Strategic Plan Progress Report

Significant Accomplishments, FY17-FY18 (cont.)

3 rd Most Popular Police Department in the Nation Over the last two years, FWPD has published elaborate, fun videos to fuel interest in becoming a police officer in Fort Worth. The first video, Darth Vader Interview, has been viewed by more than 200,000 on YouTube and over one mil- lion times on Facebook since its release in December 2015. In December 2016, the department released Stormtrooper Re- cruit, which received more than 20 million views on Face- book. In 2017, FWPD focused on a Police Officer’s first day of work in 2017. The video stars Chewbacca and follows him on his first day on the job, which received over 2 million views. As of 2018, the FWPD Facebook page has over 200,000 fol- lowers, putting FWPD as the 3 rd most popular police depart- ment on social media in the nation.

FWPD Video

In 2017, the Fort Worth Police Department won 3rd place at the 2017 Government Social Media Conference and Expo’s Golden Post Awards held in Dallas. They were nomi- nated in the category “Best Use of Humor on Social Me- dia”. The Golden Post Awards honor outstanding use of so- cial media in local and state government agencies across the United States. During the 2017 Government Social Me- dia Conference and Expo ceremony, the FWPD’s Stormtrooper Recruitment video placed third in the Golden Post Awards Best Use of Humor in Social Media category.

Government Social Media Conference

FWPD Hurricane Harvey Response

The Fort Worth Police Department de- ployed 149 officers to Houston to assist with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The first 100 officers deployed on August 30, 2017. Fort Worth officers answered pa- trol calls for service and responded to incidents throughout Houston. The de- ployment included Chief Fitzgerald, three assistant chiefs, two deputy chiefs, other command staff and officers.

Law Enforcement Mutual Aid for Hurricane Harvey


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