Strategic Plan Progress Report

Strategic Direction Accomplishments 3. Operational Improvements

Operational Improvements advance the delivery of quality police services and enable the department to meet short and long-term goals. This strategic direction addresses the emergent challenges that confront all law enforcement agen- cies. FWPD has made modifications to the opera- tional structure to address inefficiencies.

Operational Improvements Strategic Direction includes 7 goals & 41 action items

Implementation Progress as of September 2018



Complete - 5


On Target - 32

Lagging - 0

Insufficient Progress - 2


Monitoring - 2 Numbers indicate the amount of action items.

Implementation by the numbers

Of the 41 action items, 5 have been completed, 32 are on target to be accomplished by their estimated com- pletion date, 2 are considered to have insufficient progress, and 2 are being monitored. “On target” items may also be ongoing items continuously being implemented by the department.

The implementation of each goal and associated action item has been tracked over the previous two fiscal years. The implementation highlights of each goal and associated action item are on the following pages.


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