JODJEFODFSBUFXBTQFPQMFQFS   well below the yellow zone’s threshold. But the province’s decision was based on data GSPN/PWFNCFS XIFO UIF USBOTNJTTJPO SBUFXBTDMPTFSUPQFPQMFQFS  Dr. Roumeliotis expressed frustration at the choice to impose greater restrictions, but said he understood the government’s caution. If the rate of transmission dropped, he said the region could return to the yellow level within the next week or two. “Our real numbers tell us we’re on a downward trend, and we’re yellow,” he said. “I was a bit frustrated, I’ll be honest… but I guess I see their rationale, they want to see the trends going downwards, and I would have been even more upset if we had to close things down.” Despite the declining rate, Dr. Roumeliotis said residents needed to continue to be vigilant until a vaccine had been approved BOEEJTUSJCVUFE)FTBJEOFXTPG1à[FSBOE Moderna’s vaccine efficacy was encouraging, and the province would determine ways to distribute treatments once they had received Canadian approval. “It’s going to be a trickle, and between now and then we need to continue and be vigilant with our public health measures,” he TBJEi&WFOJGXFEPHPJOUPBZFMMPX[POFUIJT week or next week, it’s not much change for the wider population. All the public gathering, the stay-at-home as much as you can, not socializing, sticking to your home as your social bubble, all remains the same.” Outbreaks Meanwhile, a Russell retirement home

Prescott-Russell’s COVID transmission rate continued to fall as Eastern Ontario entered its first week under the pro- vince’s orange “restrict” level. The United Counties of Prescott and Russell recorded five new cases of COVID over the weekend, with a total of 56 active in UIFSFHJPO5IF&BTUFSO0OUBSJP)FBMUI6OJU &0)6 BTBXIPMFSFDPSEFEOFXDBTFT  most of which were connected to clusters or ongoing outbreaks in long-term care homes. The area officially moved from the yellow “protect” category to the more severe orange “restrict” level on Monday, after the province tightened the thresholds at which each colour-coded restriction came into effect. The maximum weekly incidence rate in the ZFMMPX[POFXBTMPXFSFEGSPNDBTFT QFS UPQFS  Under the orange zone, which had earlier been implemented in neighbouring Ottawa, last calls at bars and restaurants changed GSPNQN UPQN POMZ GPVSQFPQMF were permitted at a table instead of six, and theatres, arenas, and fitness centres were MJNJUFEUPQFPQMFQFSDPNQMFY1FSTPOBM care services that required the removal of masks were not permitted. &0)6.FEJDBM0GàDFSPG)FBMUI%S1BVM Roumeliotis had recommended that the region remain in the yellow zone, given the region’s situation had improved since the publishing of data the government had relied on for the decision. The most recent weekly

Le Dr Paul Roumeliotis, médecin hygiéniste du Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario, a exprimé sa frustration face à la décision de la province de faire passer la région dans la catégorie orange « restreint » malgré la diminution du nombre de cas. — photo fournie

reported the start of an outbreak on Thur- sday. Two residents at the Russell Mea- EPXT3FUJSFNFOU)PNFUFTUFEQPTJUJWFGPS $07*%5FTUSFTVMUTGSPNPUIFSSFTJEFOUT and staff were pending. /POFXDBTFTXFSFSFQPSUFEBUUIF1SFT - DPUUBOE3VTTFMM3FTJEFODFJO)BXLFTCVSZ  XIFSF  PG UIF  DBTFT JO SFTJEFOUT and 58 of the 63 cases in staff had been resolved. The death toll from COVID at the MPOHUFSNDBSFIPNFTUPPEBU BTXFMMBT

another seven deaths unrelated to the virus. The region "DSPTT UIF SFHJPO   $07*% DBTFT were active on Monday, a drop of two since Friday. Of those active cases, 56 were in 1SFTDPUU3VTTFMMDPNNVOJUJFT JODMVEJOH JO)BXLFTCVSZ JO$MBSFODF3PDLMBOE JO$IBNQMBJOJO3VTTFMMJO"MGSFE 1MBOUBHFOFUJO5IF/BUJPOJO$BTTFM - NBO BOEJO&BTU)BXLFTCVSZ

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