Strategic Plan Progress Report

Moving Forward Capital Improvements

Capital Improvement Plan: Facilities and Other Capital Needs Facilities and other capital improvements are a crit- ical component of the Police Department’s Five- Year Strategic Plan since they are driven by over- arching policing philosophies, influence successful, cooperative community relationships, and have long-term impacts on operations. Even greater im- portance will be given to facilities in the future as budgets continue to be tightened and more de- mands are made on personnel performance and productivity. Updating the facility needs assess- ment and long range plans is imperative for the success of this strategic plan. It is important to understand that geographic areas of the city are expanding each year through annex- ation and development, and the Police Department must adequately plan for this growth as call volume and the demand for services are expected to in- crease. During the past decade, the northern por- tions of the city experienced rapid and extensive growth, and in the next 5-7 years both the southern

and western portions of Fort Worth are expected to experience similar urban expansion. In addition to planning for growth, the Department must also find creative strategies to update and sustain existing facility assets. As facilities age, the operational use- fulness of that facility diminishes due to several fac- tors such as lack of room for growth, outdated technology, and decreased structural soundness. Based on these factors, Executive Staff re- prioritized and refined the list of impending facility and other capital needs in an effort to not only plan for this growth, but to find economic solutions for aging facilities. Each project on the following pages competes with other City department initiatives for available funding over the next 5-10 years. The fol- lowing major and minor facility project lists present the Police Department’s facility priorities in order of potential funding source and urgency.


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