Buddy Programme Framework

Buddy Programe Manual


As part of the on boarding process, the buddy programme is a tool designed to help new colleagues to adjust to the new working environment with ease and also to help them understand the organizational culture as well as policies and procedures. By matching our new colleagues with a ''buddy'' - someone who has been in the organization for a while – we will be able to accelerate the new colleague’s ability to integrate themselves into our work culture faster and more effectively. The Buddy Program matches new colleagues with colleagues who have been with the company for some time (typically 6 - 12 months), for a period of one month, with two objectives: 1. Enable new colleagues to become knowledgeable about department practices and organizational culture in a shorter period 2. Ensure that routine queries regarding basic operational issues are dealt with expeditiously. 3. Reduce the initial confusion and uncertainty faced by all new collleagues 4. Increase the new colleague’s self-confidence allowing him/her to focus on adding value to the organization. A buddy is someone who partners with a new colleague during his/her first month of employment. While primarily responsible for offering advice and guidance regarding the day-to-day aspects of working at SLMU, the buddy may also offer encouragement and knowledge resources, as they help introduce the new colleague to the SLMU culture. Department managers are responsible for selecting a buddy for their new employee. Selections should be based on the following characteristics: Objectives Selection and Pairing of buddies

• Demonstrates strong performance

• Is given time to be accessible to the new colleague

• Is skilled in/has knowledge of the new colleague’s job

• Is proud of SLMU and is well regarded and accepted by current colleagues

• Is a peer of the new colleague

• Has patience and good communication and interpersonal skills

• Wants to be a buddy

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