Strategic Plan Progress Report

Significant Accomplishments, FY17-FY18 (cont.)

National Initiative Implementation; Procedural Justice and De-Escalation Training Through the City’s involvement with the Na- tional Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, the department is providing criti- cal training to all officers. The mission of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice is to improve relationships and increase trust between communities and the criminal justice system. In 2017, there were five dedicated FWPD staff teaching Na- tional Initiative classes and providing infor- mation to the community. In 2017, more than 900 officers completed Procedural Justice III training. The remaining officers completed the class in 2018. All officers in the department received de-escalation training in 2017. Police Executive Research Forum trainers provided the intensive, eight-hour Integration Communications, Assessment, and Tactics (ICAT) training course. The training included hands-on tools for officers to learn different approaches to de- escalate tense situations. The ICAT course is designed to assist officers with safe and professional resolu- tions to critical incidents that involve unarmed individuals who may pose a danger to themselves and oth- ers. The primary goals of the course are to reduce the use of deadly force, uphold the sanctity of life, build community trust, and promote public safety by learning skills and strategies related to decision making, cri- sis recognition, tactical communications, and safety tactics. Chief ’s Advisory Board The Police Chief's Advisory Board (CAB) was re- established in 2017 under the direction of Chief Joel F. Fitzgerald. The board was created to act as a community resource for the Chief in the for- mation of strategies, development of communi- ty policing concepts, and increasing public awareness. The primary purpose of the Chief's Advisory Board is to provide a forum with key stakeholders regarding law enforcement policies within the community and is comprised of a di- verse cross-section of community leaders repre- sentative of Fort Worth. The rotating member- ship of the board consists of at least 40 promi- nent citizens from throughout the community (34 adults and 6 high school students) who rep- resent a range of interests and experiences. Members are from diverse backgrounds, including business, education, non-profits, public relations, faith community, the political arena, and more. Training Presentation CAB Presentation


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