Strategic Plan Progress Report

Significant Accomplishments, FY17-FY18 (cont.)

Technology at Work (cont.)

Body Cameras and In-Car Video Integration (cont.) As of November 2018, 439 patrol vehicles have received the new integrated in-car video system. The in-car video system is the latest generation and integrates with each officer’s body cameras, and when activated, it automati- cally activates the systems of other officers’ systems with- in range. The in-car video systems are being installed by Technology Services and Fleet Services with a goal of in- stalling a total of 600 systems. Community Camera Program The Community Camera Program is now accessible on the Fort Worth Police Department website: Residents and businesses across the city can register their privately owned surveillance camera systems. The goal of the Community Camera Pro- gram is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between FWPD and the community. As of September 2018, a total of 837 cameras have been regis- tered, providing access to over 3,800 camera views. Citywide Camera Program The Citywide Camera Program began in 2017 with the initial purchase of over 170 cameras. The program was developed to enhance public safety and aid in suspected criminal investigations. Cameras are part of the City’s neighborhood improvement strategy project that in- cludes the Stop Six and Ash Crescent areas. The depart- ment has funding for 100 additional cameras. Expanded WiFi Infrastructure Expanded WiFi infrastructure to support the expanded camera, in-car video systems, and connectivity to City network. Twenty-two access points at various City of Fort Worth facilities are fully operational allowing video up- loads from body cameras and in-car videos to support operations, events, and investigations.

In-Car Video System

Citywide Camera Program

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Expanded WiFi access points at 22 City facilities.


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