PP&L Terms & Conditions 2020-2021

c. Pallet Shipper Pallet shipping via refrigerated truck is available for all customers. Minimums for pallet shipper orders are based on tray size. Pricing is based on a half pallet or full pallet price. We schedule qualified pallet deliveries weeks 1 ‐ 20 on a weekly bases when possible. Pallet deliveries are available weeks 21 ‐ 52 on an every other week basis. Please contact customer service for schedules into the various markets. Maximum height of a pallet shipper is 96”. Half pallet price will charged for quantities from a half pallet up to the full pallet quantity. Full pallet pricing will only apply after the full pallet quantity is reached. Please note: the week indicated on your order confirmation is the ‘SHIP’ week and for most shippments going east of the Rockies, is the week prior to the "Arrival" week for pallet shipper / truck deliveries.

Advantages of Pallet Shipping:  Mix and Match tray sizes  Mix and Match plant varieties  Increased ventilation during transit  Ideal for orders of 60+ trays

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