Strategic Plan Progress Report

Strategic Direction Accomplishments 4. Technology Development and Infrastructure Expansion

5. Ensure Police facilities are adequate for the department's operations to serve the commu- nity.  The 350 W. Belknap to Calvert renovation and move, Tactical Center renovation, new leases on W. 7th, West Division/Joyce and the new North Patrol Division facilities were programmed to accommodate future growth and service needs.  Expanded external WiFi access to appropriate facilities to accommodate wireless upload of in- car videos.

 Expanded the WiFi infrastructure to support ex- panded camera projects and connectivity to City network.  Completed E-Forms for the following: Bi-Weekly Part Time job, Off Duty, personnel transfer, HR transfer, equipment request, and overtime. 3. Determine technology infrastructure needs for Police Department facilities.  Technology Services completed new installations of technology systems at the new North Patrol facility, Tactical Center, West Division/Joyce, Cal- vert, and 350 Belknap basement.  Reviewed network infrastructure at Police De- partment facilities insuring adequate connectivi- ty and performance. 4. Revise Disaster Recovery Plans for mission- critical systems and create business continui- ty plans for Police Department facilities.  Reviewed and revised as necessary the Technol- ogy Disaster Recovery Plan.  Created Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). The Police Department and other City depart- ments are working with Tetra Tech, Inc. to de- velop a citywide COOP. The COOP is necessary to ensure that Primary Mission Essential Func- tions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies. All City departments met to discuss, plan, and practice the implementa- tion of the COOP over the course of five months in 2018. The COOP Plan is expected to be com- pleted in November 2018.


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