Strategic Plan Progress Report

Strategic Direction Accomplishments 2. Community Engagement and Partnerships

2. Improve External Communication.  Public Relations Office created new Communica- tions Policy to improve communication with oth- er City departments.  Divisional Citizens on Patrol Coordinator corre- sponds regularly with their respective COP mem- bers through emails, announcements at monthly meetings, and phone calls, as needed. Newslet- ters are provided either quarterly or monthly at the patrol division level. Crime Prevention Spe- cialists also provide brochures and newsletters as trends or information becomes available.  Public Relations Office Team utilized You Tube channels (English and Spanish), Facebook Live, and Twitter social media platforms and the po- lice website for public service announcements.  Public Relations Office assisted in creating a Procedural Justice video.  Public Relations Office assumed administration of the FWPD Nextdoor app. 3. Enhance Community Partnerships  Patrol Officers use Signal 90, which is a police call type code used to document when an officer is attending a community event/meeting.  Commander’s creative initiatives include Roll Call with Code Blue, Virtual Town Halls, and Coffee with Cops.  Continued to implement the Community Camera Program. As of September 2018, a total of 837 cameras have been registered.

4. Increase the Number of Volunteers Involved in Fort Worth Police Department Programs.  Added Code Blue recruiting literature in City wa- ter bill materials.  As of September 2018, there are 533 active Citi- zens on Patrol (COP) members.  More than 100 Hispanic Citizens on Patrol mem- bers graduated in June 2018. The next Hispanic Citizens on Patrol class is scheduled for April 2019. 5. Continue to Research Innovative, Communi- ty-Oriented Programs to Engage the Public  NPOs continued to work with owners in areas of blight and improve safety through Crime Preven- tion Through Environmental Design strategies.  Executive Staff, Command Staff, and other Fort Worth Police personnel visited Chicago to gain knowledge on COMPSTAT initiatives.

Spanish Citizens on Patrol Graduating Class


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