Strategic Plan Progress Report

Significant Accomplishments, FY17-FY18 (cont.)

Technology at Work Technology Services staff worked with the IT Solutions Department and Financial Management Services De- partment to expand technology improvements in each of the following categories: access to data, cameras, investigative, and operational.

FWPD Website Redesigned The Fort Worth Police Department expanded and im- proved the department’s website to better serve as a dynamic user-friendly and transparent tool. The web- site,, includes more detailed information about the three police department bu- reaus, patrol divisions, National Night Out registration, crime data, and Strategic Plan performance measures: On the site, the public can review monthly Strategic Plan implementation progress for each patrol division and all three bureaus. The homepage offers many up- dated features including the search engine One Ad-

dress that allows the public to search an address and receive important information such as their patrol beat, neighborhood police officer contact information, nearest police facility, and neighborhood meeting dates. Additional homepage enhancements include biographies for the department’s Executive Staff, cold case details, and the weekly Most Wanted list. Various department reports are available to view on the site such as annual reports, crime reports, general orders, and arbitration reports that include post-disciplinary reviews and after-arbitration reviews. As part of the redesign, the site is now mobile friendly allowing the public to view the site on handheld devices. Body Cameras and In-Car Video Integration The Fort Worth Police Department purchased its first 50 body cameras in 2012, fol- lowed by another 145 cameras in 2013—the majority deployed in patrol and the traf- fic division. Since December 2013, every graduating recruit is trained to use a camera and is assigned a camera. Cameras have been purchased each year since in an effort to outfit every officer in the department. The department has issued 1,334 body cameras since 2012. In 2017, the City Council approved an agreement to purchase additional camera sys- tems which included cameras, associated accessories, mounting and docking station, software interface and maintenance as well as electrical weapons (tasers) and in-car video systems. Funding for this technology initiative is a combination of Crime Con- trol and Prevention District funding and grant funding. Pursuing this bundled contract, the City saved $3.5 million. The approval of this contract works towards the City’s goal to outfit all sworn officers with body- worn cameras and outfit all patrol vehicles with in-car video systems delivering integrated devices and appli- cations and creating efficiencies for patrol. Body Camera


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