Student big winner

“It shows what we can do when we are



passionate about something,” said

Campbell. “It speaks volumes about the

caring of these kids that they are willing to

Students at Vankleek Hill Collegiate

go the extra mile for one of their own.”

Institute (VCI) are using their love of one

Campbell says Khokhar’s family has

of Canada’s national sports to help one of

recently fallen on hard times and it posed a

their own enjoy the sounds of the game.

particular challenge to replace Ambreen’s

Ten student and teacher teams from the

hearing aid after it was lost.

school were to participate in a charity

The hockey tournament was to involve

hockey tournament Wednesday to buy a

10 teams that each paid a $200 entry fee to

$3,000 hearing aid for Ambreen Khokhar,

join the event. The school will officially

an 18-year-old special needs student at

present a cheque for $3,000 to Khokhar’s

the high school. Khokhar, a

family during a noon-hour ceremony at the


tournament. Theschoolisalsoinvestigating

lost her hearing aid and her family cannot

charities in the area whose members say

afford a replacement.

they want to help with Ambreen’s cause.

Principal Jeff Campbell says the hockey

Campbell says any money the school

tournament, to be held at the arena in

collects over and above that needed for the

VankleekHill, will raise $2,000. The school

hearing aid will be donated to Champions

has secured $200 in donations, and an

for Kids. Champions for Kids is the

$800 grant from the Upper Canada District

charitable armof the Upper CanadaDistrict

School Board Champions for Kids

School Board. It was launched in January

Foundation to cover the remaining cost.

2008 to raise money so children from

The fundraising effort has been led by

disadvantaged families can play sports

teachers Lyn Cooke-Hurtubise and Sarah

Food bank deposits

and enjoy the arts. The charity also raises

Dagg, as well as members of the school’s


leadership council.

Submitted photo

associated medical costs, such as the fuel

Campbell said the fundraising effort


expense to drive a child to the Children’s

has made him proud of his school.


Hospital of Eastern Ontario for treatment.


andamatchingdonationof $810 fromtheVankleekHill ScotiaBank.





AVIS EST DONNÉ que le Conseil municipal de la Corporation de la ville de Hawkesbury a adopté les règlements no. 19-2012 et no. 20-2012 le 22e jour de février 2012, sous l’article 17 et l’article 34 de la Loi de 1990 sur l’aménagement du territoire. AVIS EST DONNÉ que l’autorité approbatrice du Plan directeur est les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell, localisé à l’adresse suivante : Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell, Département d’urbanisme, 59 rue Court, Case postal 304, L’Orignal (Ontario) K0B 1K0 . AVIS EST DONNÉ que seuls des individus ou corps publics peuvent recevoir un avis de la décision de l’autorité approbatrice concernant le règlement no. 19-2012 si une demande écrite est acheminée à l’autorité approbatrice. AVIS EST DONNÉ que toute personne ou tout corps public peut faire appel à la Commission des affaires municipales de l’Ontario concernant le règlement de zonage no. 20-2012 en déposant un avis d’appel précisant l’objection au règlement ainsi que les motifs de l’objection. L’avis d’appel doit être remis au greffier au plus tard le 22 mars 2012, accompagné des droits exigés par la Commission des affaires municipales, et; AVIS EST DONNÉ que seuls des individus, des corporations et des corps publics, peuvent faire appel à un règlement de zonage à la Commission des Affaires municipales de l’Ontario. Un avis d’appel ne peut être déposé par une association non incorporée ou un groupe. Cependant, un avis d’appel peut être déposé au nom d’un individu qui est un membre d’une telle association ou d’un tel groupe. Aucune personne ni aucun organisme public ne doit être joint en tant que partie à l’audition de l’appel sauf si, avant l’adoption du règlement municipal, la personne ou l’organisme public a présenté des observations orales lors d’une réunion publique ou présenté des observations écrites au Conseil ou qu’il existe, de l’avis de la Commission des affaires municipales de l’Ontario, des motifs raisonnables de le faire. NOTE EXPLICATIVE L’article 26(9) de la Loi sur l’Aménagement du territoire requiert que le règlement de zonage soit mis à jour suite à l’approbation d’un nouveau Plan officiel. Le but de la révision est d’assurer que le règlement de zonage soit entièrement conforme au Plan officiel afin de permettre à la municipalité de faire la mise en œuvre des politiques d’aménagement du territoire et par le fait même de réaliser la vision à long terme exprimée dans le Plan. Le règlement de zonage proposé vise l’ensemble du territoire de la municipalité. Conséquemment, aucune carte clé ne sera fournie avec cet avis. Le nouveau règlement de zonage proposé et la consolidation du plan directeur furent présentés de façon informelle lors de la séance d’accueil suivi d’une présentation et période de questions et réponses. Les règlements furent présentés lors de la réunion publique règlementaire. DES RENSEIGNEMENTS SUPPLÉMENTAIRES relatifs au nouveau règlement de zonage et à la consolidation du plan directeur sont à la disposition du public durant les heures normales de bureau au service d’urbanisme à l’Hôtel de ville situé au 600, rue Higginson, Hawkesbury. Le règlement de zonage et le plan directeur sont d’autant plus disponibles sur le site internet de la ville au . Veuillez noter que les versions officielles bilingues seront disponibles ultérieurement. FAIT EN LA MUNICIPALITÉ DE LA VILLE DE HAWKESBURY CE 2 e JOUR DE MARS, 2012 __________________________________

TAKE NOTICE that the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury passed By-law No. 19-2012 and By-law No. 20-2012 on the 22 nd day of February, 2012 under Section 17 and Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990. TAKE NOTICE that the approval authority for the Official Plan is the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, located at: United Counties of Prescott and Russell, Planning Department, 59 Court Street, P.O. Box 304, L’Orignal, Ontario K0B 1K0 . TAKE NOTICE that any person or public body will be entitled to receive notice of the decision of the approval authority concerning By-law no. 19-2012 if a written request to be notified of the decision is made to the approval authority. TAKE NOTICE that any person or public body may appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board in respect of Zoning By-law No. 20-2012 by filing with the Clerk, no later than the 22 nd day of March 2012, a notice of appeal setting out the objection of the By-law and the reasons in support of the objection, accompanied by the fee required by the Municipal Board. TAKE NOTICE that only individuals, corporations and public bodies may appeal a zoning by- law to the Ontario Municipal Board. A notice of appeal may not be filed by an unincorporated association or group. However, a notice of appeal may be filed in the name of an individual who is a member of the association or the group on its behalf. No person or public body shall be added as a party to the hearing of the appeal unless, before the by-law was passed, the person or public body made oral submissions at a public meeting or written submissions to the Council or, in the opinion of the Ontario Municipal Board, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a party. EXPLANATORY NOTE Section 26(9) of the Planning Act requires that where a municipality has completed a five year review of its Official Plan it must proceed to revise the comprehensive zoning by-law to ensure that it conforms with the land use policies of the revised Official Plan. Accordingly, the Town has completed the preparation of a proposed comprehensive zoning by-law which conforms to the recently approved Official Plan and which will help implement the Town’s long term vision for land use within the municipal boundaries. As the proposed comprehensive zoning by-law will apply to the entire corporate limits of the Town of Hawkesbury, a key map has not been provided. The new proposed Zoning By-law and Official Plan consolidation have been presented during the informal public open house in order to receive comments and questions. The By-laws were then presented at the formal public meeting. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION relating to the new Zoning By-law and consolidation of the Official Plan is available for review at the Town of Hawkesbury 600 Higginson St. Hawkesbury, ON, K6A 1H1 during regular office hours.The Zoning By-Law and Official Plan are also available for review on the Town’s website at Please note that the official versions will be bilingual in the near future.

DATED AT THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF HAWKESBURY THIS 2 ND DAY OF MARCH, 2012. __________________________ Christine Groulx, Clerk Telephone: 613-632-0106

Christine Groulx, Greffière Téléphone: 613-632-0106

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