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During this past Fall, I went on an incredible trip to Japan. I visited three main cities: Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto – each having their own personalities! My absolute favorite thing to do when I travel is to experience the culture by way of food. : ) Osaka is known for its variety of street foods. Of course, I tried as much as I could! Firstly, I had a dish called “okonomiyaki” – which is a Japanese savoury pancake. This dish contains KONICHIWA!

I have had many different ramen and udon dishes before, but going to Tokyo and eating noodles there was a completely different experience! Of course, I couldn’t go to Japan without visiting shrines and temples. These were located all over Japan and all the ones I visited were breathtaking. One of the most memorable shrines I had gone to was in Kyoto. It was called the Fushimi-Inari, where I hiked about 5km under “torri gates.” These gates are known as sacred gates that separate the human world to the sacred world. I also had the opportunity to visit a fantastic temple called the Todaiji Temple. Here, houses one of the largest bronze Buddha statues in Japan – sitting at 15 meters tall! Visiting these shrines and temples was absolutely breathtaking! Overall, Japan has been one of my favorite countries I have visited and I will definitely go back soon! - Coco

a variety of different ingredients mixed together in a wheat- flour-based batter and then cooked on hotplate in front of you. I had a mixture of pork, shrimp, noodle with an egg on top. Of course, it was delicious! Another popular food item in Osaka is called “takoyaki,” which also uses a wheat-flour-based batter. This batter is shaped in into a ball and inside has octopus tentacles! Another must-try in Japan! “Kushikatsu” is another great dish in Osaka. Simply put, it is fried anything; meat and vegetables. Everything from quail eggs to pork to asparagus to cheese and even okra! This was probably one of my favorite foods in Osaka and I would highly recommend it to everyone going to Osaka! My next food stop was Tokyo. In Tokyo, my goal was to eat lots of different noodle dishes. I had as much udon and ramen as possible! Whether it had been stir-fried, soup-based dishes or even dipping-style noodles, it was all delicious. My favorite style was the dipping noodles, otherwise known as “tsukemen-style.” With this, you get fresh noodles with a thick broth on the side. You pick up the noodles, dip it in the super fragrant broth and then slurp. This was my absolute favorite food I had in Japan.

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