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Results We Never Thought Were Possible Celebrating Get Real 30’s Massive Success

W e started 2018 off in a big way with our first Get Real 30 Nutrition Challenge. I hoped to help people get a head start on their weight loss resolutions, but the results I saw went far beyond what I could have imagined. One woman who joined the program, Susan M., told me about how the challenge genuinely changed her life. “Since Day 3, I no longer have chronic migraine headaches,” Susan said. “Sometimes, I was taking migraine medication twice a day, but since the challenge, I have not needed any medication. Secondly, I hadn’t been able to lose weight in the past, no matter how hard I trained, but with this 30-day challenge, I lost 14 pounds. This challenge also had a positive impact on my family. We’ve grown closer together because we’re cooking and enjoying meals together. This challenge has truly been life-changing.” Susan isn’t the only person who told us about the positive experience she had during and after our Get Real 30 Challenge. Another participant, Eric E., said, “It’s the lightest I’ve been since 2007.” And Rhonda M. was excited to talk about both the weight she lost and the knowledge she gained. “I have learned how to eat to best fuel my body,” she told me. “I have learned I have more self-control and determination than I ever thought. In 30 days, I lost 10 pounds and 5 percent body fat, and most importantly, I found peace. I no longer have a love-hate relationship with food.” It’s crazy to think we almost didn’t do the challenge! When I asked my trainers about doing a 30-day challenge, one of them said, “I don’t really think those work.” We ultimately decided we’d give it a try anyway. All 21 available slots filled up, and by the end of the challenge, I was blown away by what we achieved. There’s a reason my trainer thought a 30-day challenge wasn’t worth our time: Most of them really don’t work. But I sat down and developed a special system I hoped would lend itself to success. We included four things in our challenge I think really made a difference:

1. The challenge was limited to 21 people, so we could give each participant the attention they deserved. 2. We set up an accountability group on Facebook where everyone could chat about their progress daily. 3. We recommend a special diet to go along with the challenge. Our Get Real 30 Nutrition Plan emphasized eating whole foods and lean meats while eliminating sugar, dairy, and gluten for 30 days. 4. Participants paid $99 to sign up, but if they stuck with the challenge, followed the nutrition plan, and lost 5 pounds, they got their money back at the end of the 30 days. We hosted a kickoff event on Day 1 and a celebration event after Day 30. All the while, I saw how supportive everyone was of one another. The Facebook group was full of posts where people celebrated others’ achievements. I’m proud to report that the people who really committed to the challenge were the most successful. As a trainer, when you start a new program with new clients, you always hope it goes well for them. Success isn’t a guarantee, so when I get to see numbers like this, I can’t help but feel proud of the work we accomplished. If you missed out on our last Get Real 30 Challenge and want to try it yourself, I have good news for you! I was so proud of the success we saw during Get Real 30 that I wanted to do it again, and soon. Our next Get Real 30 Challenge starts at the beginning of April. We’ll have limited space available, so if you want to participate, give us a call at 704-658-1522. I fully

believe this Get Real 30 Challenge can be just as successful as the first one. I invite you to join us and see the results for yourself.

- Bryan Wisdom


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