Strategic Plan Progress Report

Strategic Direction Accomplishments 1. Professionalism and Organizational Excellence

4. Represent the population that the Fort Worth Police Department serves.  Began creating a Diversity Journey Plan to in- crease diversity.  2017 was an exceptional year with four recruit classes graduating, adding a total of 160 officers to the streets of Fort Worth.

5. Recruit, hire, promote, and retain the best candidates to serve the Fort Worth Communi- ty.  Recruiting Unit created a video presentation to give insight on how to prepare and apply to be- come a Fort Worth Police Officer.  Utilized the radio and internet as a marketing tool for the civil service testing event.  Provided classes that promote the health and wellness of officers. 6. Ensure the department's organizational structure is appropriate to respond to com- munity needs.  Organizational structure updated with six new Patrol Bureau Commanders in 2017.

Recruit Graduates by class:

Class Recruit Graduates Graduation Date



April 14, 2017



July 21, 2017



September 15, 2017



December 8, 2017



April 13, 2018

Created a sixth patrol division.

Class 141

Class 143

Class 145

Class 142


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