disease itself and its treatment. For example, patients who have been treated in an intensive care unit and have spent prolonged periods being immobile and reliant on ventilators might experience chronic pain as a result. This is especially true for those who don’t do rehabilitation following their hospital stay.

Additionally, patients who are socially isolated during their hospital stay, and following their discharge, can experience a psychological burden, which makes them more susceptible to chronic pain. If you contracted COVID-19 and are now recovering from the symptoms, look out for signs of chronic pain, like body stiffness during activities, decreased circulation, or weight gain. You may also notice that other conditions are worsening or you’re relying more on pain medications. If you think you might be experiencing chronic pain in the wake of the COVID-19, talk to a health care professional about your symptoms and ask if physical therapy can help. Physical therapists help their patients alleviate chronic pain through strength training and flexibility exercises, as well as through developing greater awareness of body mechanics. Don’t wait to talk to a physical therapist about your chronic pain — contact us today!




Skip the can-shaped cranberry sauce this year and bring a jar of

homemade sauce to Thanksgiving instead. This easy recipe can be made ahead of the big event and keeps for 10 days in the fridge.


1/2 cup orange juice, freshly squeezed

12 oz fresh cranberries

1/2 cup water

2 tsp orange zest

3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp sugar

Salt to taste


1. In a medium saucepan, heat the orange juice, water, and sugar to a boil. Add other ingredients, then bring mixture back to boiling.

2. Reduce the heat to medium and cook gently for 10–12 minutes, until the cranberries burst.

3. Transfer the sauce to a bowl or jar, cover, and refrigerate until serving.

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Practicing the Simple Art of Thankfulness


Pet Food Isn’t Always Eco-Friendly

Testimonial The Connection Between COVID-19 and Chronic Pain


Zesty Orange Cranberry Sauce 3 Local Charitable Opportunities



In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, many charitable events and organizations in the San Diego area are still finding ways to support those in need despite the crazy year it’s been. Here are just a few that are thankful for anyone who can find a way to give back to our community. Support the Enlisted Project (STEP) It’s no secret that San Diego is home to thousands of active-duty military members as well as veterans. STEP aims to help junior active-duty enlisted members as well as recently discharged vets and their families (who are facing financial crises) through counseling, education, and grants. Every Thanksgiving season, STEP collects and distributes Thanksgiving food to these families in need, and they’re always looking for volunteers to make donations, sort and package food items, and make deliveries. Their goal is to provide Thanksgiving dinners to 200 military families in need. Visit STEPSoCal. org to contribute. Virtual O’side Turkey Trot During the month of November, turkey trots take the country by storm. The annual Oceanside Turkey Trot is a big one in San Diego, and this year it’s going virtual! That means you can participate in it anytime, anywhere from

Nov. 14–29. All you have to do is post your results and photos online to receive your commemorative swag. Your entry into the race can also support local beneficiaries like schools, scholarship funds, nonprofit foundations, and more. If you aren’t up for participating in the trot, there are also opportunities to volunteer for the event. Visit to sign up. Embrace-A-Family This charitable event hosted by the Jewish Family Service organization every year is all about spreading holiday cheer to families in need. The program is most active during December, but because there are so many families in need all across San Diego, the charity work starts now. Embrace-A-Family is currently accepting gifts and monetary donations for single-parent families, military veterans, older adults living on a fixed income, and many others to help them create a truly meaningful and memorable holiday season. By becoming an “Embracer” you can support the people of our community in many ways. Visit to learn more. 4

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