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3 Ways the Winter Weather Helps You Burn Calories

SHOVELING, SCRAPING, AND SHIVERING 3 Ways the Winter Weather Helps You Burn Calories W inter can make it hard to stay physically fit. Between the aversion to stepping outside onto your ice- covered porch and the urge to drink that third cup of hot chocolate, these winter months can lead to burn up to 56 calories during a 15-minute scrape

session. What’s more, you can’t slack off and skip this activity; it’s a necessary part of your

unwanted weight gain. Nowadays, people will try almost anything to get rid of those extra pounds — yoga with goats, hula hoop fitness routines, and even underwater spinning classes. Believe it or not, you’re already working harder than you think this time of year. Here are three ways the winter weather helps you burn calories. 1. Shoveling Love it or hate it, if you live in an area with a lot of snowfall, shoveling is a necessary chore every time it snows. While the repetition associated with this task bothers a lot of people, according to a Harvard study, you actually burn approximately 230 calories for every 30 minutes you shovel. 2. Scraping In addition to shoveling snow, you can also get a workout by scraping those layers of ice off your windshield. In fact, you can

morning routine. 3. Shivering

Your body works hard to maintain a healthy temperature, and when that freezing wind rolls in, you’ll likely

notice your body start to shiver. Shivering is a physiological response that produces heat through small, rapid muscle movements. It also assists with weight loss; you can burn up to 100 calories in 15 minutes of shivering. Of course, you should never purposefully make yourself chilly just to shed a few pounds, but if you have to be outside for a prolonged period of time this winter, know that your body is helping you out in more ways than one.



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