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E N H A N C I N G T H E L I V E S O F T H O S E W E T O U C H ®

Becoming Our Best


We are halfway through 2019. I can hardly believe how fast this year has flown by. For that matter, it is unbelievable how fast the past several years have gone by. I am struck by the fact that we have now existed as a company for over 33 years. And although those 33 years have passed much too quickly, it is rewarding to stop for a moment and realize the progress we have made. We have grown from just 7 employees to over 4,000 employees; from just 8 great

products to over 400 products; from a 2,000-square-foot manufacturing space to occupying over 2 million square feet of state-of-the-art facilities; from a few dozen customers to well over a million customers. And now over 200,000 households receive a check from Melaleuca every single month. We have become a global company, paying out tens of millions of dollars every month to families around the world who are spreading our good message of total wellness.

One of the things I am most proud of is our Management Team, consisting of dozens of hard-working, bright, honorable executives who bring the kind of leadership that we can all be proud to follow. I have a great sense of fulfillment when I consider how we have progressed this far, one step at a time. When we launched Melaleuca in September of 1985, we established our mission: “To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people


reach their goals. SM ” That phrase has been a guiding light for us as we have made decisions that have carried us along the way. We have never strayed from that mission. It is the very reason for our existence as a company and the foundation of our success. I am filled with the warmest of feelings when I hear story after story of lives being enhanced and goals and dreams being fulfilled both from the health benefits of our products and from the financial benefits of our business opportunity. Our progress has certainly not been achieved overnight. We have a much more solid heritage than that. It has been achieved through a process of continual improvement— step by step, precept upon precept. Every year we have gotten a little better, a little wiser, a little stronger. We have learned to become better leaders. We have learned to hold ourselves more accountable and each other more accountable. We have all experienced personal growth— intellectually, physically, socially, spiritually, and, yes, financially. I would like to believe that we have become better parents—and better

spouses. And if we have taken full advantage of our learning experience, we have learned to be better children in our relationships with our own parents. Progress takes change—in our hearts, our passions, our habits, and in almost everything we do. Melaleuca has changed over the years. And in the process we have become a stronger company with a much brighter future. Besides the people, the greatest reason for our success is our products! We have many that are so unique and so unusually good, I call them jaw-droppers! When people begin to regularly use the Peak Performance Pack powered by Oligo ®, the absolute difference in their overall health is really something! Other jaw-dropping health improvements are evident everywhere. Products like ProvexCV ®, Replenex ®, Pain-A-Trate ®, Renew ®, MelaBrite ® Plus Oxi , Sol-U-Mel ®, and MelaPower ® are just a sampling of an arsenal of life-changing and life-preserving products that can be found nowhere else. The development of these products did not happen overnight.

They took years to develop. We are so fortunate to have them! We are so fortunate to have the scientists who developed them. And we are so fortunate to have the many great leaders and loyal customers who are forwarding our mission and who really are the foundation of this great opportunity. To me it is a wonderful journey. I am so grateful to be a part of it! Progress takes time! We are much better than we were a year ago and immeasurably different and better than we were 33 years ago. And one year from now we will be much better than we are today! How about you? Will you be different a year from now? Progress does not happen without a firm resolve to change. No matter how much progress we have made, there is always room for more improvement. As you evaluate the areas where you would like to improve yourself, we invite you to not delay! Go for it! Now is the time! Come with us as we all try to become the best that we can be.





S E P T E M B E R | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9




2020 President's Club ......................... 14 2020 Convention Awards.................... 18 Car Bonus............................................... 19 Celebrations & Corporate Meetings .............................. 30 Employee Corner................................. 34 Affinia Facial Mask.............................. 37 Sol-U-Guard Wipes........................... 38 Sol-U-Guard Botanical concentrated disinfectant ................... 39 Oil of the Month - Lavender........... 40 Recognition............................................ 41

VIRTUAL LAUNCH For the first time, we broadcasted the event virtually to deliver new product announcements and business tool enhancements! PAGE 20

FAST TRACK TO PHUKET, THAILAND Qualifying Marketing Executives were treated to luxury accommodation at the beautiful Katathani Beach Resort.

7 UNEXPECTED WAYS EXERCISING WILL IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS Our minds, our character, and our relationships can also grow and thrive through exercise. PAGE 26





Build Your Contact List 1

Set Appointments 2

Share Melaleuca: An Overview 3

Hold Strategy Sessions 4

Celebrate Success 5

Always Be Involved with Fast Track 6

Lead by Example 7


arriving at a place of unconscious competence as a steady Melaleuca shopper. To this end, let me suggest three key steps to take with every newly-enrolled shopper, whether they identify as a category 1, 2, or 3 customer. Step 1: Help your newly-enrolled customer to place their first order Shopping on the Melaleuca website is easy, and can be done from any smartphone, but how will any new customer become exposed to every aisle of the Melaleuca store on their own? Once the enrolment process is completed, immediately help your newly-enrolled customer to setup their website username and password. Then briefly walk them through the various product categories and subcategories online, filling their shopping cart with them. Stay with them as they enter their payment details and place their first order. If you are not physically with them, stay with them on the phone or web conference until this step is completed. If they are not ready to commit the order immediately, help them fill up their shopping cart so that they know what to buy in a few days. If your new customer does not want to purchase a Home Conversion or Value Pack, here are a few products that I would always recommend to anyone and everyone, regardless of their age or circumstances: These five products alone would constitute a 36 product point order, and they only scratch the surface of what is available to them at Melaleuca! If they are genuinely struggling to know what to include in their first purchase, share your favourite products and do not hesitate to use the new digital Which Products form. It will offer tremendous insights into the sort of products they should purchase in their first few months. If you are looking to go above and beyond with your new customer, ask if you can return to their home in a few days to help them unpack and begin using their first Melaleuca products. You and they will learn a lot by going through this exercise. “Learn to Earn keeps new customers engaged past that initial three months while they are getting used to new products.” Senior Director 2 - Karen Buttery 1. Vitality Multivitamin & Mineral 2. Lemon Brite hand dishwashing 3. MelaPower 6x laundry detergent 4. Tough & Tender 12x all-purpose cleaner and a re-usable mixing spray bottle 5. Renew Skin Therapy

What do I do with my newly- enrolled Customer?


We talk a lot at Melaleuca about the 7 Critical Activities that will enable anyone to build a successful business to last a lifetime, and each of the seven activities is indeed important as we set out to share Melaleuca’s great products with new customers each month. In my opinion, one of the most critical of all business-building activities does not even have a proper number of its own. It takes place shortly after #3 Share Melaeuca: an Overview , but before #4 Hold Strategy Sessions . What is this activity? It is the proper welcoming, educating, and assisting of new customers as they begin their own shopping experience at Melaleuca. Given a proper Melaleuca Overview, a newly-enrolled customer ought to be very eager to begin their customer journey, but we must recognise that it is indeed a journey. Remembering back to the point at which you enrolled and began shopping at Melaleuca will offer some helpful appreciation for their situation. Do you remember how overwhelmed you were with new information, and how little you knew about Melaleuca’s actual products? Let us not forget that every newly-enrolled customer at Melaleuca is arriving with decades of experiences, habits, and preferences around the products they regularly buy and use. At Melaleuca, we know that we have hundreds of exceptional products at reasonable prices that offer safer, cleaner, and healthier alternatives to their typical purchases! Our objective, then, is to guide every new customer from a state of unconscious incompetence through various stages of competence, ultimately


“Long-lasting residual income only comes from happy customers that continue to shop.”

Executive Director Jenny Poett

Step 2: Introduce your new customer to Learn to Earn Program and Loyalty Shopping Dollars How many stores do you know that believe in their products sufficiently to offer $100 in FREE products to every new customer? The brilliance of Learn to Earn is not found so much in these free products, but in the fact that they will become better-educated customers across all the aisles of the Melaleuca shopping club, so the likelihood of them remaining a long-lasting customer increases significantly. Show your new customers where and how to access Learn to Earn online, and watch the first video or two with them. Acquaint them with the use of Loyalty Shopping Dollars, and point out that in order to earn these dollars at the maximum rate, they will need to shop no later than the 16th of each month. Customers who begin participating immediately in Learn to Earn are customers that will shop at Melaleuca for the rest of their lives. Step 3: Show your new customer the online Business Centre Regardless of whether your new customer ever plans to share Melaleuca with others, it would do them a disservice to not at least show them how easily this can be done.

Once you have finished filling a shopping cart and hopefully finalised their first purchase, click with them on the Business Centre heading. This will lead them to a page filled with business incentives and promotions for the month, upcoming event information, and other helpful links. Be sure to head into the Enrolment Centre, even just briefly, to demonstrate how our tools make the sharing of Melaleuca with others a streamlined process. I am confident that as you focus on helping each of your newly- enrolled customers to shop immediately, begin using the Learn to Earn system, and understand how easily they can share Melaleuca with others, your business will solidify and grow into one that will truly last a lifetime.




Melaleuca is focused on understanding and helping enhance the lives of our customers. The voice and collective experience of our Executive Leadership Council are integral to the process; the Council guides us to make informed decisions that help positively impact the lives of customers, and the growth of our market.

Judith Scott NZ

Marci & Geoff Stedman NSW

Doug & Anne Glennie QLD

melaleuca lifetime earnings: 350,346.11

melaleuca lifetime earnings: $1,914,483.55

melaleuca lifetime earnings: $650,942.94

Jenny & Greg Poett WA

Karen & Matt Buttery VIC

Hayley & Ben Harding SA

melaleuca lifetime earnings: $1,262,662.81

melaleuca lifetime earnings: $267,264.52

melaleuca lifetime earnings: $193,687.78


Get to know Melaleuca's Executive Leadership Council Marci and Geoff Stedman are an integral part of the Executive Leadership Council with their Melaleuca journey commencing almost 11 years ago. Marci and Geoff have shared their passion for wellness and helping others in all aspects of their lives, even prior to Melaleuca. Marci is Canadian born and trained in hospital pharmacy. At the age of 25, Marci moved to Europe and built a direct sales organisation to the top level without knowing anyone or even being able to speak the language! That is her pioneering spirit in action! Geoff hails from Tasmania which is where he developed his love of fly fishing. Geoff has been a Chartered Accountant for over 25 years and has helped many business owners navigate their way

fantastic, fun and reliable car, and we’ve loved every car bonus over the years which has enabled great family holidays and everyday safety,” explains Marci. They have also participated in many great trips along their Melaleuca journey. Marci and Geoff have experienced Langkawi - Malaysia, staying in 5 star huts over the Andaman Sea, a trip to Idaho Falls - USA Home Office and many SSLC events in the beautiful Port Douglas, Byron Bay, Cradle Mountain, Darwin and Fiji. When asked about a fond memory from one of these fabulous trips away, Marci recalls Langkawi, Malaysia. “It was a Fast Track trip which rewarded the 10 top performing businesses. It was in the first year of our Senior Directors 4 – Marci and Geoff Stedman

through tricky situations. Geoff loves helping people and is an active part of the Melaleuca business. Prior to being introduced to Melaleuca, Marci and Geoff were residing in Moss Vale in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Marci had decided to leave her previous direct sales organisation for which she is thankful for the learnings, and developed a gourmet sauce company that ended up supplying to over 100 outlets in Australia. As much as Marci loved to create recipes and loved spending time

enrolment and we made it into the top 10! Geoff was delighted to find out we would stay in the villas above the sea. The food was amazing, as was the company. Geoff remembers the fish spa where the little fish gave him a foot massage. The villas over the sea were amazing – Melaleuca rewards their leaders and we are thankful for that.’’ Aside from the fabulous trips away, Melaleuca has largely contributed to Marci and Geoff finally being able to experience debt- free living and provided them with the opportunity to assist their ageing parents. Marci and Geoff aspire to build their Melaleuca business well beyond Executive Director over the next couple of years. They will continue to assist their ageing

in the kitchen, she knew that what they were doing wasn’t really enhancing the lives of others. “We closed the doors on that business and turned our attention to finding a leveraged income business that fit what we had to offer,’’ explains Marci. Marci and Geoff knew that the bricks and mortar business model was not the answer for them but meeting Melaleuca's CEO, Frank Vandersloot in person, and then finally agreeing to view a Melaleuca Overview, after declining many times, their hearts and eyes were finally open. “Geoff and I love the fact we can bring both of our diverse expertise to the people we reach out to help,” shares Marci. “Geoff’s executive entrepreneurial spirit and my grassroots touch and International view have served us well over our career in helping people whilst keeping a level head.’’ Melaleuca has provided both Marci and Geoff with many opportunities that they are thankful for. “We have a

parents, travel more frequently to Canada and secure a stable growing early retirement income. “We want to continue to build a team of action oriented visionary leaders locally, nationally and internationally that are focused on serving their communities with passion and drive,’’ begins Marci, “we see a huge opportunity for Melaleuca in the marketplace and we are busy sharing our vision to help us help others.’’ Outside of Melaleuca, both Marci and Geoff love to share their hospitality, camping, fishing and play golf. Marci and Geoff are a true testament to sharing their passion for helping other people and creating a lifestyle that encompasses healthy family living. “Together as a family, we can be an active part of our communities whilst enjoying our flexible lifestyle.”

Personally enrolled customers: 59

Organisation retention rate: 97.2%

Life-time earnings $350,346.11











ONE THING TO DO MORE OF: Make more phone calls. That’s not code for make “approaches.” Truly make phone calls. In this day and age of texting, messaging, and instant communication, Jeff knows the power of an actual phone call. You may just call it his secret weapon. “The communication of your voice is powerful,” Jeff says. “When I first communicate with someone, it’s always on the phone. As you get to know each other and share stories, you form a relationship. It’s critical to have that connection, and you can’t do that over text or social media.” Dialing a phone number and leaving a voice mail and calling back again and again sure isn’t as easy as sending out a text or social media message. But the Marketing Executive of the Year isn’t known for doing things the easy way. Preferred Members enrolled that month. Today, his organization is massive and enrolls thousands every month. We asked Jeff about the power of one and the “ones” he finds important. Jeff is no stranger to business. Before Melaleuca, he ran multiple businesses. What he loves about Melaleuca is that he can run a business without having to deal with the operational side of things. “At Melaleuca, I get to focus on what I’m good at without having to take care of all the other parts of business,” Jeff says. “When Ed Bestoso presented the financial opportunity Melaleuca offers, I saw a business I could operate without having to make the financial investment. It was a business model I could plug into.” Jeff enrolled in December of 1996. He was just one customer. One of hundreds of new


A lot of successful Marketing Executives will tell you that if you can build intrigue when you’re talking to a potential customer, that individual will approach you. They won’t feel like they’re the object of a pitch. It’s a successful tactic that puts relationships above results— something that Melaleuca advises. Jeff is an expert at creating curiosity. “If someone asks me, ‘What do you do?’ I say, ‘I belong to a shopping club.’ It totally creates curiosity. Of course they respond with, ‘What do you mean, a shopping club?’ And that’s when you have fun explaining Melaleuca.” Jeff’s approach drives potential customers to ask the questions. The curiosity is there, which prompts a very natural conversation. And that’s how the relationship begins.

“You have to believe in yourself,” Jeff says. “It’s a necessary practice. You have to believe you deserve what you are pursuing.”

Right: Jeff works his business from his home office. Below: Maureen and Jeff review their contact list and make calls.


ONE PRODUCT THAT SHOULD BE IN EVERY NEW CUSTOMER'S FIRST ORDER: Jeff believes that the Home Conversion Pack is the right way to get started. “It converts your home and that’s why it’s important,” Jeff says.


ONE HABIT YOU NEED TO BREAK (IF YOU DO IT): “The one habit you need to break is trying to sell Melaleuca,” Jeff says. “It’s the biggest turnoff in terms of getting someone to connect to your business. No one wants to be sold.” Jeff explains that rather than “selling” Melaleuca, it’s absolutely critical to build relationships. “Get to know others,” he advises. “Ask questions. Be aware of what they’re talking about. Ask them about their life and their family. People love to talk. It takes that interaction to build a relationship—to get to know someone, to like them, and for them to like you.”

Jeff is a natural-born leader with a style all his own, but leadership qualities don’t come naturally to everyone who chooses to build a business. Luckily, leadership skills can be learned and developed—a necessary process for any Marketing Executive. “Start by gaining knowledge about leadership,” Jeff says. “Read books, listen to audio books, or go to seminars. That’s the first step you have to take in developing your own leadership—learn about the skills and techniques of leadership in general.”


ONE THING THAT WILL ACCELERATE YOUR ADVANCEMENTS: The way Melaleuca’s generous Compensation Plan is set up requires several pieces of a puzzle to be in place before your next high advancement. Naturally, the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities are necessary to grow your business, but you can maximise your efforts when you know what piece of the puzzle you’re missing. Jeff consults the “Advancement Statistics” on the last page of his monthly Business Report to guide his focus. “When you’re trying to advance to the next status, you have to sit back and look at the puzzle and see what pieces are missing,” Jeff says. “There are enrolments, volume, PEG volume, personal Directors, and more—all these different components. The chart at the bottom of your Business Report will tell you what you’re missing in black and white. And that’s where you focus your energy. That’s really the secret.”

ONE THING TO MAKE YOUR STRATEGY SESSIONS MORE EFFECTIVE: A Strategy Session is crucial in building your business—it’s where new customers become team members. A good Strategy Session shows what’s possible with Melaleuca. A great Strategy Session shows a new Marketing Executive how to do it. “Map out a game plan,” Jeff says. “You need a short-term and a long-term plan. Map it out piece by piece. Define the objectives. Identify the targets.” The goal is for your new team member to leave the Strategy Session knowing exactly what they need to do the next day and the next week to reach their goals. The map makes building a business understandable and practical. It’s a very empowering way for a Marketing Executive to begin their career.

One thing Jeff doesn’t have is a typical day. Every day is different. “This week, I might be focused on one team or activity, and the next, I’m focused on something else,” Jeff says. “After I achieve something, I move on to something different.” Jeff self-evaluates often and finds out what he needs to do to continue growing. That dictates his schedule. Legacies are not built overnight. The size and success of the Miller’s business may be intimidating, but it is built how any other business is built—by adding one individual at a time to the contact list, by developing one friendship at a time, and by giving one Melaleuca Overview and one Strategy Session at a time. The blueprint is the same for every Melaleuca business. Jeff and Maureen understand and utilise the power of one to grow their business day after day. L

Left: CEO Frank VanderSloot shakes Jeff’s hand. Bottom left: President McKay Christensen interviews Jeff and Maureen as they are awarded Marketing Executives of the Year at Convention 2019. Below: Jeff and Maureen inside their former home in Florida.



How do you qualify for President’s Club?

4. All qualifying Marketing Executives are required to have a minimum Commission Rate of Executive Director or above on the last month of qualification (December 31, 2019). 5. All qualifying Marketing Executives must achieve a status of Senior Director or above by the end of the first month of the qualification period (January 31, 2019). 6. Each Marketing Executive’s qualifying activity will be based on the country of registration, and they must be in compliance with all Melaleuca policies during the qualification period. 7. Melaleuca reserves the right to change the President’s Club rules and qualifications as necessary.

President’s Club Minimum Qualifications 1. All qualifying Marketing Executives must develop a minimum of two new in-country Personally Enrolled Directors by October 31, 2019, who have been enrolled and achieved the status of Director for the first time during the qualification time period. a. The qualifying Marketing Executive must personally enroll the new Director. b. Inherited personals will not count towards this qualification. c. These qualifying Directors must maintain their status for three months in the qualification period (not necessarily the first three months). 2. All qualifying Marketing Executives must develop at least one in-country first-time Personally Enrolled Director 3 during the qualification period. 3. All qualifying Marketing Executives must have a minimum of +1 True Growth (enrollments + reactivations – cancellations) of in-country Preferred Members during the qualification time period (excludes roll-ups and moves).

Qualifying Positions Marketing Executives who advance to Corporate Director status for the

first time AND any Corporate Director who advances to a new high status within the Corporate Director ranks in the qualification period will automatically qualify. In addition to the automatic new and advancing Corporate Director qualifying positions, Australia/New Zealand have been allocated 1 position.

Qualification Period: January 1, 2019–December 31, 2019 For more details visit: www.Melaleuca.com


CONVEN THE COUNT > New Product Announcements > Inspiring Success Stories > Celebration > Exclusive Product and Business Training > Amazing Business Announcements > Interactive Product Showcase > Gala Awards Banquet …. An event not to be missed!

$ 169 pp in SEP & OCT Go to Melaleuca.com and place an order with sku 2337



Convention Registration includes: 2 days of exclusive training, fully catered & banquet ticket Friday 31 Jan – Leadership Meeting & All day training Saturday 1 Feb – All day training & Awards Gala

Venue: QT, Gold Coast Date: 31 Jan - 1 Feb






Peak Performance Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executive with the highest percentage of Peak Performance packs sold within their organisation. Retention Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest Customer Retention Rate and positive Preferred Customer new growth. Home Conversion Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest percentage of new Personal Customers with Home Conversion or Value Packs. Friends and Family Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest average product points per new personal Enrolee (excludes Home Convention and Value Packs) Preferred Customer Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest new growth (excluding roll-ups) in organisational Preferred Customers. Century Club Awarded to Marketing Executives with 100 or more personally enrolled Active and Preferred Customers as of 31 December 2019. Inherited customers are excluded. Half Century Club Awarded to Marketing Executives with between 50 - 99 personally enrolled Active and Preferred Customers as of 31 December 2019. Inherited customers are excluded. Master Enrollers Awarded to the top Marketing Executive with the most new quality personal Preferred Customers. Personal Enrollee Advancement Award Awarded to the Top Marketing Executive with the highest number of Directors and above advancements of their personal enrollees.

Leadership Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest number of new personal Senior or Executive Directors developed. Achievement Leaders Awarded to the Top Marketing Executive with the highest number of Directors and above advancements of their personal enrollees. Personal Director Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the most new net personal Directors developed. Personal Director 3 Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the most new net personal Directors 3 developed. Organisation Director 3 Growth Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the most Active Directors 3 and above. (must have at least 1 x Personal Enrolled Director 3) Business Builder Award Awarded to the top Marketing Executives with the highest number of Active and Preferred Customers in their organisation, who have also developed a personal Directors. Marketing Executive of the Year Awarded to the Marketing Executive who is the Number #1 Leader in the Australia & New Zealand. President's Club Each year, the top Australian and New Zealand Marketing Executives for the year will join the elite ranks of President’s Club achievers. Once you earn President’s Club, you’re a lifelong member of Melaleuca’s most prestigious club. The year’s achievers receive an all-expenses-paid vacation to one of the world’s most memorable destinations! See page 20 & 21. Melaleuca Millionaires Club Awarded to Marketing Executives who have lifetime earnings of $1 million or more.

To qualify for these awards, Marketing Executivess must be in attendance at Convention 2020. Organisation and Personal Customer retention rates and net Preferred Customer growth will be applicable to each award. Qualification period 1 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2019

Tickets available at Melaleuca.com




“Reaching Senior Director in 2017 and unlocking the Car Bonus allowed us to purchase our dream car. Ben and I needed a second car at the time in our lives with him no longer working Fly in - Fly out work (FIFO). Walking into the Toyota dealership knowing Melaleuca will be covering the bill for our Toyota Kluger was the most surreal feeling in the world. My family and I get to travel in comfort and style in a safe and reliable vehicle, thanks to Melaleuca.” - Senior Director 3 - Hayley Harding


SENIOR & EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS Grow your business to Senior Director, then select your new car and apply for Melaleuca’s Car Bonus program! Active leaders receive the following monthly Car Bonus for qualifying vehicles at these statuses:

Senior Directors $800 per month

Executive Directors $2,000 per month


What an exciting Virtual Launch we concluded on 31 July!

For the first time, we broadcasted the event virtually to deliver new product announcements, business tool enhancements with the new Safer for your Home website and the Ingredient Philosophy and the August business incentives to each and every Marketing Executive and Customer, all at the same time and at a location of your convenience. The live comment feed was a great way to have the audience participate by liking, loving, commenting and interacting during the entire event. Some of the highlights of the new products launched were, Sol-U-Guard botanical wipes, Sun Valley Grapefruit Splash Liquid Soap Refil as well as other limited time Sun Valley products and fragrances. We also launched our new look and formula Sei Bella Mascara’s and Concealers. The range of products launched offer something for everyone so make sure you go onto our website and check them out. This was a platform for us to celebrate some of our Fast Track to Phuket qualifiers with their inspiring stories around what it took to consistently enrol and develop leaders during the qualification period and what effect consistent activity has had on their businesses. There were a number of leaders that arranged Launch Gatherings in their hometown. This was a great opportunity for teams to rally together, invite potential customers and share in the Melaleuca experience together.

"Had a blast! We had several potential customers attend who enrolled after the event. We loved how much our guests interacted which each other, openly sharing amazing testimonials. A captivating event involving Australia/ New Zealand at the same time. Great Event!"

Carole Sellar – Senior Director 8




AUGUST 21-25

F ast Track 2019 to Phuket, Thailand was a great success for all who participated in it! Qualifying Marketing Executives were treated to luxury accommodation at the beautiful Katathani Beach Resort, which boasts eight pools, lots of recreation and activities, and its own private beach on the Andaman Sea. The group of participants would be hard-pressed to identify which of the week’s many activities ranked as their favourite. These activities included a 4-hour course in preparing delicious Thai food, a hands-on encounter involving feeding and swimming with elephants, and a day of swimming and snorkelling in the renowned Phi Phi Islands. Also unmistakable in these experiences were the warm smiles, endless humour, and true generosity of the beautiful locals. Senior Director 8 Carole Sellar described her time in Phuket as the trip of a lifetime. Feeding and swimming with elephants and floating in the world-famous Phi Phi lagoon are two memories that she will hold in her heart forever. Even more important than these great experiences are, each of the participants expressed that the actual process of qualifying for the trip is what they value most, as each of them personally witnessed dozens of new Melaleuca customers begin their shopping experience in the first half of 2019. As Senior Director 3 Hayley Harding was floating lazily in the warm waters of the Phi Phi Islands, she proudly exclaimed, “This was worth every single ‘No’ I received this year!” Hayley was particularly thrilled to be accompanied on the trip by two personally-enrolled business partners in Director 5 Karen Gillespie and Director 3 Annie Borg.

Whether the reward is this sort of trip of a lifetime or simply the growth in residual income that will surely come as a result, it is no mistake that Critical Activity #6 reminds us to Always Be Involved In Fast Track!






Everyone knows that exercise is critical for optimal health. It keeps our hearts healthy and our muscles strong. But you may be surprised to learn that the benefits of exercise go beyond the physical. Our minds, our character, and our relationships can also grow and thrive through exercise. Randall Bell, an author and researcher who has studied successful people for 25 years, says exercising is a habit of the most successful people. Here are a few reasons why.


2 EXERCISE INCREASES MENTAL ENDURANCE. college student ever. Mentally demanding tasks drain you like physically demanding tasks do. Research shows that physical fortitude is linked to mental fortitude. In a 2016 study on professional and recreational cyclists, researchers discovered that the professional cyclists outdid their recreational counterparts in a mentally fatiguing task— and weren’t as tired afterward .1 Though the researchers think that this mental toughness could be hereditary, they also speculate that the intense physical training regimens of the athletes strengthen their minds and their willpower. Working out can do more than increase your physical endurance. It can improve your mental and emotional toughness as well, helping you stay engaged in your business-building efforts, even in the face of challenges. “A learned mind is a tired mind and body,” said every

1 EXERCISE DEVELOPS DISCIPLINE. The 5 a.m. alarm goes off and you would scream, except screaming is too difficult. You made a commitment to be on the 5:30 team call, but your body has turned to lead. At this moment, there is only one thing that will get you out of bed: discipline. Discipline is a skill. It’s something that needs to be trained and built before the need for it arises.Because working out is physically and mentally difficult, it’s the perfect discipline builder. Regular exercisers are really good at keeping commitments to themselves. They commit to work out regularly, even when they get busy. No one would know if they didn’t complete the 50 pushups or 5 miles they committed to do. But they committed. So they do them. In return, they get strong bodies and disciplined minds. Use exercise as a tool to increase your discipline and self-mastery. If you can keep squatting when your legs are full of pure fire, you can make the calls you promised you would.

3 EXERCISE BOOSTS ENERGY. People aren’t getting enough sleep, aren’t slowing down enough, and aren’t moving their bodies enough. And though you may be sick of hearing this, exercise is the answer. A 2006 study at the University of Georgia concluded that exercise is more effective in reducing fatigue and increasing energy than a prescription stimulant for narcolepsy. 2 The study covered a wide variety of groups—including healthy adults, cancer patients, and even those with diabetes and heart disease. Exercise reduced fatigue in nearly every group. Increased energy could help you put more time into building your business or even allow you to build with more heart and enthusiasm. In our fast-paced society, fatigue is all too common.

4 EXERCISE BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS. to relationships, what doesn’t kill does actually make you stronger. Couples who survive a trying time usually end up closer, knowing that their partner will always be there to help them through anything. Think back to team sports from your youth. Remember how close you were with your teammates? You pushed through sweat and tears to victory or defeat. And it bonded your team. Conquering together, suffering together, sweating together, and crying about soreness together created team intimacy and true friendships. Create fun, trusting relationships with your teammembers, your customers, and the soccer mom who takes your son to practice by surviving a grueling workout together. Join a running club, a CrossFit gym, or a yoga studio and expand your contact list. Enhance lives (including your own) by improving health while building meaningful relationships. Cue the Kelly Clarkson because when it comes


5 EXERCISE IMPROVES CONFIDENCE. than one way. Trimming down and hitting weight goals can increase your confidence in your appearance. But it also goes much deeper than that. Working out is hard. Often the couch than go for a run. But overcoming your natural impulses creates a sense of self- worth. You’ve conquered the lazy human inside day after day. You’ve turned your body into a healthier, stronger machine. Is there anything you can’t do? Take this confidence and use it to share your passion for Melaleuca. Working out can increase confidence in more your energy-conserving body would rather lay on

6 EXERCISE GIVES YOU A SCHEDULE AND GOALS. based business is the lack of a formal schedule. Without a boss telling you to get to work at 8:00 a.m. sharp, it’s easy to let the day slip away from you. Creating a schedule for yourself and following through with it is critical for your success. Successful exercisers know the power of a good routine. A workout that isn’t scheduled is probably going to be a workout that never happens. A consistent exercise routine stabilizes your day and gives you a daily goal to accomplish. Every time you create a goal, work toward it, and accomplish it, you personally improve and your ability to accomplish goals increases. Plan a morning workout. Get up and crush the morning workout. Then take that goal-achieving momentum, set a goal to make ten calls, and start enhancing lives. One of the most challenging aspects of building a home-

7 EXERCISE HELPS IMPROVE MEMORY. It used to be a widely held belief that adult brains couldn’t develop new neurons. Recent studies have confirmed that adult neurogenesis, the development of new neurons in adult brains, does happen and actually increases with exercise. 3 Adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus, the part of the brain in charge of memory, slowly digresses with age. Exercise can slow or stop this age-related decline, helping to preserve your memory as you age. Not only can working out fight the physical decline of our aging bodies, it can fight the mental decline as well. Do your brain a favor and hit the pavement or a gym a few times a week.

When life gets hectic, try to not sacrifice your workout. Exercise is a super tonic for the health of body, mind, and spirit. It builds good habits and discipline, both critical for success. It keeps our memories sharp and our mental fortitude tough. It increases confidence and helps us bond with new and old friends. So next time you’re about to skip exercising for something that’s “more pressing,” think of yourself, your family, AND your business and lace up those sneakers. L

1. Kristy Martin and Walter Staiano, “Superior Inhibitory Control and Resistance to Mental Fatigue in Professional Road Cyclists,” Plos One, July 21, 2016. doi:https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0159907. 2. University of Georgia. “Regular Exercise Plays a Consistent and Significant Role in Reducing Fatigue,” Science Daily, November 8, 2006. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/11/061101151005.htm. 3. Jose Ramon Alonso, “Adult Neurogenesis and Physical Activity,” Mapping Ignorance, January 4, 2018. https://mappingignorance.org/2018/01/24/adult-neurogenesis-physical-activity/.




Celebrations & Corporate Meetings Melaleuca’s Critical Activity 5 is to Celebrate Success . We have celebrated many Marketing Executives all around Australia & N w Zealand recently, for your business advancements, achieving Fast Track, earning monthly promo ions, achieving circle of influence, introducing your first customer or merely picking up the phone and making your first appointment. Despite the nature of the achievement, celebration is a key component to growing your business, we all need to incorporate within our teams. During these corporate meetings in Sydney, Auckland, Naracoorte and Adelaide; we celebrated you and conducted a number of workshops for Marketing Executive to show different approaches, the power of Melaleuca’s compensation plan, effective contact lists and business tools and skills to continue your journey. We look forward to seeing you in your city soon.

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1. Advance your business to Director 3 for the first time by 31 October 2019 How to qualify to attend as fully hosted guests:

2. Develop 2 x Personally Enrolled Directors 3 between 1 June - 31 October 2019


October 15 - 18, 2019

HAMILTON ISLAND Enjoy Fully Hosted!

Crystal blue waters with white golden sands and an afternoon of cruising the Great Barrier Reef – Sound good?! ADVANCE YOUR BUSINESS TO SENIOR DIRECTOR BY 30 SEPTEMBER 2019

“Put all doubt and fear behind you and strive to achieve Senior Director and beyond! SSLC is where you are rewarded for your hard work and also an opportunity to collaborate with other leaders in the market. Lives change here and yours can too!” - Senior Director 2 - Karen Buttery

At SSLC you will receive exclusive leadership trainging and coaching designed to take your business to Executive Director and beyond. Take this opportunity to change your business and your life.

Standing Senior Leadership Council 2019 in beautiful Hamilton Island, Queensland!

Whats Included * • Airfares • Transfers • Three-night’s accommodation at the Reef View Hotel • Group meals • Training • Great Barrier Reef cruising


Introducing the newest member of our team…

care and concern everyone has for not only each other but for our Marketing Executives and Customers alike. I look forward to getting to know our Marketing Executives over the coming months. I LOVE the products! I am extremely excited to work with products that are safe for our children, better for the environment and most importantly, work extremely effectively. Renew™ is my favourite product so far. After moving back to Australia, my hands were extremely dry and were bleeding on a daily basis. I tried about five different creams over a 4 week period and none of them worked. Two applications of Renew and 24hrs later, my hands are better than they have ever been! What are some of your favourite activities to do outside of work? I love sport. I love any activity where you work with others to achieve a common goal. Anything that makes me compete or challenges me to go outside my comfort zone will always get me going. I am also excited that I am now able to share these My wonderful wife and I will have been married for 11 years this October and have been blessed with 4 little angels – Lincoln 8, Alexandra 6, Quenten 3 and Victoria 1. It’s a very busy household in the Barber home, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is the greatest experience in life to see your children grow up, develop and achieve their own little goals. Something most people do not know – Our eldest daughter, Alexandra was too impatient to wait for the ride to the hospital when she was born and we had to deliver her at home. She still is our little homebody! experiences with my children. Tell us more about your family?

Q&A with Dane Barber Senior Regional Sales Manager

Welcome to Melaleuca Dane! What were you doing prior to Melaleuca and what has led you to us? My journey with Melaleuca has only just begun. Completing my first month has been a wonderful experience. Getting to know all the amazing products and acquiring a better understanding of the compensation plan has been fun! I have been impressed by not only the quality of the products, but by the opportunities Melaleuca provides its Marketing Executives to build a sustainable long-lasting business. I have been involved in corporate sales, leadership, IT and coaching for almost 20 years and have worked in some of Australia’s largest companies in a variety of industries including telecommunications, healthcare, banking, gas and electricity retail. Melaleuca is the first consumer direct marketing business I have seen that follows proven sales strategies and has a compensation plan that rewards everyone willing to put in the hard work, not only for those who get into the business first. I enjoy coaching sales professionals and leaders and love to celebrate the success of others. The real joy I have had in my career has been working with people to achieve their career and life goals and dreams. My family and I have recently moved back to Melbourne after spending 5 years in Auckland, which was a wonderful experience. I knew that my next career move had to include the opportunity to develop and coach leaders and Melaleuca seemed to be the perfect match! I am excited for the many opportunities Melaleuca has to provide to many people in Australia and New Zealand in the future! What have been your initial impressions in working at Melaleuca? It is always the people that make work special. We have a great team in the office and the distribution centre. Everyone has been so welcoming and willing to show me the ropes. It really feels like a family and you can feel the


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