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T Prabhupäda on the TOVP which are the foundational building blocks of the project. The Foreword was written by Sriman Ambarisa prabhu, TOVP Chairman, who carried in his heart the seed of the project at the time. his publication, written by Jahnudvipa das and Braja Sevaki devi dasi, was written in 2006 prior to any construction work on the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. However, it contains a wealth of instruction from Çréla

Dedicated to Srila Prabhupada, with the sincere prayer that all his disciples, granddisciples, and followers be blessed by Lord Krishna with the intelligence and ability to continue his mission.


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --


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M ost everyone associated with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness has heard of Çréla Prabhupäda’s monumental plans for Çrédhäma Mäyäpur. Even though Çréla Prabhupäda opened centers around the world—and many of them were large and expensive projects—he reserved the term “world headquarters” for Mäyäpur. Prabhupada knew that if only a few outside India had heard of Çré Kåñëa, even fewer had heard of Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu outside of Nadia. Always the boldest of preachers and never shy about the scope of his plans, Çréla Prabhupäda wanted the whole world to come to Mäyäpur and also wanted to seriously challenge accepted scientific theories about the structure of the universe and the nature and history of civilization. Having complete faith in çästra, Prabhupäda knew that if the yoke of ignorance could be broken, the mercy of Caitanya Mahäprabhu would penetrate the darkest recesses of Kali-yuga. Çréla Prabhupäda wanted this Temple of the Vedic Planetarium to be especially for the Westerners. They would come to Mäyäpur to experience Kåñëa consciousness and the full flavor of Vedic culture. Çréla Prabhupäda wanted Çrédhäma Mäyäpur to be the crown jewel of ISKCON. It is the home for all aspiring Vaiñëavas. In this age of progressive darkness, it is the only assured portal to progressive spiritual happiness. This book is an invitation for all to come and partake of the mercy of Çréla Prabhupäda, Çré Païca-tattva, and Çré Çré Rädhä Mädhava. I know that anyone who reads it will willingly become an ambassador for Mäyäpur as an important service to Çréla Prabhupäda and the previous äcäryas. We are all personally indebted to Braja Sevaki Däsé, Jahnudvépa Däsa, and all who have made this possible.

Your humble servant, Ambaréña Däsa December 7, 2006


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --



O n the eve of construction of the Temple of the Vedic Plane­ tarium, and as the Mäyäpur community develops, so the need for purity and accountability in following Çréla Prabhupäda’s instructions becomes stronger. We’ve all heard the tattva, the gospel, the urban legends, exag- gerations, and the half-truths on what “Çréla Prabhupäda said” on Mäyäpur. Yet reading what he really said on Mäyäpur is something like delving into the heart and mind of Çréla Prabhupäda—his vision, tenacity, determination, consistency, and purity of heart are unfathom­ able as they unfold word after word in these pages. Starting with his humble admission of trying to do his “little bit” in taking up the mission of Çréla Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura, right through to the grand statements of “inundation of love of Godhead spreading all over the world,” Çréla Prabhupäda’s goal never wavered: he wanted us to get the message, understand his desires, and envision this spiritual city; he wanted to attract the attention of the entire world, from tourists to scientists, In- dians to Europeans, atheists to devotees; he wanted them all to know about, hear about, and visit Mäyäpur. And he wanted us to understand that that was what he came for. And then he wanted us to build it… One of the most famous sayings in ISKCON is “Prabhupäda said.” Even while he was present, Çréla Prabhupäda made mention several times of this phrase so quickly coined in ISKCON. He referred to this tendency in a lecture in Perth, Australia, in 1975: “So, when you change, then the authority is lost. Just like in our Society, sometimes they do something nonsense and they say, “Prab- hupäda said.” (laughter) They are doing that. We know that. It is de- teriorated like that.” Inevitably, change will accompany progress. Times change, cir- cumstances change, places change as they grow from fields to vil- lages, to towns, and eventually to cities, as was Çréla Prabhupäda’s plan for Mäyäpur. The eternality of Çréla Prabhupäda’s instructions


and desires is an unquestionable principle. How we facilitate them is the detail. We can’t be rigid—”Çréla Prabhupäda never did it, therefore it’s not bonafide.” Nor can we be too liberal with Çréla Prabhupäda’s mission—”if Çréla Prabhupäda were here, he’d do it this way.” Acting on Çréla Prabhupäda’s instructions requires a substantial amount of knowledge, understanding, and (perhaps most importantly) coopera- tion with each other. Honoring Çréla Prabhupäda’s instructions and desires for Mäyäpur means finding the balance between what “Çréla Prabhupäda said” and understanding what his words embodied in an overall sense. We are obliged to read his books, understand his mission, and know his mind and heart. Although vaiñëavera kriyä-mudrä vijïe nä bujhaya, that one can never understand the behavior or mind of a pure devotee, still Çréla Prabhupäda said, “Of course, we should know Kåñëa; otherwise, it may be we may neglect Him.” In the same way that we need to know Kåñëa in order to serve Him and ultimately love Him, so we need to know Çréla Prabhupäda if we want to be able to say we’re serving him. The first step is realizing how important this project is to Çréla Prabhupäda. His Holiness Giriräja Mahäräja recalls one conversation that we can all take to heart: “One day, while Srila Prabhupada was taking his massage on the balcony in Calcutta, I humbly approached him. ‘Çréla Prabhupada, I have been trying to understand what you want of us, what your desire is.’ Srila Prabhupada was so pure he took every word into his heart. ‘Yes?’ ‘Two things seem to please you the most,’ I offered. ‘Distributing your books and building the big temple in Mayapur.’ Prabhupada’s face lit up, his eyes opened wide, and he smiled. ‘Yes, ou have understood.’” Çréla Prabhupäda On Mäyäpur is a simple presentation of collect- ed quotes and writings from Çréla Prabhupäda about Mäyäpur. It is, purely and simply, Çréla Prabhupäda on Mäyäpur. It’s a start. And as we’re learning here in Mäyäpur, making a small start is the first step towards completing major projects…


The Editor

“Mayapur is meant for this purpose, to spread the Krishna Consciousness movement all over the world as it was desired by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.”


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

mission & principles


8/4/75 MÄYÄPUR – CAITANYA-CARITÄMÅTA LECTURE So especially in India, the atmosphere is very good. It is especially meant, within this universe, this plot of land known as Bhäratavarña, India, is the most sacred place within this universe. And of the whole land Bhäratavarña, in Bengal, it is very sacred. And the whole of Ben-

gal, this Nadia is very sacred. And in the whole Nadia, this part is very sacred, Mäyäpur Candrodaya Tem- ple. So by Kåñëa’s grace, you have got this opportunity to live here. Take advantage, full advantage of this op- portunity, spiritually fortunate. This is the statement of Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura. Not that I am manufactur- ing. We cannot manufacture any- thing, but we can repeat the words of our predecessors. Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura, in his Jaiva-Dharma, or in Caitanya-çikñämåta, he has stated like that. In the Bhäratavarña, Ben- gal is the most important place, and in Bengal, the district Nadia is most important place, because Caitanya Mahäprabhu appeared. Don’t take it leniently. It is very serious thing that Bhäratavarña is meant for cultivation of Kåñëa consciousness.


“I have named this temple Çré Mäyä- pur Candrodaya Mandir, the Rising Moon of Mäyäpur. Now make it rise,


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

bigger and bigger until it becomes the full moon. And this moonshine will be spread all over the world. All over India they will come to see. From all over the world they will come.”


11/7/69 LOS ANGELES – BRAHMÄNANDA MAHÄRÄJA Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura desired that American disciples would come to Mäyäpur to take advantage of the birthplace of Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu. I wanted to make one American home there, and I asked for a piece of land there from my Godbrother, Tértha Mahäräja. He has sim- ply acknowledged receipt of my letter, and there has been no other reply as of yet. In the meantime, Acyutänanda has given hope of pur- chasing land there. If we purchase some land, it may be that some American people will construct a nice temple there and a home for American visitors. So what is your idea if we purchase some land there? But if we do something there, it must be done very nicely. Otherwise it will be an insult to your people who are so rich. People must go there to see the American home and the American devotees. That is my idea. I shall be glad to know your opinion about this. 8/2/77 MÄYÄPUR – ÇRÉMAD BHÄGAVATAM LECTURE This Mäyäpur is meant for this purpose, to spread Kåñëa conscious- ness movement all over the world as it was desired by Caitanya Mahäprabhu. Påthivéte äche yata nagarädi gräma sarvatra pracära . 9/5/73 LOS ANGELES – JAYAPATÄKÄ and BHAVÄNANDA MAHÄRÄJAS As in Våndävana we have named the temple Kåñëa-Balaräma Temple, similarly I suggest that our Mäyäpur temple be known as Mäyäpur Candrodaya temple or Mäyäpur Candra. Whichever sounds better we should advertise from now. 26/8/76 – DINESH CANDRA SARKAR We are going to have a very big project at Mäyäpur. We have to ac- quire 350 acres of land from the Government and construct a spiritual town at the expenses of Rs. 200 Crores. The plans and contempla- tions are going on in different phases, now when Caitanya Mahäprab- hu will be pleased it will be taken up.


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

17/1/76 MÄYÄPUR – ARRIVAL ADDRESS in TEMPLE It was Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura’s aspiration that the Europeans, Amer- icans, and Indians all together dance jubilantly and chant ‘Gaura Hari.’ So this temple, Mäyäpur Candrodaya temple, is meant for tran- scendental United Nations. What the United Nations has failed, that will be achieved here by the process recommended by Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu, påthivéte äche yata nagarädi gräma/ sarvatra pracära haibe mora näma . So you have come from all parts of the world and are living together in this temple. So train these small boys. I am very glad especially to see the small children from all other countries, and Indian, Bengalis, all together, forgetting their bodily consciousness. That is the greatest achievement in this movement, that everyone forgets the bodily conception of life. Nobody thinks them- selves here as European, American, Indian, Hindu, Mus- lim, Christian. They forget all these designations, and sim- ply they are ecstatic in chanting the Hare Kåñëa mantra. So kindly what you have begun do not break it. Continue it very jubilantly. And Caitanya Mahäprabhu, the master of Mäyäpur, He will be very much pleased upon you. And ultimately you will go back to home, back to Godhead.


Prabhupäda: ...his bless- ings upon you. You are fulfilling his mission. He wanted that European, American should come here. It is all Bhaktivino- da Öhäkura’s blessing. Hare Kåñëa. So there is no scarcity of space for keeping all the devotees?


Bhavänanda: Everyone is situated... Prabhupäda: Huh? Bhavänanda: Everyone is situated in rooms. Jayapatäkä : Without these dwelling … wall dwellings, there would have been no hope. Prabhupäda: ThereforeI said, (laughter) “You must complete, and whatever amount required, I shall pay.” That I could analyze. [break] Jayapatäkä: Çréla Prabhu­ päda. Only by your mercy you have brought us to this Kåñëa con- sciousness movement. Prabhupäda: Yes. I am simply mes- senger. Mercy is of Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura and Çréla Prabhupäda. Before your coming they predicted, that “Somebody will bring.” May- be that somebody I am (chuckles). Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura predicted. So anyway, Kåñëa has given us nice place. Stay here.


So Çréman Jayapatäkä Mahäräja, Bhavänanda Mahäräja and devot­ ees, I thank you very much for keep- ing this temple, Mäyäpur-candro- daya Mandira, so nicely cleansed, and it appears everything is go-


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

ing nicely. So it was the desire of Çréla Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura that Europeans and Americans would come here and chant Hare Kåñëa mantra. That prophesy is now being fulfilled, and that is my satisfaction.I tried my little bit to fulfill the desire of Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura. At my old age of seventy years, I just … It was a gambling also. I simply thought that “This was the desire …” Of course, my Guru Mahäräja, Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvaté Gosvämé Prabh- upäda, he also asked me to do this. Anyway, at least there is a place now when …

where these Europeans and Americans may come and live peacefully, chant Hare Kåñëa mahä-mantra, and advance in spiritual understanding … So at least the basic principles are being done, and I am very much thankful to you, you American, European boys and girls who are helping me in this mission. So go on cooperating in this way, and I am sure this mission of Caitanya

Mahäprabhu will be success- ful. It must be successful because Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu wanted it to be done. Simply we, the workers, the servi- tors, must be very sin- cere. Then Caitanya Mahäprabhu will give us more and more facili- ties so that we can work


very well. So keep this mission always in view and do your best. That is my only request. Thank you very much. 30/3/75 MÄYÄPUR – CAITANYA- CARITÄMÅTA LECTURE Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is like the moon. So we established this temple, Mäyäpur-candrodaya. So this is the idea, that Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu is just like moon. Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu, He appeared in this land of Mäyä- pur; therefore He is said here as “the moon.” Therefore we say candra, Mäyäpur-candra. Now, as Çré Mäyäpur-candra is rising... Rising ( udaya ). Rising means He is to distribute the moonshine all over the world. This is the idea, moonshine. Çreyaù-kairava candrikä-vita- raëam. Çreyaù-kairava . Caitanya Mahäprabhu person- ally said. Don’t keep Çré Cai- tanya Mahäprabhu compact in your room and take some monetary profit. This is not re- quired. This is not required. You must allow Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu to rise more and more so that this sun, moon- shine, may be distributed all over the world. That is wanted. Therefore this temple is situ- ated. Of course we shall try to


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

construct a very nice temple for Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu. This morning we were thinking of this. So from this place, this moon, Çré Kåñëa Caitanya Mahäprabhu, will distribute. Çreyaùkairava- candrikä-vitaraëaàvidyä-vadhü-jévanam . The Çré CaitanyaMahäprab- hu’s Hare Kåñëa movement … Paraà vijäyate çré-kåñëasaìkértanam. This is spoken by Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu Himself. 21/2/76 MÄYÄPUR – LECTURE, APPEARANCE DAY of HIS DIVINE GRACE ÇRÉLA BHAKTISIDDHÄNTA SARAATÉ GOSVÄMÉ PRABHUPÄDA Today, the auspicious day of our predecessor spiritual master, Oà Viñëupäda Paramahaàsa Parivräjakäcärya Añöottara-çata Çrémad Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura Prabhupäda. Çréla Bhaktisidd­ hänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura’s mission. Apart from his life, we are especially stressing on the mission of Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura. This place, Mäyäpur, was for- merly known as Miyapura. Mostly it is inhabited by the Muhammadans. Some way or oth- er it converted into the name of Miyapura instead of Mäyäpur. Still, people are very much doubtful where is the birth site of Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu. And Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura was researching to find out the actual place. So under the direction of Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja, this present Yogapéöha was ascertained to be the birth site of Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu. So Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura in the beginning wanted to develop this place very gloriously, befitting the holy name of Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu. So he started this movement of developing Mäyäpur. He could not finish it, so it was handed down to Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura. So under his effort, assisted by his disciples, this place has gradually developed, and our attempt is also to develop this place. Therefore we have named this temple Mäyäpur Candrodaya. We have got great ambition to develop this place nicely and glori- ously, and fortunately we are now connected with foreign countries, especially with the Americans. Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura’s great desire was that the Americans would come here and develop this place and they would chant and dance along with the Indians. So his dream as well as Caitanya Mahäprabhu’s foretelling, påthivéte äche yata nagarädi gräma sarvatra pracära haibe mora näma . So Caitanya Mahäprabhu desired that all Indians to take part.


bhärata bhümite manuñya-janma haila yärajanma särthaka kari’ kara para-upakära . This is Caitanya Mahäprabhu’s mission, paraupakära .

5/6/76 LOS ANGELES – LETTER to MR. HUNTER I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter with enclosed contribution towards the development of our Mäyäpur City in W. Bengal, and I thank you very much. We are trying to construct a city where people from all over the world can come to visit and live according to the Vedic tenets of “simple living and high thinking.’’ I am pleased to hear that you appreciate our humble efforts and if you would like to con- tribute in the future towards this great spiritual city you can send your contributions to me care of Hare Kåñëa Land, Juhu Road, Juhu, Bom- bay 400-054, India.

6/6/76 LOS ANGE- LES – JAYAPATÄKÄ MAHÄRÄJA Do your best and simply depend on Kåñëa. We are not acquiring the land for sense gratification. It is for Kåñëa’s Glory. nimittamätraà bhava savya-säcin . Just like Arjuna was asked to fight by Kåñëa, so it was Prabhupäda’s dream to make Mäyäpur a tran- scendental city. What do we care for Mädhava Mahäräja or Dä-

modara Mahäräja. They are figs. We must be fixed. Just see; Mädhava Mahäräja is against us and he was supposed to be the greatest preacher.


6/11/76 VÅNDÄVANA - ROOM CONVERSA- TION with DR. THEODORE KNEUPPER Jagadéça (Reading from newspaper ar- ticle): “ISKCON is also building a model Vedic community in Mäyäpur near Cal- cutta based on cottage industry and agriculture. The important principle is that every one must be gainfully em- ployed. In ISKCON’s Mäyäpur project hundreds of persons operate spinning wheels and more than a dozen hand- looms, dye the cloth, and (indistinct) popular design, process rice and däl by hand, crush sugar cane for sugar products, and manufacture by hand, wooden shoes and other items of daily use. On twenty-five acres of agricultural land in Mäyäpur, ISKCON is developing

and demonstrating scientific farming procedures such as crop rotation, organic fertilization, and using improved strains. ISKCON is also cross- breeding cattle from Canada and Australia with Indian cows to increase milk production. Thus the community provides (indistinct) daily needs, acts as an agricultural development and demonstration center, and ad- ditionally feeds thousands of people twice every week. Within the next ten years, according to ISKCON’s plans, the Mäyäpur project will extend into a complete Vedic city with fifty thousand...” Prabhupäda: We have applied for 350 acres of land from the government. The process is going on. If we get, then we shall spend crores of rupees for... The description is... Jagadéça: “Within the next ten years, according to ISKCON plans, the Mäyäpur project will extend to a complete Vedic city with fifty thou- sand inhabitants, its own university, airport, and stadium. It will also claim the world’s largest planetarium with 410 foot high Temple of Understand- ing...” [break] ...civilization. Dr. Kneupper: It sounds like a beautiful pro­ ject. That is near Bombay, now? Prabhupäda: No, that is near Calcutta.


“My idea is to attract people of the whole world to Mayapur.”


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

temple of the vedic planetarium



-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

master plan concept

6/6/76 LOS ANGELES – JAYAPATÄKÄ MAHÄRÄJA Concerning my house in Mäyäpur, I have requested Surabhi in Bombay to postpone any idea for beginning the house until we have the master plan of the city. I may decide to move the location away from the front gate to a more secluded place, less congested area.

26/6/76 NEW VÅNDÄVANA – JAYAPATÄKÄ MAHÄRÄJA Concerning the doubts of the commission:

1. Christians also convert. It is not conversion from Christian to Hindu. We convert atheist class of men to take God-consciousness. God is one. It is not the question of Christianity, Hindu, Muslim; any religion that teaches to love God is genuine. It has nothing to do with Hinduism, Mohammedanism, etc. 2. Sources (of funds) means we get contributions, from all over the world. All our branches will gladly contribute. Practically this institution is the real U.N. We have the co-operation from all nations, all reli- gions, all communities, etc. It will be an international institute. To see the Planetarium and how things are universally situated has nothing to do with sectarian ideas. It is a scientific presentation of spiritual life.

3. The local Mohammedans have already agreed.

3/4/74 BOMBAY – BHAVATÄRIËÉ DEVÉ DÄSÉ You have learned from the devotees who have been here, what a large scope our plans are for these two centers in India. During the festival hundreds of devotees from countries all around the world all very much appreciated that these transcendental spots, Mäyäpur and Våndävana are place of spiritual inspiration for all devo- tees of ISKCON. They are the best places in the world to come and chant Hare Kåñëa and prepare for going Back to Home, Back to God- head.


vedic planetarium

27/2/76 MÄYÄPUR – MORNING WALK Prabhupäda: No “Understanding” simply Vedic “Temple of Vedic Planetarium,” That’s all. We shall show the Vedic conception of plan- etary system within this material world and above the aterial world… We are going to exhibit the Vedic culture throughout the whole world, and they’ll come here. 2/3/77 MÄYÄPUR – ROOM CONVERSATION with GBC MEMBERS Prabhupäda: One very big paëòita is coming. He’ll help us about the Sanskrit language, how to form this...

Tamäla Kåñëa: Planetarium. Prabhupäda: ...Planetarium.

Tamäla Kåñëa: One big paëòita has been contacted, and he’s very surrendered to Prabhupäda. He wants to help Prabhupäda and our movement to understand the meaning of the çästras in regard to the layout of the universe, so that the planetary systems can be one in our Planetarium. Prabhupäda : This planetary system is rotating from east to west, and it is hanging like the chandelier, taking shelter of the polestar. That we can see every night. Now where is the situation, which planet, where is sun, where is moon—so that he has to assert. 2/2/76 MÄYÄPUR – A TRANSCENDENTAL DIARY VOL. 1 In another discussion later in the day with Bhavänanda Mahäräja, Çréla Prabhupäda decided that the Deities for the proposed new tem- ple in Mäyäpur should be life-size, like the Hyderabad Deities. He wants to install Païca-tattva—Lord Caitanya, and His personal as- sociates—with at least five predecessor gurus, Rädhä-Kåñëa, and the eight principal gopés.

6/6/76 LOS ANGELES - HIS HOLINESS B.R. SRÉDHARA MAHÄRÄJA I have received one letter from Jayapatäkä Mahäräja in which it in-


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

forms that Mädhava Mahäräja and also possibly Dämodara Mahäräja are making propaganda against our attempt to construct Vedic Plan- etarium, a township in Mäyäpur, with the centre of attraction being the “Vedic Planetarium.’’… As a matter of fact, I am trying to develop a township in Mäyäpur spending crores of rupees to give protection against the occasional inundation (flood) and construct a tall plan- etarium estimated to be 300 feet high. So why they are obstructing this program? What is the harm to them? People are already coming from all parts of the world to see Mäyäpur and join in the Saìkértana Movement, so if something more attractive is done, more people will come from all parts of the world.


12/4/76 BOMBAY – MORNING WALK And we have asked government to give us 350 acres of land in Mäyä- pur to construct Vedic Planetarium, 350 feet high. It will require eight crores of rupees minimum. I shall exhibit there all the planetary sys- tem, bhurloka, Goloka... 15/6/76 DETROIT – CONVERSATION in ÇRÉLA PRABHUPÄDA’S ROOM Prabhupäda: Now you all together make this Vedic Planetarium very nice, so that people will come and see. From the description of the Çrémad-Bhägavatam, you prepare this Vedic Planetarium. How do you like this idea, Vedic Planetarium? Ambaréña: It seems like a very nice idea. Prabhupäda : You also like? So finance this project.

(laughter) Vedic Planetarium. Ambaréña: Where will this be? Prabhupäda: Mäyäpur. My idea is to attract people of the whole world to Mäyäpur.

27/4/76 AUCKLAND – BHAKTI SVARÜPA DÄMODARA MAHÄRÄJA Please accept my blessings. Now our Ph.D’s must collaborate and study the 5th Canto to make a model for building the Vedic Planetarium. My final decision is that the universe is just like a tree, with root upwards.


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

26/8/76 NEW DELHI – DINESH CANDRA SARKAR We are going to have a very big project at Mäyäpur. We have to ac- quire 350 acr es of land from the Government and construct a spiritual town at the expense of Rs. 200 Crores. The plans and contemplations are going on in different phases, now when Caitanya Mahäprabhu will be pleased it will be taken up. 6/6/76 NEW VÅNDÄVANA – JAYAPATÄKÄ MAHÄRÄJA Sources (of funds) means we get contributions from all over the world. All of our branches will gladly contribute. Practically this institution is the real U.N. We have the co-operation from all nations, all religions, all communities, etc. It will be an international institute. To see the Planetarium and how things are universally situated has nothing to do with sectarian ideas. It is a scientific presentation of spiritual life.


28/2/76 MÄYÄPUR – MORNING WALK Prabhupäda : ...from the Bhägavatam. So this should be mentioned. It is not only a temple, but a planetarium according to Bhägavatam, where which planet is situated, where is Vaikuëöhaloka, where is Golo- ka Våndävana, where is... Devotees: Wow! Tamäla Kåñëa : You want a real planetarium just like in the West. Jayapatäkä : That’s what I told them, Prabhupäda... Prabhupäda : Yes. Jayapatäkä : ...that this is not a temple; this is like a big cultural exposi- tion, museum, planetarium. Prabhupäda : Yes. Tamäla Kåñëa : Boy, Prabhupäda, the people will pay... Everyone will pay a rupee to go in and see that. One rupee for that, one rupee to ride the escalator. Prabhupäda : And there will be escalator to take them to different plan- etary system. Mention there.

27/2/76 MÄYÄPUR – MORNING WALK Jayapatäkä : The whole world will be coming here to... Prabhupäda : Yes. Jayapatäkä: ...visit. Prabhupäda : Just like they come to see the Taj Mahal... Hådayänanda : Yes.

Prabhupäda : ...the architectural culture, they’ll come to see the civili- zation culture, the philosophical culture, the religious culture by practi- cal demonstration with dolls and other things. Jayapatäkä : And we’ll be advertising that all over the world. Prabhupäda : Yes. Hådayänanda: It is a perfect plan. Prabhupäda : Yes. Jayapatäkä : There can be a model of that temple in every temple all over the world. Prabhupäda : Yes.


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

Jayapatäkä: So then people can... Then advertising, “Come here.” Prabhupäda: Oh, yes. Actually it will be an unique thing in the world. There is no such thing all over the world. That we shall do. And not only simply showing museum, but educating people to that idea. Hådayänanda: Preaching. Prabhupäda: Right. With factual knowledge, books, not fictitious.


23/1/76 MÄYÄPUR – ÇRÉ CHAUDHURI We have plans for erecting a magnificent international city based n this Vedic culture. For this purpose we want a considerable ract of land, and I therefore wish that the Government may acquire some land for us so that we may develop our plan. 25/3/76 NEW DELHI – CONVERSATION with JOURNALISTS Reporter (2) : Would you tell us something about the Vedic city which is being constructed in Mäyäpur? Puñöa Kåñëa : He wants to know something about the Vedic city which is being constructed in Mäyäpur. Prabhupäda: Yes, not Vedic city. Vedic Planetarium. How you got this information? Gopäla Kåñëa: He had come to our temple earlier. He’s already published one article in yesterday’s paper.


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

6/7/76 WASHINGTON D.C. – CONVERSATION in ÇRÉLA PRABHUPÄDA’S ROOM Prabhupäda: . ..and it is a fact, he did not fix it. I wanted both of you to take various detailed photographs of that Capitol. Yadubara: The Capitol Building. For what purpose, Çréla Prabhupäda? Prabhupäda : We shall have picture, planetarium in Mäyäpur. (aside:) That’s better. [break] ...spiritual world, material world, and so on, so on. Planetary..., succession of the planetary systems, everything. A build- ing like that. Yadubara : That would be a separate building from the temple? Prabhupäda: Yes. We are acquiring 350 acres of land for life for construct- ing a small township... Yadubara : I think we... Prabhupäda : attract people from all the world to see the Planetarium. Svarüpa Dämodara : Is this near the temple? Prabhupäda : Yes. Planetarium name, actually it will be temple. But all round, things will be... Anyway. Yadubara: I know before the idea was to have it inside the main temple. Prabhupäda : Hm? Yadubara : As you walked up the outside of the, or the inside of the main temple, inside that dome, they would have it on the walls.But that would... That original plan was to have it inside the main temple. Prabhupäda : Yes. You take all details, inside, outside. That will be nice. Svarüpa Dämodara : Can you take inside? Is it allowed? Yadubara : Yes, I think so. Prabhupäda : Hare Kåñëa, Hare Kåñëa... (japa) And you prove that sun planet is first. It is stated in the Bible.



Prabhupäda : (Bengali) Goloka-nämni nija-dhämni tale ca tasya devémaheça- hari-dhäma.. . [Bs. 5.43]. About our temple contemplation, it will be almost a

skyscraper building. Bhavänanda : Will be. Çrédhara Mahäräja : Eh?

Prabhupäda : Skyscraper building in temple shape, with four divisions. Goloka- nämni nija-dhämni tale ca tasya devé-maheça ... [Bs. 5.43]. So Maheçadhäma, how it will be depicted? Pärvaté-wise. (?) Çrédhara Mahäräja : It has been already described by Sanätana Gosvämé in Båhad-Bhägavatämåtam. After crossing Brahmaloka, Prabhupäda : There is Maheça-dhäma, in between. Çrédhara Mahäräja : Maheça-dhäma. And the devotee, Çiva is devotee. Prabhupäda : Yes, everyone is... Çiva’s devotional prayer is there in Fourth Can- to, about the four sons. What are those? Çrédhara Mahäräja: Devé-dhäma. Virajä to virajä, nirviçeña . The last conception or the highest conception of Devé-dhäma is what are the conception of virajä; prakåti ends there... Then begins... Prabhupäda : Käraëa, käraëärëava. Çrédhara Mahäräja : Käraëa, käraëärëava. Then it begins Brahmaloka, the halo of the spiritual world. Prabhupäda : Effulgence. Yes. Çrédhara Mahäräja : Spiritual world. And that is also some, some, somewhat nirviçeña. And then, after crossing that, the Çiva is on the other, higher side or he is in lower side. That is differentiation... Prabhupäda : Çiva is... Çrédhara Mahäräja : Differentiation on two sides is Çiva. This side also, Master of Devé, and this side also. He is searching after something and when the differ- entiated world ends in Brahmaloka, there also Çiva is devotee. This side, Çiva is a yogé. He’s searching after. And then, there, he’s going to meet Näräyaëa, to face (indistinct). Prabhupäda : Both sides, he’s a devotee.


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

Çrédhara Mahäräja : This side, he’s not such a devotee. But that is pure devotee on the other side, Vaikuëöha. Prabhupäda : Ah. Sadäçiva. Çrédhara Mahäräja: Sadäçiva, Mahä-viñëu. On the other side, he’s a devotee. Vaiñëavänäà yathä çambhuù. Prabhupäda: Mahä-viñëu and Sadäçiva, the same.

Çrédhara Mahäräja : Same. Prabhupäda : Advaitäcärya.



-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

25/10/74 MÄYÄPUR – LETTER from BRAHMÄNANDA SWAMI to RAMEÇVARA DÄSA Here at Çrédhäma Mäyäpur, Çréla Prabhupäda gave further impetus to the main temple project. It will be a 30 story skyscraper temple based on the following verse of Brah- ma-samhita: goloka-nämni nija-dhämni tale ca tasya / devi maheça-hari-dhämasu teñu teñu te te prabhäva-nicayä vihitäç ca yena / govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämi [Bs. 5.43] There will be the main temple that will extend upwards the full 30 stories, as well as different levels depicted in doll tableaus, first the material world, devi dhama; then mahesa dhama, then vaikuntha dhama, and finally goloka vrindaban. Already a com- petent engineering firm in Calcutta, which is the only firm in India to use an IBM com- puter in its calculations, has been contacted for making the foundation. “It will not be difficult”, assured Çréla Prabhupäda. He further revealed, “I have named this temple Çré Mäyäpur Candrodaya Mandir, the Rising Moon of Mäyäpur. Now make it rise, bigger and bigger until it becomes the full moon. And this moonshine will be spread all over the world. All over India they will come to see. From all over the world they will come...Kåñëa will supply the money. Don’t bother. The money will come either locally or from USA.” When informed that the government here will pay 2/3 of the cost for road and bridge development if 1/3 is put up locally, Prabhupäda said we should immediately inform them that he will put up 1 crore ($1 million), and they can give 2 crores to develop the entire Mäyäpur area. He wants roads parks, gardens, like the descriptions of Dvärakä in the Kåñëa Book. Prabhupäda personally surveyed the sites for a large lake as well as the second residential build- ing. He called for a wall with a large front gate to be built. Work on a spacious kitchen complex near the Bhaktisiddhanta Road is progress- ing, but Prabhupäda ordered that a second story should be added so that women and householders can live there and that the kitchen operation in the present residential building be moved there so that additional guest rooms can be added in the present kitchen and women’s quarters. A $25,000.00 Prasädam Distribution Pavilion attached to the new kitchen complex will also be built. Gargamuni Swami has pledged half the cost, and Haàsadüta Prabhu has sent $4,000.00 from Germany and promises more. 1,000 people will be able to be served prasäda at one sitting.


13/7/76 NEW YORK – MORNING WALK Puñöa Kåñëa : In our Planetarium, Çréla Prabhupäda, we want to actually show the different qualities of life on the dif- ferent planetary systems also? Prabhupäda: Yes, as far as possible. 2/7/77 VÅNDÄVANA – BHÜMAËÒALA DIAGRAM DISCUSSION Tamäla Kåñëa:. .. Your descriptions, especially this Planetarium, will at first meet with a lot of heavy reaction. It is not going to be embraced immediately very favorably. It means that everyone who calls himself a Ph.D. is a fool, that students will laugh at their teachers, if what we say is correct. There will be chaos in educational circles. (Prabh- upäda chuckles) Prabhupäda: All right. 21/1/76 MÄYÄPUR – A TRANSCENDEN- TAL DIARY VOL. 1 As we walked this morning, Prabhu päda discussed plans for the new temple and the proposed exhibitions it’s to house. It will be a cultural cen-

ter as well as temple. His idea is to have displays depicting various levels of material existence. The exhibition is to begin on the lower levels by depicting hellish regions and lower planetary systems. As the visitor ascends the inte- rior of the dome by escalator, various levels of material existence will be re- vealed, gradually rising to the abodes of the demigods, then Satyaloka, and the Vaikuëöha planets. At the very top will be a dazzling display of Kåñëa’s own transcendental planet, Goloka Våndävana.


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

Tamäl Kåñëa Mahäräja suggested that by charging a rupee per person for the escalator rides alone, most of the maintenance costs could be cov- ered. In the evening Saurabha prabhu showed Prabhupäda the prelimi- nary plans for the new temple. He estimates the cost will be at least eighty crores of rupees ($80 million). Saurabha’s drawings revealed magnificent plans for an entire city, centered around a huge temple structure. It will be surrounded by satellite temples, a gurukula campus, a commercial area, bathing ghäöas, and other facilities. The whole area will be protected from flooding by a latticework of canals. The main feature is to be a gigantic planetarium within the dome of the main temple. Çréla Prabhupäda was extremely enthusiastic about the plans. He wants the Planetarium to demonstrate the Vedic alternative to modern scientif- ic cosmological propaganda, illustrating the structure of the universe as described in the Çrémad-Bhägavatam. Impressed with Saurabha’s work, Prabhupäda suggested that the plans be presented to the state govern- ment with an application for official acquisition of the land we require. Prabhupäda always thinks big; he even suggested that we try to get them to relocate Calcutta’s Dum Dum airport nearby. For Prabhupäda no vision is impossible, because it is for Kåñëa.


15/2/76 MÄYÄPUR – A TRANSCENDENTAL DIARY VOL. 1 In this morning’s class Çréla Prabhupäda described his ambitious plans for showing the higher regions of the universe in the Vedic Plan- etarium he’s proposed for Mäyäpur. “There is a Siddhaloka. We shall show how this planet works, Siddhaloka. The description of the Sid- dhaloka is there in the Çrémad-Bhägavatam. The Siddhaloka persons, they can go from one planet to another without any machine, or air- plane. Like the yogis, those who are perfect yogis, they can go from one place to another without any vehicle. There are many yogis still

existing. They take bath in four dhämas—in Hard- war, in Jagannätha Puré, in Rämeçvaram. And similarly ... yogis can do that. They at- tain añöa-siddhi, eight kinds of perfection. So the Siddh- aloka means they are born siddhas. They haven’t got to practice this mystic yoga system.” To illustrate this point he gave the simple, effective example of some siddhas that live within our immediate experience. He pointed out how birds and insects can fly automatical- ly, but we cannot; we have to create so many big ma- chines.Prabhupäda’s idea in having a planetarium is to show that the statements made in the Vedic scriptures are authentic and based on scientific fact, not simply my- thology, as commonly mis-


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

understood. “There is no question of disbelieving,” he said. “It is not to be re- jected, ‘Ah, there cannot be any ... This is unbelievable.’ We have got this informa- tion from the çästras. We are staunch believer: ‘Yes there are siddhas.’ That is called theism. One who be- lieves in the statements of çästra. “Very highly intelligent per- sons, thoughtful persons, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians—they are called also muni. They came also to satisfy the Lord. Not these ordinary munis, but very exalted munis and siddhas from Siddhaloka. “There are many lokas, Caraëaloka, others. They are all described. So if

there is chance, we shall present these lokas, how they are situated, where they are situated, how they are moving, how the sun is moving around them. The sun is not fixed up; sun is moving. “All these things, we have got such dream to show. If there is opportunity, we shall do. The modern scientists or astronomers, they say, ‘Sun is fixed up. The earth is moving.’ So we don’t say that. It has got its orbit. So there are so many things to be known still from Vedic literature, it is not yet unfolded, but we are trying.”



Look at the chandelier … You should make the universal model for the plane­ tarium just like that.


Prabhupäda: We are just attempting a big planetarium in Mäyäpur. We have asked government to acquire land, 350 acres. That is negotiation going on. We shall give a Vedic planetarium. George Harrison : Is that the one you were talking about? With all the... Prabhupäda : In the Fifth Canto. Gurudäsa : The planetarium will be 350 feet high and show the cos- mology of the spiritual world. Prabhupäda : The construction will be like your Washington capital, like that. George Harrison : A big dome. Prabhupäda : Yes.

9/2/76 MAYAPUR – MORNING WALK Prabhupäda : And there will be escalator to take them to different planetary system. Mention there. 30/5/77 VRINDAVAN – TKG’ s DIARY Prem Yogi showed Çréla Prabhupäda some illustrations from the Çrémad-Bhägavatam, Fifth Canto, and explained them briefly. Prabhupäda was impressed with his prop- er understanding. Prabhupäda showed him the Mäyäpur model and explained


-- S rila P rabhupada on M ayapur --

what we intended to do there. Çréla Prabhupäda then expressed his concern: “We must exactly follow the description of hägavatam. As we are going to spend many crores of rupees, and there will be those who will try to find fault in our presentation, ‘Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.’ I have explained whatever I could already in my books. Now my brain is no longer able to work properly. You young men can tax your brains to understand the Sanskrit and English de- scriptions and present them.” Prabhupäda also mentioned that there was a connection from this planet to other planets. “It is in Switzer- land. There is a big mountain that goes up and up to where no one can see. It is going to other planets. I have seen it.” 31/8/77 VRINDAVAN – TKG’ s DIARY Prabhupäda thought about Mäyäpur throughout the day and how to ecure our interests there. He said, “It is Caitanya Mahäprabhu’s prop- erty. Superficially, it is the Americans’. The Godbrothers have agreed to cooperate. We have to take such cooperation that the American property is not infringed on by the Communist government. Without the help of local devotees, it will be very difficult to protect this prop- erty. I know how to do it, but first let us get report on how much they are cooperating. I want to preach village to village this Hare Kåñëa kér- tana, prasädam distribution, and book distribution. Let us cooperate. “Had it been in Kåñëa’s time, the aggressors would have been directly killed by Kåñëa.”

3/9/77 VRINAVAN – TKG’ s DIARY Prabhupä- da’s mind works so transcen- dentally! No one


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