Waldegrave School Autumn Magazine 2022



“I was quite nervous at the start of the trip, our first activity was kayaking which I wasn’t keen on, but after some reassurance I went in and had a GREAT time. I was lucky enough to experience a cool speed boat ride whilst my friends were afloat our raft. Overall, it was AMAZING!” - Eleanor S. 7POR “I really liked Thames Young Mariners because we got to meet new people and make new friends whilst learning to trust and help eachother” - Lottie S. 7FCO “‘Thames Young Mariners was a wonderful experience and I really wish we could do it again. I made a new friend in my group and really enjoyed the team building task and the rafting. I would do it again any day of the week!” - Poppy B. 7EMA

“The Thames Young Mariners trip was the best, I had SUCH A BLAST! My favourite activity was the team trust building, I had so much fun spending time with my classmates and making memories. I would absolutely recommend going there!” -Miriam F.L-J. 7POR “Thames Young Mariners was a really fun experience. While we were there, we did many activities that helped us develop our teamwork. It was an AMAZING experience and as a Form Rep, I can probably say for all of 7SGR that we had a WONDERFUL time there.” - Cosette F. 7SGR “TYM was a great experience for me as I had lots of fun and tried many new things! I LOVED doing the raft building, especially when we we raced the other teams on the water! This trip is really good for anyone who likes adventure.” - Abby H. 7PWA


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