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HEALTH & WELLNESS The Newsletter About Your Health and Caring for Your Body


INSIDE: Getting to the Bottom of Back Pain • Free Screening Event: Feb 25, 2020 • Exercise Essentials • Healthy Recipe • My PT Success Story


The back is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. You rely on it so heavily —whether it is to shoulder your emotional stresses or to physically lift something that you need to carry with you. Your back is constantly at risk. It is at risk when you drive, being one of the body parts likely to take the biggest impact in case of an accident. It is at risk when you are safely at home on your couch or at the office, where you are likely scrunched over and not caring one bit about your posture. It is at risk when you run, when you play sports, and even when you find yourself sick and are coughing so heavily that your back begins to hurt. It is no wonder that so many people experience back injuries every year. What is a big wonder is that so many people choose to ignore their back injuries year after year! When you break an arm or get a cut on your leg, you are likely to do something about it right away. The sight of blood leaving your body or the realization that a bone isn’t sitting

right is something that not many people are going to deal with for too long before seeking medical attention. Yet when pain begins in the back, it is almost normal to ignore it. Everyone develops back pain, time to time, right? There is no reason to stress about it or overreact, right? Absolutely wrong! Understanding Back Pain Back pain may be common, but it is absolutely not normal. There are actually a lot of serious conditionsthatcancauseyourbacktobeginto hurt,and it issmarttohaveyourback lookedat byaphysicianearlyonsothatyouknowexactly what isgoingonwithyourbodyfromtheget-go. Oncethecauseofyourbackpain isdetermined, yourphysicaltherapistwillbeableto identifythe best treatment options for your body’s needs. This will likely include the following: • Targeted exercises that are specialized to the region of the back that is experiencing themostpain.Theseexercisesaredesigned to help build strength and support the surrounding muscles.

• Guided stretching designed to improve range of motion and flexibility. This will take into account the health and vivacity of vertebrae and any potential stretches that may support optimal back health. • Support and guidance with an exercise routine and habit formation, especially with cardiovascular activity that can stimulate improved blood circulation to the affected areas of the back, as well as strength- building activities. Attempting to undertake any of these changes on your own after you’ve experienced a back injury is both dangerous and not recommended. Working with a licensed and experiencedphysical therapistcanprovideyou with the guidance and ongoing support that you need to ensure that you do not experience any further injury as you attempt to heal the cause of your back pain. Call us today at (269) 979-3000 or visit our website at

There are a lot of different reasons as to why you may be experiencing back pain, and ignoring any of them is not a good idea. Some of the most common issues that cause back pain to linger include: • Muscle sprain or strain • Slipped vertebrae or disc • Tear or hyperextension to the supporting muscles or tendons • Arthritis These concerns can develop as a result of a myriad of environmental issues, such as having poor posture, prolonged sedentary activity, car crash, sporting accident, stress, heavy lifting, and so on. GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF BACK PAIN

When It Comes to Back Pain, Don’t Wait! When you experience an injury to your back, or realize that you are experiencing regular pain as a result of an ongoing injury or overuse, it is important to find out the cause of your back pain as quickly as possible. Back pain can quickly become chronic, as a potentially small issue can become complicated when it is not addressed early on. Working with a physical therapist can help you to identify the difference between environmental causes and something more medically based.

To get started with putting an end to your back pain, call us today at 269-979-3000 or visit

FREE SCREENING EVENT! February 25 th , 2020 Are you experiencing pain that is keeping you from doing the things you enjoy? If so, come to our FREE screening event! We are celebrating the new year by offering a day of Free Screenings. During your 20-25 minute screening, a physical therapist will meet with you to review your physical and medical history and may conduct severaltestsrelatedtoyourcurrentproblem. Afterward,youwillreceive a written copy of the screening which will include: 1. The determination of the cause of your pain or problem. 2. A plan for a successful outcome. Once the physical therapist has written up your assessment, they will help you determine if a full physical therapy evaluation for your condition is the best next step. Call 269-979-3000 to schedule your Free Screening. Spots are limited! Having pain and can’t wait for the event? Call today to schedule your full physical therapy evaluation.


• 1/2 lbground turkey • 1/2 lbgroundpork

• 1 tsp Italianseasoning • 1/2 tspcrushedredchilipepper flakes • 3 tbspbutter • 4mediumzucchini,spiralized

• 1/2cupshreddedcheese • 1crumbledbouilloncube • 1 tbsphotsauce • 1cup freshchoppedcilantro • 4clovesgarlic,grated+2cloves garlic,minced

• lemon juice • salt (to taste) • blackpepper (to taste)

TurkeyMeatballs: Combineground turkeyandpork,cheese,gratedgarlic, Italian seasoning,bouilloncube,redchilipepperflakes,choppedcilantroandblackpepper. Mixwell to formmediumballs.Arrangemeatballsonaplateandsetaside.Melt2 tbsp butter in a large skillet over medium-low heat. Cook meatballs for 8-10 min on all sides until cooked through. While cooking, baste meatballs in butter and juices.Removeandsetaside. ZucchiniNoodles: Meltremainingbutterandadd lemon juice,hotsauce,minced garlic,andredpepper flakes.Addzucchininoodlesandcook for3-4min,stirring regularly, until done yet still crisp. Season with salt/pepper and garnish with cilantro. Add the meatballs back to the pan and reheat for about a minute. Serve themeatballsandzucchininoodles immediatelywitha lemonsliceon theside.




Igraduatedin2015fromBrownMackie College in South Bend, IN with an Associates of Applied Science. I have experience working with aquatic therapy.IhavetakencoursesonMulti- RegionCoreStabilizationandGeriatric TherapeuticExercise.Mypassionsare sportsimulatedexercise,gait,balance, manual therapy, core strengthening and muscle re-education.

Lower Trunk Rotation

Lie down on your back, bend your knees and drop them to either side andhold fortenseconds. This stretch should be felt in the lower back and sometimes in the outer hips as well.

When not working, I enjoy playing tennis or going out for runs. You mighthearmetalkaboutthelatestroadraceI’vecompletedwhether itbea5koruptofullmarathon.Ihavethemostlovingandprotective dog in the world named Captain, for Captain America. I’m also an avid reader relating to history, science, adventure, and the Bible. I enjoy traveling and attending concerts of most genres. Lastly, I go to the movies whenever the opportunity presents itself. You can live a pain-free life! Call Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center today at 269-979-3000.


Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.


I have been experiencing chronic low back pain for awhile. My doctor recommended physical therapy so I decided to try Muscle and Spine. My experience here has been great! Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Ben did my initial assessment, identified what my issues were, and then he and Teri provided the physical therapy to help get me back on track and alleviate my low back pain. They also gave me a number of exercises to do at home to help ensure that I keep my back and core stable going forward...Very pleased with the results! Thank you! ” – R. L.

JOIN OUR HEALTH MENTOR ALL-STARS Do You Have Friends or Family Members That Have Trouble:

DIRECT ACCESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN? • A physician referral

� Moving without pain � Bending &moving freely � Balancing confidently & securely

� Sitting for long periods � Walking for long distances � Living active & healthy

• Patients sent by their physician can choose where they want to receive therapy. • An additional script from a physician may be needed. To expedite the process, please bring a referral from your physician.

no longer needed, whether you want a check-up, suffered a recent injury, or if you want to improve your overall health and wellness. with a full evaluation by a licenced physical therapist.

Share the Benefits of Physical Therapy with a Friend! We appreciate the confidence you place in us and will do our best to help those you refer meet their health and rehab goals, and that they thank you for it! A huge thank you to all of our friends who refer others to us at Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center.

• Therapy may begin

Brenda H. Joann F. Special Thanks to Our All-Stars:

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Don’t let your pain hold you back. Call us today at 269-979-3000 or visit our website at


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