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August 2019

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The Mentors Who Have Shaped Me Community Support

I ’ve always been dedicated to learning from my peers. Thankfully, the dental community is welcoming and engaging. Each year, I spend over 100 hours learning and networking at conferences, events, and gatherings. These are great opportunities to build my care team and network! I’m forever indebted to the peers I collaborate with, but I have been fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of some highly-respected professionals. I first met Jamison Spencer at the California Dentistry Association Conference in 2013. He was a dynamic and engaging speaker! His presentation focused on how he centered his practice on treating patients for sleep and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). I was drawn to the whole-person discipline Jamison was part of, and I knew that I wanted to integrate this whole-person care into my own practice. expertise to those who wanted to learn more and wasn’t expecting anything in return. I emailed him shortly after his presentation, outlining my goals and the courses I wanted to take. Within 24 hours, I received a thoughtful, thorough response from Jamison! He’s a dental celebrity, and the way he responded within that short period of time blew me away. Jamison lit the sleep-disordered breathing and TMD spark within me, and it was Mayoor Patel and Terry Bennett who played the role of my big brothers while I was doe-eyed and drinking from the fire hose. In the beginning of my TMJ and sleep educational journey, I would attend conferences and classes alone. Many professionals will bring their spouses with them, but since my husband and I had a young family, he stayed home with the kids. I quickly discovered that I was not alone; I was in a new community of peers. Terry and At the end of his presentation, Jamison gave attendees his email address. He was genuinely offering his

“Jamison lit the sleep- disordered breathing and TMD spark within me, and it was Mayoor Patel and Terry Bennett who played the role of my big brothers while I was doe-eyed and drinking from the fire hose.”

Mayoor took me under their wings and invited me to join their families at dinners and after-conference functions. I was fortunate enough to learn from them during numerous residencies and courses, including a dental sleep medicine residency in La Jolla, California, and a craniofacial pain residency in Dallas, Texas. They continue to mentor me professionally, and I am blessed to call them friends. Today, my journey has come full circle, as I’m part of Jamison Spencer’s study club and Spencer Study Club Business Elite group. These programs embody the goals and philosophies I hold dear and have taught me the vital importance of partnering with my medical colleagues and fellow dentists to responsibly improve the lives of our patients. Together we can change the quality of people’s lives. The sleep-disordered breathing and TMJ world has grown tremendously since I first joined. I feel incredibly blessed to call some of the industry’s pioneers my mentors. They shaped this field, and our industry is so lucky to have professionals who are willing to share their expertise. As the field continues to develop, I’m excited to play a role in advancing our patient’s interdisciplinary treatment options and access to care.

God bless,

–Dr. Jessica Sabo



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