2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


Special Services Division

Special Traffic Investigation Cases Assigned (Hit-and-Run/DWI) Fatalities Investigated Traffic Fatalities Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities Speed-Related Traffic Fatalities Call-Outs

following areas: Driving While Intoxicated, Underage Drinking and Driving, Speeding, Distracted Driving, Pedestrian, Seatbelt and Car Seat Safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the program shifted to a virtual format and engaged in inclusive virtual community engagements. The program’s goal is to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities within the city of El Paso. Safe Communities seeks to assist and/or reduce and prevent traffic fatalities and serious injuries including pedestrians’ deaths by making the public aware of local ordinances, laws, and prevention efforts that the community can participate in. Safe Communities works diligently to change and influence behaviors that contribute to fatalities and injury regarding pedestrian safety, risk of bicycle and vehicle collision, and other related and preventable traffic incidents. The purpose of Safe Communities is to create and build on safe behaviors that include the use of child restraints, seatbelts, and the understanding of local laws and requirements that could encourage the community to participate and/or change their old behaviors into new and improved safe behaviors. Safe Communities works hard with community-based resources and grants from community partners like State Farm to purchase educational material and traffic safety- related equipment, to utilize in local events that are intended to support safe behaviors thereby reducing traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

This year, on top of acquiring a second FARO 3D scanner, Special Traffic Investigations (STI) certified 5 officers to pilot a drone at traffic fatality scenes. The drone will map out scenes in conjuction with the two FARO 3D scanners in order to provide high quality scene reconstructions. The use of the drone should reduce the time on scene and open roadways quicker. The second FARO 3D scanner will allow STI to work two fatality scenes simultaneously with the best equipment. This, too, will help open roadways quicker while maintaining high quality scene processing. The El Paso Police Department’s Safe Communities section focuses on community partnerships and participation in developing strategies that respond to the community’s traffic safety needs, with an emphasis on building safe, resilient, and traffic smarter communities. The program’s purpose is to address community concerns and to engage, educate and promote traffic safety awareness through education, prevention, and intervention. Safe Communities focuses on the education, distribution of promotional material, and campaigns that stress prevention and safety in the

3,005 82 74 23 28 103

Safe Communities Meetings & Trainings

241 99 123 14,550 320 45

Community Events Total Presentations

Participants Aged 0-18 Participants Aged 19-65 Participants Older than 65

2022 Annual Report

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