Strategic Plan Progress Report

Significant Accomplishments, FY17-FY18 (cont.)

Fort Worth Police Athletic League

The vision of the Fort Worth Police Athletic League (FWPAL) is to provide guid- ance and leadership to ensure the safety of youth, improve their lives, reduce crime and better serve the community by building strong and trusting relation- ships through athletic programs and community partnerships. FWPAL is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization currently with over 350 youth participating in multiple sport programs including flag football, cheerleading, an outdoor ad- venture camp, and boxing located at two gyms. PAL reached milestones with five kids reaching Golden Gloves status and an increase in participation at the North PAL gym to 20 youth. The 2018 Flag Football League consisted of chil- dren ages 5-13 finishing the season June 2. In addition, FWPAL developed a partnership with the Southside Hornets Athletic Association and now have 50 cheerleader participants.

Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team The Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) was established on September 1 and consists of six spe- cially trained and Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) certified Mental Health Peace Officers. Each officer is assigned a patrol division and is under the direction of two Corporal/Detectives (Team Lead- ers) and a Sergeant. The primary purpose of the team is to reduce the hazards associated with interactions between law enforcement and people with mental illness, to proactively engage those with mental illness that pose a threat to the community as a whole, and to connect those with mental illness with support ser- vices as appropriate. The secondary purpose of the CIT is to reduce return calls for service related to men- tal health, ultimately freeing patrol officers to provide additional service to the community.

Winning Big with the FWPD Explorer Program The FWPD Explorer Program is a career educa- tional and experience-based program de- signed to help young people develop into ma- ture and responsible adults. Explorers train to compete against other Explorer teams throughout the area, state and even the na- tion. FWPD Explorers test their learned skills against one another, with the top participants and teams receiving awards for their perfor- mance.

In 2018, the FWPD Explorer Program attended and competed at the TLEEAA State Law En- forcement Exploring Competition and placed

FWPD Explorers

in the following Team Scenarios: 1 st Place Misdemeanor Traffic Stops, 1st Place Crisis Negotiation, 1st Place Unknown Call for Police, 2nd Place Felony Traffic Stops, 3rd Place Traffic Accidents, 3rd Place Domes- tic Crisis, and 3rd Place Suicidal Mental Person. The FWPD Explorer Program was also awarded Agency of the Year.


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