Strategic Plan Progress Report

Patrol Bureau Accomplishments

Patrol Bureau Goals Implementation Progress

As of June 2018, all goals and action items are tracked monthly instead of quarterly including the six patrol divisions. Patrol Division Commanders, Criminal Investigations, and Neighborhood Police Officers submit daily online worksheets to docu- ment day-to-day activities. At the end of each month, the Deputy Chief of each patrol command utilizes the information from the worksheets to enter data into the web-based ClearPoint system and assigns a status indicator for tracking purpos- es. The below division accomplishments reflect the reporting period of monthly accomplishments at the divisional level. Fort Worth encompasses 353 square miles and serves approximately 874,168 residents. The Pa- trol Bureau is divided into two commands, North Command and South Command.

North Command is over- seen by Deputy Chief Alldredge. North Command includes the Northwest, North, West, and Central patrol divisions.

South Command is over- seen by Deputy Chief Shedd. South Command includes South and East patrol divisions and the Traffic Division.


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