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Technology Development and Infrastructure Expansion, Goal 5


South Patrol Facility

2018 Bond Program


South Patrol Facility

Purpose The purpose of this project is to construct a new 28,000+ square foot South Patrol Division headquar- ters in the southern part of Fort Worth to house all division functions. The new facility will replace two existing facilities; a leased location at 7650 McCart Avenue and a City-owned location at 3128 W. Bolt Street. Extensive growth southward is expected as a result of the completion of Chisholm Trail Parkway, the future site of Tarleton State University, and vari- ous commercial and residential developments. As improvements and expansion continues southward, the Police Department must consider a new location for a future facility, staffing, and the beat realign- ments to create an 8th Patrol Division. Status The City Council approved the purchase of 15 acres at McCart Avenue and Risinger Road in October 2018, and the City is expected to close on the facility in November. A design-build contractor is expected to be selected for the project in early 2019 with con- struction complete in the summer of 2020. The location of all future patrol division facilities should be based on the following criteria: centrally located based on existing and projected population and calls for service, access to major arterials, size, available utilities, visibility, and compatible uses.

South Patrol Division Boundary Map


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