Strategic Plan Progress Report

Moving Forward Police Facilities

Priority 5: Backup Emergency Operations Center

Purpose The current Communications backup site is located in the basement of the Municipal Courts building where there have been ceiling leaks. Water has damaged equipment in the past and the department is currently utilizing tarps when it is expected to rain. The backup location does not have room to expand for growth and is under capacity now that the new sixth patrol division is operational. Currently, if a relocation to the back- up site is required by both Police and Fire, the departments will not have any PIC positions in the backup fa- cility. A solution to this project is critical because the department currently has a reduced capacity to handle citizen calls during an emergency. Status The City is looking at the option to possibly use the previous City Marshal area in the basement of the Munici- pal Courts building since they moved to a different floor. Another possible strategy is to build a new Commu- nications Center and move the backup center to the Bolt facility.

Funding Strategy This project should be funded by CCPD or included in a future bond program.

Communications Work Station


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