Strategic Plan Progress Report

Moving Forward Strategic Directions

2. Community Engagement and Partnership  Continue to work with the Chief’s Advisory Board as a valuable resource for formation of strategies, development of community policing concepts, increasing public awareness, and lev- eraging the experience of persons outside of policing to benefit the department and the community.  Continue to initiate discussions with the Policy Advisory Committee regarding polices as it re- lates to officer procedures and training.  Enhance youth engagement by expanding Fort Worth Police Athletic League programs, men- torship programs, and the Police Explorers Pro- gram.  Continue to research innovative, community- oriented programs to engage the public.  Continue to reduce, solve, and prevent crime by modifying as needed the operational struc- ture to address emerging challenges and ineffi- ciencies.  Continue to expand intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) to ensure sufficient and timely information is available to all decision makers. 3. Operational Improvements

4. Technology Development and Infrastructure Expansion

 Continue to update the Police Department website to provide a transparent user-friendly tool for citizens to get information.  Continue to improve/expand existing systems or find new technologies that aid investigations, improve operations, or increases data access and transparency.  Determine solution for Northwest Patrol Divi- sion lease and secure funding for future facility.  Complete Property Room expansion project in Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex Fire Training shell.  Complete the South Patrol Division facility pro- ject.  Implement minor facility projects as listed in the Facility section.  Explore solutions and funding sources to re- place leased Central Patrol Division facilities and centralized police services currently at 1000 Calvert.

Continue to reduce response times.


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