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Thank you for considering me to list your home.

Why should you hire me? I sell properties closer to the asking price and in less time than the top agent at my competitors. My results benefit my clients. From the moment we meet, my goal is to help you achieve your objectives, whether that means getting top dollar for your property, finding you the perfect Whistler property or helping you assess your next smart investment. As a certified home marketing specialist and professional negotiator, I have dealt with some of Whistler’s most expensive and exclusive properties and exclusive buyers (including some of Whistler’s celebrity residents). Privacy and confidentiality are paramount to me, and that is why I offer a boutique approach to real estate.

You will find from my listing presentation that my goal is to create a strategic marketing plan for your property so you can achieve top dollar for your property. Prior to working in real estate, I worked for the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as Director of Sales. In this role, I learned the art of selling, marketing, and the importance of providing meticulous service that gets results. This is the foundation upon which I have built my real estate business in Whistler. Twenty-five years ago I moved to Whistler with my family and opened the Bearfoot Bistro. The Bearfoot brought world class dining to Whistler and through it, I met many friends and future clients. This network, as well as my association with Macdonald Realty and our affiliation with Luxury Portfolio International, allows me to open doors for my clients to get their homes sold and present their properties at the highest level. As a property marketing specialist, I offer boutique real estate service - meaning that I never take on more than ten listings at a time. This ensures that while your property is listed with me, I am devoted and spend my time wisely with proven marketing strategies to find the right buyer for your property.

Kindly, Shauna


“I highly recommend Shauna. She has represented me numerous times, both as a purchaser and vendor, for over fifteen years. In each case she has helped me achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time, providing me with help, advice and great expertise. She knows the market so well that in my most recent sale she advised me to list at a considerably higher price than I had expected. Less than ten days from listing, as she had predicted, she had an offer above even that price which I accepted and which led to a sale within a month. I have always found her precise, clear and extremely efficient as well as very personable and easy to work with. If you are looking for a Realtor® in Whistler I would wholeheartedly advocate Shauna O’Callaghan.” J Finn

“Shauna is amazing! Organized and caring, every detail is looked after. In our last transaction Shauna worked hard to secure a backup offer which is very nice to have. We are always very confident having Shauna as our Realtor®. We highly recommend her to anyone interested in Whistler Real Estate.” C Black “We love Shauna! She helped us find our dream vacation home and was very patient with us throughout the process. When something (not having to do with Shauna at all) went slightly awry, Shauna went out of her way to ameliorate the situation. She is a Realtor® who goes above and beyond and she knows Whistler inside and out.” S Gershony “Shauna did an amazing job. We met her by a chance referral a few months ago. Shauna worked tirelessly to get us into the perfect spot. She is great on the phone and on email. She was able to get information and detail that we could never have been able to get without her. Her local knowledge of the neighbourhoods was key. She was always able to get us access to the places we wanted to see and went above and beyond to make things happen. We are so excited to take possession of our new place tomorrow and that we will able to count Shauna not just as a fantastic Realtor® but now as a neighbour and new friend!” C Hegarty

“Very friendly and fun to work with. Listened to our needs very well and delivered beyond expectations!” E Zargaran “Shauna recently helped me with the purchase of a Phase II property in Whistler. She is knowledgeable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with! She goes above and beyond. Really. I was not able to travel to the property and she went and filmed the unit so I could see prior to purchase, she answered my numerous phone calls and texts at all hours of the day, and I strongly believe that her experience and knowledge was instrumental in our success in bidding for this property. Even after we had the winning bid, she continued to help with answering questions, communicating with the property, and even sent me a congratulatory message on close date. She truly cares about her clients.

What my “Shauna is so professional and trustworthy. Highly Recommend for any buyer or seller in the Whistler area. Demanding market value and ensuring all details are considered as a selling agent, Shauna has the knowledge that is found by a local Realtor® that understands the unique quirks of this market. Thank you for making this an easy, enjoyable experience! You rock!” S Klassen She is a gem and I would recommend her highly.” L Aird

“We have used Shauna four times and have loved her fantastic service each and every time! Three times we sold properties and once we purchased a property with Shauna. She is professional, knowledgeable and equally proficient at both ends of any real estate deal. It is really hard to find a Realtor® who is completely engaged, listens to their customers and who also takes initiative on behalf of her clients. We would highly recommend Shauna, she is our Realtor® and we plan to use her many more times in the years to come.” C & S Black “We have had the pleasure of working with Shauna for many years and have bought and sold a number of properties with her. She is delightful to work with, very knowledgable and professional as well as warm and welcoming. She knows everyone and has a very detailed understanding of what is happening at Whistler. We have referred several friends to her and they have been equally impresses and extremely happy with their dealings with her. She is a great asset to have in your corner and always goes the extra mile in everything she does. We can’t recommend her enough and wouldn’t hesitate to do so to anyone.” C Flanagan

“I cannot recommend Shauna O’Callaghan enough! Shauna has represented us as sellers (one time), renters (one time) and buyers (4 times) of property in Whistler! Shauna’s friendliness, honesty and forthrightness made the process of buying and selling property very enjoyable each time; while her professionalism ensured that there were no glitches or negative surprises. Shauna and her staff put so much quality of care into every detail and ensure that you receive the very best service possible. Dealing with Shauna O’Callaghan was, without question, a pleasure, she was always discrete, honest and extremely professional towards every detail and we have now become good friends.” L Gave “It was a delight to deal with Shauna as a real estate agent. She was everything we could have hoped for in terms of her professionalism: smart, easy to deal with, efficient, pleasant, and always ‘on it’. But she was so many things besides: we were going through a very difficult time in our lives, and she was extremely kind, compassionate, and patient with us at a time when we really needed that. She was so ‘human’ and she always went way above and beyond the call of duty. In a nutshell, Shauna is awesome!” S Lonsdale

“When we selected Shauna O’Callghan to sell our home, we made the best possible choice. Shauna is professional, creative and energetic. She is experienced, and she knows how to get results. She sold our home quickly and successfully. We recommend her without reservation!” D & L Watkins “Shauna facilitated the purchase, and eleven years later, the sale of our Whistler (luxury) townhome. The (recent) sale went off without a hitch, however, the initial purchase was exceptionally difficult. She exhibited extraordinary skills in the process of that transaction and it’s easy foar us to give Shauna all the credit for closing the deal. We are so grateful for her getting our family in Whistler and into our wonderful home.” D & L Adams

clients say


In order to give you the service you deserve, the following questions will help to ensure I know all the details and key points prior to selling your home.

How long have you owned your home? What attracted you to your home initially? Why are you considering selling? What improvements have you made to the home?

What should a new buyer be aware of ? What is your time frame for selling? Do you have any great photos you wish to share? What price range do you have in mind? Are you selling it furnished? If so, are there any exclusions I should be aware of ? How long would you like it to be on the market? What kind of marketing are you looking for? What are you looking for in a real estate agent? Would you be willing to help the buyer with financing? Do you have any documents such as; a lot survey, copy of your floor plan, building file or municipal correspondence?

FAQ Q. What should I do to prepare my home for sale? The look and feel of a house generates a strong emotional response, so your home needs to be at its best. Make sure it’s free of clutter, furniture is arranged so that it’s easy to navigate the house, and above all, that it’s sparkling clean. Plenty of warm, flattering light is a must, so check the bulbs in your lamps and fixtures, and open drapes for showings and open houses. • A list of any exclusions such as art or family keepsakes • Your completed Property Condition Disclosure statement • Any revenue statements or owner logins to rental management sites • Any information unique to your property We can gather most of what is required from the Resort Municipality of Whistler or from your strata manager. Don't forget to share your top ideas of your property’s best features. You’ll want someone with strong experience in the local market. Someone who will work with you directly, one-on-one, a Realtor® who truly makes your listing a priority. My business model dictates that I never take more listings than 10 listings at a time so I can handle them personally. After all, you are paying for my experience and deserve not to be handed off to an assistant. Q. How do I choose an agent? Q. What will my agent need from us? • A copy of your front door key • Alarm codes for any doors or common areas • Parking spot(s) • Locker number

Q. How do I decide on a listing price?

After viewing your home, your agent will discuss with you what’s going on in the market as a whole, and comparable recent sales. Remember: homes are compared and priced by what’s sold, not what’s listed on the market.

Q. Should I select a Realtor® based on a suggested listing price?

Beware the agent who gives you a surprisingly high listing price — they may be trying to “buy” your listing by making you think your property is worth more than it actually is. The result will be your property sitting on the market for months at this too-high price which means you will actually net less than you could have by pricing your home correctly. To correctly price your property, your Realtor® should provide you with good market analytics. In a rising market, that means looking at other comparable listings to price your property, in a declining market that means looking at what has actually sold. This is how you differentiate between fantasy and reality and get the most amount of money for your property. Plus it’s always a good idea to ask the agent what their list to sell ratio is to help you determine if their pricing strategy actually results in sales. Q. How long will it take to sell my property? There’s no easy answer here. If your property is priced competitively, you should be able to sell it in a couple of months. But so many factors can influence the speed of a sale — the age, style and condition of your property, as well as condition of the financial markets as a whole.

FAQ 7 Questions You Must Ask A Realtor® Before You List 1. How many homes have you listed and sold in the last six months? 2. What is your average length of time from listed to sold? 3. How long have you been in business? 4. How would you assist me in determining the appropriate listing price? 5. On average, what percentage of list price are you negotiating for the sellers? 6. What types of things separate you fromyour competition? 7. What percentage of your listings are actually sold? Q. When listing your property, what is the difference between hiring an agent that uses a team approach versus working with a solid top-producing agent? Agents that use a team approach to selling use the “listing agent” as the face of the brand and that is often the last time you really work with them (eg. the day you hire them). Once the listing is secured, it is passed to the team to handle the listing. This means you have hired the assistant and not the agent you actually thought you were engaging. When you hire a solid, top producing agent as opposed to a team, you will work directly with the agent you hired.

activities and they do not have time to work with the real estate community let alone market your property.

Q. What is the most important thing a seller should consider when selecting an agent?

Select an agent with whom you have the most open and honest communication.

Q. What should you look for when choosing a brokerage to list your property?

A company that practices reciprocity. Reciprocity is a system whereby brokerages give each other permission to display their listings on each other’s networks and websites. As a seller, why would you limit the exposure of your property?

Q. Is staging that important?

Is getting top dollar your focus? Staging is the best strategy to make your property stand out shine amongst other comparables. A buyer on average takes threeminutes to decide if they can picture themselves living or staying in a property, so decluttering and neutralizing the space is paramount.

Q. Will my Realtor® pay for a stager ?

That depends... The simple answer is if he/she is smart and wants to sell your home for the most amount of money in the fastest time, then probably yes! Most really successful realtors understand the value of home staging. They know that home staging helps sell houses.

Q. Is it good for a seller to hire an agent with lots of listings?

The truth is it is impossible to service more than 10 listings at a time. An agent with multiple listing cannot physically be present at showings, they cannot execute the day to day marketing

FAQ Q. Is an open house to the public a good marketing strategy? Not always, it is best to discuss this strategy with your agent. Often in Whistler, you will see a lot of open houses being hosted by junior agents. Junior agents use this strategy to attract potential buyers and build their own client list. It might be a waste of your time and energy.

Q. An agent brought me an offer and my property isn’t even listed. What should I do?

Firstly do not rely on their price! Reach out to an agent you trust for a market analysis, do not try and save fees as you may end up losing more in the end. Also be wary if the agent that brings you the offer suggests you use an agent in “their office'' to handle the sale. This is because dual agency (one agent representing both the buyer and the seller) is no longer allowed in BC. Agents working in the same office representing both buyer and seller may be trying to skirt the dual agency restriction and are not working in your best interest. That is the reason this is no longer allowed in BC. Yes, lots of sales are coming from Realtors® in Vancouver and these statistics are growing steadily. Vancouver is also an important market to sell your Whistler property. In order to get the best exposure for your property, you want a local agent who is affiliated with a large regional and global brand to ensure your property is being promoted in the Greater Vancouver area and beyond. Q. Are Vancouver agents selling Whistler?

Q. How often should I hear from my agent?

At least once a week with feedback from showings, an update on other comparables and sales along with analytics on their marketing strategies.

Q. What is typically the feedback?

An offer or no offer is the strongest feedback a seller can receive. All other feedback is typically secondary to price if your property is and is being presented and marketed correctly.

Q. Is a sleeve listing a good thing?

A sleeve listing is a listing that an agent does not post on any public sites. This is definitely not beneficial for you, the seller. To drive price you need urgency which doesn’t exist with a sleeve listing. A sleeve listing prevents you from working with all Realtors® and their buyers. Plus a buyer won't feel like there is any urgency to pay your price if the property is not being marketed through MLS.

FAQ Q. What about the Chinese buyers? Can I get a Chinese buyer to buy my property? Use a listing agent that has access to the MLS in China, beyond the “Great Firewall”. The site is called Juwai and is the #1 Chinese international property portal, with 1.9 million annual page views and offering exclusive access to an audience of high net worth Chinese looking to buy property overseas. Also consider a listing agent that has a strong presence in BC working with Chinese buyers. Agents with a global network also produce listing materials in Mandarin.

they could use a “replacement cost” approach where they calculate the land value plus the cost of rebuilding the actual home.

Q. I think that a certain agent has high-end clientele, is this important?

Not necessarily. You want an agent that will create and execute a marketing plan specifically for your property. And, you want one who will work with all buyer’s agents. If you think an agent has important clientele for your home, you want them to represent their buyers not you. That way they are not in conflict (remember dual agency) and can earn a full commission on the sale of your property to their clients.

Q. I have a long term tenant, what can I do as I still want to sell my house?

Offer to have a professional cleaner clean the property at your expense. And bonus for the tenant to offset the inconvenience of a showing. If possible, try to work towards a set schedule for showings.

Q. How long should a listing contract be?

Beware of an agent that requires no term for cancellation. It is a sign that they will not be making an investment to stage or market your home. To properly market a property, an agent should be investing in professional photography, floor plans, video, drone footage and staging. When this is all done professionally, it is very expensive.

Q. What is your recommended listing price for my home, and why?

Evaluating a property should not be done through guesswork or intuition. It should be supported by recent comparable sales in the area. A more detailed evaluation should include listings that didn’t sell, as well as current active listings that your property will compete against. If your home is difficult to evaluate because there has been no recent comparable sales against which to measure it, a creative Realtor® will look at similar properties outside the neighbourhood, or properties in similar neighbourhoods. Or

Q. Is it important for my agent to be a certified negotiator?

It is highly recommended in today’s market that your agent is skilled in communicating value in a collaborative fashion to both buyers agents and their clients. Every negotiation needs an agent that is cooperative, hard working and can get a deal done with ease.

FAQ Q. What are customary costs for the seller? Real estate fees, lawyer or notary fees, any outstanding property taxes, and possibly a mortgage penalty. Q. Can a buyer walk away from an accepted offer? If your listing agent’s marketing strategy is successful and they did a good job, then the buyer will remove their subjects and confirm your sale. Here are some ways to avoid any pitfalls once you have an engaged buyer. Price the property in line with the market so the buyer can get financing from a Canadian Chartered bank. If there is any uncertainty regarding the pricing, get the property independently appraised before listing the property. Ensure that any deficiencies with the property are addressed prior to selling. If necessary contract a building inspector prior to listing to identify any concerns and have these fixed or disclosed correctly on the Property Condition Disclosure Statement. Ensure the agent has gathered all the files from the Resort Municipality of Whistler to determine if all permits are in place in advance of listing the property.

Q. What does time is of the essence mean when we are negotiating?

As the seller, you will need to respond to offers within a certain time period in order to have an enforceable sale agreement.

Q. What happens now that we have sold our property and subjects have been removed?

Besides popping the cork on that bottle of champagne... Your agent will send your file to your lawyer to have the final signing documents prepared. Be sure you are available around your closing date. And in the meantime, start getting the move and clear organized as well as a final clean. For non-resident owners, we need to organize a clearance certificate from Revenue Canada.







Our results speak for themselves. On average our listings sell in half the time and for closer to the asking price compared to the competition. As a boutique agency we are able to focus on the quality of our marketing for each individual client. I do not take on more than 10 properties at a time.

Average Days On Market


Shauna O’Callaghan Marketing Group

Whistler Real Estate Company Brokerage - Top Agent


Engel & Völkers Brokerage - Top Agent


Percentage Of Your Asking Price




Shauna O'Callaghan Marketing Group

Whistler Real Estate Co.

Engel & Völkers


Partnering with one of the top brokerages in BC was a strategic move. As the largest company owned by a woman in BC, I felt Macdonald Realty aligned with my core values and gave me the tools I needed to leverage my skills and succeed.



Macdonald Realty


Engel & Völkers


Whistler Real Estate Company

*Based on data from REBGV 2018

BEST BC Did you know? In both 2018 & 2019 (28M & 15.5M respectively), Macdonald Realty sold the most expensive home in BC?



Shauna O’Callaghan

At Macdonald Realty, we’re extremely proud to have been selected for membership in Luxury Portfolio International® — the exclusive marketing program of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™. Membership is awarded to brokerages with significant luxury market share and expertise buying, sell- ing and marketing high-end properties to a globally affluent clientele.

■ $372B Sales ■ 70+ Countries

■ $115B Sales ■ 46 Countries

■ $108B Sales ■ 70 Countries

■ $792M Sales ■ 38 Countries

*Based on data from Luxury Portfolio and individual brokerage websites, 2018



For 70 years, Macdonald Realty has been helping make clients lives easier. What started in 1944 as a boutique real estate office in Van- couver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood has grown into a fully integrated real estate company. With over 1,000 staff and agents in offices across BC, local experts are your go-to source for your real estate needs.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is the home of the world’s market-leading independent residential brokerages in over 50 countries, with over 500 firms and 120,000 associates producing over one million transactions valued at $350 billion USD annually. The by invitation only network is based on the unparalleled performance and trusted relationships that result in exceptional client experiences.

Macdonald Realty’s associates have an unprecedented advantage to promote luxury properties on an international stage. Luxury Portfolio International® is a unified collection of the worlds most experienced, visible and highly-regarded experts in luxury real estate. Founded in 2005, Luxury Portfolio exclusively markets extraordinary homes, utilizing a sophisticated mix of online and offline media to position properties for maximum exposure in an elite market.

Residential Commercial Property Management


1 Thorough market analysis to price your home correctly.

2 Staging to present your property in its best light.

3 Professional photo and video production.

4 Comprehensive listing with photos on MLS, WLS and websites locally, nationally and internationally.

5 Develop an integrated, multi-faceted marketing strategy and campaign.

6 Realtor Tour to introduce and educate other agents about your property.

7 Social Media and Digital Marketing campaigns.

8 Targeted paid advertising through Google Ads.

9 Analysis of data and analytics to ensure our strategies are effective.

Additionally, I commit to keeping you updated weekly on the current market conditions, pricing trends and feedback from agent showings.

COLLATERAL MARKETING MATERIALS Years of experience have shown that a professional, beautiful presentation of your home can be the catalyst to drive potential buyers through your door. As a Realtor® with a proven track record of above average sales, I know that marketing your property is key. Because of this fact, I utilize many strategies. including web designers, graphic designers, marketing specialists and photographers. Coupled with my knowledge of the real estate industry, our team delivers stunning marketing materials and ensures they are delivered to the buyers or their agents. My team consists of several professionals in the industry

Shauna advertises both locally and internationally

The Vancouver Sun • The Wall Street Journal • Unique Homes Magazine duPont Registry Magazine • The New York Times Key Magazine Luxury Homes Magazine - produced by Macdonald Realty for BC

PRINT ADVERTISING Prime exposure in the Vancouver Sun’s popular Saturday Westcoast Homes section reaches potential buyers not active online.

Exclusive to Macdonald Realty

150,000 weekly Readers


The Macdonald Luxury Collection Magazine is a publication which features B.C.’s finest homes listed with Macdonald Realty. An exceptional piece that is distributed both locally and internationally, the magazine provides our listings with an unparalleled advantage. Available in print and digitally.


90% of buyers start their search online. How your home presents online and where it is showcased, are critical to attracting potential buyers. MLS ® exposure & the #1 search site in Canada A top site in the lower mainland with 1 million views per month A leading international real estate website with visitors from 200 countries Company website for B.C.’s largest integrated real estate firm

These sites target international luxury buyers online and are exclusive to Macdonald Realty amongst a select few Canadian brokerages. 15 million annual page views 2.5 million unique affluent visitors Searchable at the Wall Street Journal Online 3 million visitors per year with traffic from 200 countries China’s #1 property portal with 1.9 million annual page views, consider this the MLS of China behind the Firewall!

ONLINE LISTING DISTRIBUTION AND SOCIAL MEDIA Your listing is also featured on THOUSANDS of other real estate websites in the city. Online Listing Distribution Vancouver Courier Tri-City News Online Listing Distribution Your listing is also featured on thousands of other real estate websites. Your listing is also featured on THOUSANDS of other r al estate websites in the city.

Vancouver Courier

Burnaby Now

Tri-City News

Bur N

Community Newspaper Websites (via


North Shore News

Community Newspaper Websites (via

Online Listing Distribution

Delta Optimist

Vancouver Courier


Delta Optimist

Your listing is also featured on THOUSANDS of other real estate websites in the city.

Tri-City News

Burnaby Now Richmond News

Online Listing Distribution

New West Record

Vancouver Courier

Online Listing Distribution

New West Record

Richmond News

Your listing is also featured on THOUSANDS of other real estate websites in the city. Online Listing Distribution Community Newspaper Websites (via North Shore News Tri-City News

Vancouver Courier


Delta Optimist

Your listing is also featured on THOUSANDS of other real estate websites in the city.

Tri-City News

Burnaby Now

Community Newspaper Websites (via


Your listing is also featured on THOUSANDS of other real estate websites in the city. Vancouver Courier Richmond News

Tri-City News

Delta Optimist

Community Newspaper Websites (via

Online Listing Distribution

New West Record

Social Media


North Shore News

Delta Optimist

Your listing is also featured on THOUSANDS of other real estate websites in the city.

New West Record

Tri-City News

Burnaby Now


Delta Optimist

New West Record

Richmond News

Community Newspaper Websites (via


North Shore News

Delta Optimist

New W Recor

New West Record

Richmond News


With an office in Shanghai, Macdonald Realty is uniquely positioned to market your home to buyers in China. Shauna participates in a mastermind group of top Vancouver Chinese Agents. Listings behind the Great Firewall

Property Shows Presentations to Chinese Buyers

Chinese Social Media WeChat, Weibo & QQ

Shanghai Office Xu’hui District

LISTING PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO Good photos are critical for reaching buyers online and in all our marketing efforts. We use a professional photographer who provides us with 20 high resolution images and a video tour of your property if requested.


Staging is the best strategy to make your property stand out shine amongst other comparables. A buyer on average takes three minutes to decide if they can picture themselves living or staying in a property, so decluttering and neutralizing the space is paramount.







Advice how to optimize showings

Professional consultation with your agent

Agreement to list property

Enter into agency relationship & sign MLS ® contract






Presentation of offers

Showings to prospective buyers & agents

Implement marketing plan (network, public, online)





Accept offer, likely with subject clauses

Inspection and/or appraisal

Subjects removed

Agent liases with buyer/ agent to satisfy subject clauses





Possession date

Completion date

Complete closing documents & title transfer with lawyer or notary

Arrange for movers, insurance, mail & utilities etc

Check List You can significantly influence the selling price of your house by preparing it and your property before putting it on the market! House Exterior · Recently painted siding · Recently painted, touched-up trim · Repair, re-paint fences, gates · Clean, align gutters, downspouts · Wash, align shutters · Wash all windows, storms, screens · Front Door Entrance Area - Interior · Clean interior entry area or foyer of all clutter · Reduce volume, clutter in the front hall closet · Clean and polish the front entry floor

· Replace old toilet seats · Replace shower curtains · Place a set of new colour coordinated bath linens Kitchen · Paint walls, ceiling, trim white or light colour · Wallpaper with small pattern and light colours · Remove wax, scrub, re-polish floors · Wash, wipe down, wax cabinets/appliances · Thoroughly clean range ovens · Clean-out refrigerator and wash interior · Empty dishwasher, clean around controls · Check operation of all appliances · Arrange and clean food storage areas · Reorganize cabinets and drawers · Arrange and display dishes in cabinets · Clear all clutter from counter tops. · Check that drawers/doors open easily · Wash or replace curtains · Clean pet feeding, watering dishes

· Wash, polish and replace bulbs in light fixture · Remove fingerprints, scuff marks on trim, walls · Paint to lighten and refresh entrance area Living, Family & Dining Rooms · Repaint or touch up walls, ceiling and trim · Repair or replace damaged moulding, trim · Remove electric plates, clean and replace · Refinish, clean, wax hardwood and vinyl floors · Shampoo carpeting Bedrooms · Repaint, re-paper, touch-up walls, trim, ceiling · Clean drapes, bedspread, accessories · Shampoo carpet or clean, polish floors · Organize, clean-out, tidy all closets · Clear off top surfaces of all bedroom furniture · Put all clothing away, out-of-sight Baths · Paint or wallpaper using light colours · Scrub tile, bleach, repair grout · Check drawers/doors open easily · Clean, polish floor as appropriate · Clean-out medicine cabinet · Seal around tubs and showers · Check for evidence of water at toilet base

Here are suggestions to improve a buyer’s first impression of your home. Review the checklist now, before every open house showing and before photos are taken. Check to see exactly what the camera will “see”. By all means, look carefully at walls, floors and ceilings for signs of wear, marks or need for repainting or wallpapering. And, don’t forget to look at trim, including doors and windows. Curb Appeal · Healthy, weed-free, neatly cut, trimmed lawn · Shrubs trimmed neatly · Trees, shrubs trimmed to not touch the house · Sealed black-top driveway · Weed-free driveway, front walk, shrub areas · Toys, garden tools, clutter removed from yard

Laundry · Check operation of appliances · Organize laundry area, remove clothes

General · Remove clutter, unnecessary items · Replace burned-out bulbs · Remove cobwebs from ceilings, corners · Remove paint splashes · Wash, polish all door hardware, handrails · Reorganize, clean-out all closets. · Replace switches, outlets that don’t work · Add plants, flowers to several rooms · Replace pillows, accessories · Clean-out, sweep, organize garage · Organize basement and attic storage

Vacant and ready for showing is key. In our market, buyers are not giving us much notice for showings. If your property is not easy to show - it is simply by-passed and another home may get shown and sold. If your home is rented nightly you may need to notify the rental management company of your intentions and request vacancy for certain periods. #1 STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS

If your property is currently occupied by a tenant, ensure the tenants are tidy and the property is easily accessible to Realtors®.

604 905 9105

Personal Real Estate Corporation

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