2020 New Variety Catalog




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Begonia I’Conia Introduction Begonia I’Conia Bacio

Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Orange Zest Calibrachoa Hula Gold Medal Calibrachoa Aloha Hot Orange Calibrachoa TikTok Grape Calibrachoa TikTok Rose Calibrachoa TikTok White Chamaesyce Star Dust White Sparkle

Petunia Surprise Sparkle Purple Petunia Surprise Sparkle Red Portulaca Cupcake Orange Touch Portulaca Cupcake Purple Touch Garden Party Aria Introduction Garden Party Aria Habanera Garden Party Aria Queen of the Night Garden Party Aria Senza Mama Garden Party Aria Yankee Diva Garden Party Hummingbird Song Garden Party Bee Lovely Garden Party Butterfly Breeze Garden Party Butterfly Garden Better Together: Big EEZE + Great Falls Better Together: Big EEZE + Great Falls Perennial Introductions for 2021 Aubrieta Rock on Purple Coreopsis Limoncello Coreopsis Limoncello Golden Gaura Graceful Magic Lavandula Imperial Lavandula Papillon Lilac Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Rebecca Phlox Spring Blue Improved Phlox Spring Pink Phlox Spring Pink Dark Eye

Begonia I’Conia Portofino Begonia I’Conia Upright Begonia I’Conia Miss Begonia I’Conia Bacio Introduction Begonia I’Conia Bacio Orange Begonia I’Conia Bacio Peach Begonia I’Conia Bacio Salmon Begonia I’Conia Bacio White Begonia I’Conia Upright Sunshine Begonia I’Conia Miss Miami


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Cuphea Blackberry Sparkler Cuphea Hummingbird’s Lunch Dahlia Hypnotica Limoncello Dahlia MegaBoom Berry Blast Dahlia XXL Cancún Dahlia Novation Hot Pink Dahlia Novation Hot Salmon Dahlia Novation Pink Bicolor




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New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Introduction New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Cotton Candy New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Hot Pink New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Red Racer New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Tangy Taffy New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Valravn Violet New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster White Lightning Coleus Main Street Beale Street Coleus Le Freak

28 29 30 31

Dahlia Novation Hot Red Dahlia Novation Hot Ruby Dahlia Novation Hot White Dahlia Novation Hot Yellow Fuchsia Arêtes Upright Latina Lysimachia Sunburst Nemesia Escential Blackberry Nemesia Escential BlueBerry Custard Nemesia Escential Bumbleberry Nemesia Escential Pinkberry Nemesia Escential Raspberry Lemonade Nemesia Escential Strawberry Nemesia Escential Sugarberry New Guinea Impatiens Magnum Midnight Orchid New Guinea Impatiens Magnum XL Orange Osteospermum Margarita Pink Flare Pelargonium Patriot Rosalinda Pelargonium Savannah Cerise Sizzle Pelargonium Survivor Scarlet Petunia Pinkerbell Petunia Potunia Cotton Candy Petunia Potunia Dark Red

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Petunia DuraBloom Introduction Petunia DuraBloom Blue Vein Petunia DuraBloom Electric Lilac Petunia DuraBloom Hot Pink Petunia DuraBloom Purple Petunia DuraBloom Royal Pink Petunia DuraBloom Soft Pink Petunia DuraBloomWatermelon Pelargonium Big EEZE Introduction Pelargonium Big EEZE Dark Red Pelargonium Big EEZE Foxy Flamingo Pelargonium Big EEZE Fuchsia Blue Pelargonium Big EEZE Neon Pelargonium Big EEZE Pink Pelargonium Big EEZE Salmon Pelargonium Big EEZE Watermelon Annual Introductions for 2021 Bacopa Bahia Blue Sand Bidens Bidy Boom Red Calibrachoa Aloha Nani Appleblossom


Phlox Spring Scarlet Phlox Spring Soft Pink Phlox Woodlander Lilac Phlox Woodlander Pink Phlox Woodlander Rose Phlox Woodlander White Phlox Early Magenta Phlox Flame Pro Baby Doll Phlox Flame Pro Light Blue Phlox Flame Pro White Salvia Midnight Purple Salvia Midnight Rose



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Petunia Surprise Pink Orchid Petunia Surprise Sparkle Blue Petunia Surprise Sparkle Burgundy Petunia Surprise Sparkle Magenta


I’Conia Begonias are the most luxurious series of hybrid begonias available for both sun and sLade Bred eUually Jor Joliage and flowers tLese exquisite plants make a dramatic statement in the garden or in containers and baskets.


I’CONIA PORTOFINO This is the most luxurious lineup of garden begonias available anywhere. Plants have a dark chocolate foliage color that provides a striking backdrop to the brightly Golored douFle flowers TLe plants have a mounded habit that works well in containers or in hanging baskets for dramatic statements in both sun and shade. Ideal for 6-inch pots I’CONIA MISS TLis trio oJ 2iss 2aliFu 2iss Montreal and the new Miss Miami are stunning additions for hanging basket programs. They have the rich fully double blooms of an I’Conia Fegonia Fut witL an elegant cascading habit. Ideal for hanging baskets

I’CONIA BACIO This is the newest family to the I’Conia brand with naturally compact plants that are perfect for smaller container sizes. Miniature plants witL smaller Fut an abundance of brightly Golored flowers on darO rich foliage. Ideal for 4-inch pots I’CONIA UPRIGHT Our most popular lineup for large containers and landsGapes tLese Zarieties have a distinctive upright habit with vivid colors on extremely dark foliage. They make fantastic additions to Garden Party combination planters as well as mass landscape plantings where heat tolerance is needed. Ideal for 8-inch pots, upright deco containers, landscape


I’Conia Bacio Series BaGio means Ʋ1ittle 0issƳ and tLese were named because they are a cute miniature version of the best-selling Portofinos 1iOe tLe Portofino tLey LaZe really decadent foliage color and are tolerant of full sun or full shade in most Glimates In dry or oZerly Lot areas tLey’ll definitely need some sLade TLey LaZe FrigLtly Golored flowers tLat will really pop against tLe darO leaZes and tLe flowers are smaller Fut more plentiJul tLan most Fegonias giZing a Jull flusL oJ Golor all summer long Being naturally smaller plants tLey’re tLe perfect pick for quart containers or even baskets where you don’t want the plants to getoverly large in the season.

I’Conia Bacio Orange | ǾǼȚ 6 Ȟ

I’Conia Bacio Peach | ǾǼȚ 68

I’Conia Bacio Salmon | ǾǼȚǾ 6

I’Conia Bacio White | ǾǼȚǾȠ


I’Conia Upright Sunshine


Miss Miami joins Miss Malibu and Miss Montreal as our top-pick begonias for hanging basket programs. These three varieties are known for tLeir LigLly ornamental Joliage Luge douFle blooms and extravagant cascading habit. Miss Miami adds a new tone to the family with a vivid red color.

The fourth color to the Upright family is I’Conia Sunshine. This variety pairs beautifully with the best-selling I’Conia Upright Fire in large containers or mass landscape plantings Jor a display oJ FrigLt sunsLine yellow Flooms on a darO nearly black foliage.


Roller Coaster varieties are a new and unique series of New Guinea Impatiens. They not only boast a large flower with double the petals, but each petal has a ruffled margin, like a roller coaster, giving a much more three-dimensional effect in the garden.


Roller Coaster Red Racer | ȞǼȀȠǾ

Roller Coaster Hot Pink | ȞǼȞȠȞ

Roller Coaster Cotton Candy | ȞǼȀȠȀ

Roller Coaster Valravn Violet | ȞǼȞǾǾ

Roller Coaster Tangy Taffy | ȞǼȀȠț

Roller Coaster White Lightning | ȞǼȀȞǼ


ColeusMain Street Beale Street 2ain treet Beale treet is tLe first Goleus to ever win the All-America Selections Award.

“The first-ever coleus to be named an AAS Winner! Main Street Beale Street coleus is an outstanding variety exhibiting deep red foliage that holds its color extremely well in the garden. The rich color doesn’t fade, bleach or get spotty as the season moves into late summer. The lush, bushy plant grows uniformly and as a huge bonus, does not flower until very late in the season – up to 6 weeks later than the comparisons! A unique feature of this coleus is that it can be successfully grown anywhere from full sun to full shade, making it an ideal foliage item for anywhere in the garden. Growers, retailers, landscapers and homeowners will all appreciate the beautiful color and uniform height of this coleus.” —AAS


Coleus Le Freak • A new standalone variety suitable for mass garden plantings or to add a fun and feathery texture to combination plantings • Long narrow foliage with a trendy color combination of variegation blends well with any color palette • Sun or shade tolerant for easy gardener success


Themost beautiful and toughest landscape petunia you'll ever see.

InterspeGifiG Freeding yields tLe strongest root struGture in its Glass

)aylengtL neutral Jor Gountless yearround Flooms

uperF Leat and drougLt toleranGe Jor Gonsumer success


Petunia DuraBloom Series • & new interspeGifiG LyFrid oJ petunias neZer FeJore seen in tLe Gategory • TLis new speGies’ root struGture allows Jor a muGL more duraFle petunia plant tLat Landles Leat and drougLt muGL Fetter tLrougL tLe summer montLs • TLe tLiGO petals are imperZious to summer rains and stay Jull oJ Golor in tLe landsGape • & total oJ ȚGolors in tLe series

Petunia )uraBloom Blue :ein ` ȀȓȚȀț

Petunia )uraBloom *leGtriG 1ilaG ` ȀǼȎǼț

Petunia )uraBloom Royal PinO ` ȀǼȎ 8 Ȏ

Petunia )uraBloom oJt PinO ` ȀȓȚȀȠ

Petunia )uraBloom -ot PinO ` ȀǼȎǶǾ

Petunia )uraBloom Purple ` ȀȓțȞȓ

Petunia )uraBloom;atermelon ` ȀȓțȞȞ


Pelargonium Big EEZE Series &n interspeGifiG geranium series engineered witL all tLe Fenefits oJ zonal and iZy geraniums Fut Oeeping tLe GlassiG looO oJ a zonal geranium tLat Gonsumers want witL ultra large flowers stronger LaFits and superior summer perJormanGe

Full canopies of flowers from the very beginning for stronger appeal at retail

The classic zonal habit and look that consumers are familiar with, making more confident purchases in the garden center

The biggest, most oversized blooms available on a geranium

A well branched and rounded chassis making production easy for growers

Dark green zoned foliage provides a healthier look on the retail bench and in the garden

Interspecific breeding gives more heat and drought tolerance

throughout the summer months


Pelargonium Big EEZE Series

Pelargonium Big **>* +o\y +lamingo ` ȠȓǾțǼ

Pelargonium Big **>* )arO Red ` ȠǼǶȚȞ

Pelargonium Big **>* Neon ` ȠǼǶȚǶ

Pelargonium Big **>* PinO ` ȠǼǶǶȠ

Pelargonium Big **>* +uGLsia Blue ` ȠǼǶǶȓ

Pelargonium Big **>* almon ` ȠȓȓȚǶ

Pelargonium Big **>* ;atermelon ` ȠȓȓȚȎ


NewAnnuals 2021


Bidens Bidy Boom Red ȠǼȠȓ ` ȚǼǾȎȀ

BaGopa BaLia Blue and ȠǼȠȓ ` ȚǼȀȠȞ • An improved variety from our previous Bahia Blue Sand with a more intense Flue Golor and a larger flower size • Bahia Sand varieties are more GompaGt in nature maOing tLem ideal components to combination planters and baskets

• A strong improved variety with a Juller LaFit immense flower power and a strong Glear red flower Golor • Outstanding pick for combination planters in both spring and autumn

Calibrachoa Aloha Kona 4range >est ` ȀȞȎǶȠ

Calibrachoa Aloha Nani &ppleFlossom ` ȀȞȎȚȓ

• Naturally compact and early flowering maOes tLe Nani lineup a perfect pick for small containers and high-density production • Aloha Nani Appleblossom has a FeautiJul sLimmering pinO flower color with a deep raspberry eye for dramatic contrast

• Aloha Kona varieties are the perfect size and habit for universal application • The well-branched mounded / semi- trailing habits make them ideally suited for containers and hanging baskets with easy shipability • Aloha Kona Orange Zest brings a vivid orange color to the lineup

Calibrachoa Hula Gold Medal ` ȀȞȀǶȎ • The top selected calibrachoa in our breeder trials last summer for the unstoppaFle flower power and Fold bicolor blooms that cannot be missed • BrigLt golden yellow Golor witL a riGL contrasting orange eye • Outstanding selection for mono-culture baskets or in combination planters

Calibrachoa Aloha Hot Orange ` ȀȞȎțȞ • &loLa Zarieties offer strong Zigor and UuiGOly fill out large FasOets or mingle well in combination containerscannot be missed • -ot 4range offers a new ZiZid Golor tLis popular lineup


Calibrachoa TikTok Series The TikTok series is the newest addition to the Dümmen Orange lineup TLese Flooms LaZe a Jun playful pattern with a unique pattern resembling the hands of a clock. The plants have medium-strong vigor and are well suited to hanging baskets and combination containers.

Calibrachoa TikTok Grape | ȀȀǼȞǾ

Calibrachoa TikTok Rose | ȀȀǼȞȞ

Calibrachoa TikTok White | ȀȞǾȚȎ


)aLlia -ypnotiGa 1imonGello ` ȚȞǾȎȠ • -ands down tLe most ZiFrant FiGolor dahlia on the market today • This was a top pick in all of our trials throughout the last year with the vivid “highlighter yellow” on pure white bicolor blooms • Hypnotica varieties are outstanding in combination containers and in the garden )aLlia 2egaBoom Berry Blast ` ȚȞǾțȎ • TLis is tLe first launGL to a new series oJ dahlias from Dümmen Orange • MegaBoom varieties are characterized Fy tLeir Luge flowers similar to our Festselling <<1 lineup Fut on sLorter pedunGles wLere tLe flowers are Leld Nust above the foliage • Ideal plant structure for combination containers or high-density shipping to retail • Berry Blast has a unique explosion of color with magenta on white

Chamaesyce Star Dust ;Lite parOle ȠǼȠȓ ` ȓǾȓțȠ • Improved performance and crystal wLite Golor on tLis douFle flowering euphorbia • *\Gellent filler Jor warm season combinations and as a blanket of white for the summer landscape Cuphea Blackberry Sparkler ` ȚȓǼȞȎ • A Dümmen Orange exclusive from PlantHaven International • &n e\tremely floriJerous GupLea witL unique coloring of blackberry tips on wLite tuFular flowers • )arO glossy green Joliage stands out on the retail bench • Outstanding pollinator plant Cuphea Hummingbird’s Lunch ` ȚȓǼȞǶ • A Dümmen Orange exclusive from PlantHaven International • &s tLe name suggests tLis plant will give gardeners a hummingbird highway in their yards • The pollinators cannot resist the proJusion oJ sGarlet tuFular flowers loaded with nectar

)aLlia <<1 CanGÁn ` ȚȞǾȚȞ

• One of the most stunning additions to the XXL lineup with a stately plant structure that XXL varieties are known for • The color is a superior clean red with a perJeGt flower struGture • &ll season flowering maOes tLis an outstanding choice for large landscape plantings


Dahlia Novation Series • A new series of dahlias launched tLis year Jor early flowering and high-density production • Novation varieties replace the

Dahlia Novation Hot Pink | ȚȞȎǾǼ

Dahlia Novation Pink Bicolor | ȚȞȎǾȀ

Dahlinova series as strong upgrades with outstanding uniformity within the series

Dahlia Novation Red | ȚȞȎǾȓ

Dahlia Novation Ruby | ȚȞȎȀȎ

• :ery Jull wellFranGLed plants witL loads oJ douFle flowers early in the season

Dahlia Novation Salmon | ȚȞǶȠǶ

Dahlia Novation White | ȚȞȎǾȞ

Dahlia Novation Yellow | ȚȞǾȚǶ


+uGLsia &r°tes 9prigLt 1atina ` țȠȀȞȀ

1ysimaGLia unFurst ` ȚțȀǼȎ

• This new lysimachia from PlantHaven is sure to be a staple throughout hanging basket combinations • *\tremely Jast to growwitL large suGGulent leaZes maOes a dramatic cascading addition • &s a Fonus tLe plant will Furst aliZe witL sunny yellow flowers in mid to late summer

• Arêtes Upright varieties are well suited to high-density produGtion witL early flowering on naturally GompaGt and extremely well-branched plants • Excellent additions to combination containers for early season sales • Arêtes Upright Latina is a striking cranberry and soft pink FiGolor flower


Nemesia Escential Series • A new series from the world’s premier breeder of nemesia and diascia in the 90 PenLow Plants • Upright plants habits which are very well FranGLed put off an e\tremely Jull display of blooms • Unique intense colors and extremely Jragrant tLese are great additions Jor tLe early season sales in garden centers • terile flowers Gontinue to Floom throughout the summer months and won’t go to seed

Nemesia Escential Blackberry | ȚȠȞȓǼ

Nemesia Escential Blueberry Custard | ȚȠȞȓȞ

Nemesia Escential Bumbleberry | ȚȠȞȓȚ

Nemesia Escential Pinkberry | ȚȠȞȓǶ

Nemesia Escential Raspberry Lemonade | ȚȠȞȓȎ

Nemesia Escential Strawberry | ȚȠȞȎǶ

Nemesia Escential Sugarberry | ȚȠȞȎȎ


Pelargonium Patriot Rosalinda | ȠǼȓȠǶ • An absolute stunning variety for the garden center • 2assiZe ZiZid pinO Flooms witL Jully douFle flowers will really wow Gonsumers for impulse purchasing • :ery Zigorous plants will easily fill out large containers and baskets Pelargonium Savannah Cerise izzle ȠǼȠȓ ` ȠǼȀȠȎ • One of our most popular novelties in the Savannah lineup is now improved for more flowers and a more distinGt FiGolor effeGt in the petals • This variety has the classic dark foliage of the Savannah series with an electric magenta palette of colors in the blooms accented with a bright white eye

New Guinea Impatiens Magnum 2idnigLt 4rGLid ` ȞǼȓȞǼ • An attention-grabbing jet-black foliage with a contrasting soft orchid pink colored bloom • Magnum New Guinea Impatiens are very impressive at the garden center witL Luge flowers early in tLe season that continue all summer • Stunning new variety with dramatic contrast New Guinea Impatiens Magnum <1 4range ` ȞǼȓȠȎ • TLe largest flower in our largest flowering series ƭ <1 4range Foasts and enormous flower size witL a vivacious orange color • Magnum New Guinea Impatiens are very impressive at the garden center witL Luge flowers early in tLe season that continue all summer • Excellent new color to brighten up shade gardens Osteospermum Margarita Pink +lare ȠǼȠȓ ` țǼǾǾǶ • An improvement to Margarita Pink +lare witL more prolifiG flower power and a stronger contrast in the bicolor blooms • Excellent branching and extremely easy to produce with low energy inputs Jor a firsttomarOet Grop in early spring

Pelargonium Survivor Scarlet | ȠȓȓȚț • Survivors are known as the classic zonal with exceptional heat tolerance and summer performance for the gardener • Survivor Scarlet has a vivid red/orange color with zoned green foliage


Petunia PinOerFell ` ȀȓȚȞȓ • Pinkerbell was a top pick by growers in our weeO ȞǾ Freeder trials • The blooms are very unique with the two-toned color pattern and will certainly catch consumer attention at retail • The semi-double nature of the blooms makes them more resistant to botrytis than traditional fully douFle Zarieties maOing tLem more weather tolerant for the gardener Petunia Potunia Cotton Candy ` ȀȓȚȠȠ • Potunia varieties have become a grower-favorite for their tight bubble LaFit proZiding a mass oJ Golor in a densely branched plant • Potunia Cotton Candy is a very durable and weather tolerant plant witL a pure pastel pinO Golor not previously available in the series

Petunia Potunia )arO Red ȠǼȠȓ ` ȀǼțǼȓ • Potunia varieties have become a grower- JaZorite Jor tLeir tigLt FuFFle LaFit providing a mass of color in a densely branched plant • Potunia )arO Red ȠǼȠȓ is a strong improZement to tLe lineup witL a darOer more true red color and a stronger habit with better weather tolerance

Petunia Surprise Pink Orchid ` ȀȓțȞǾ • Surprise petunias have been a top- choice line for hanging baskets and large Gontainers due to tLeir strong and vigorous plant habits • Surprise Pink Orchid has a beautiful orchid pink bloom with strong veining Jor a great longdistanGe effeGt


Petunia Surprise Sparkle Series • The newest series of petunias to the Dümmen Orange assortment • Sparkle varieties have a medium vigorous semi- trailing LaFit perJeGt Jor Langing FasOets and combinations • The blooms have the distinct sparkles and stay consistent through varying temperature and weather situations

Portulaca Cupcake Orange TouGL ` ȚȠȚǾȠ

• A brilliant new addition to the award- winning Cupcake series with an explosive orange and yellow starburst bloom • Excellent heat and drought tolerance make these sure winners for hanging basket combinations as well as large groundcover plantings

Portulaca Cupcake Purple Touch ` ȚȠȚȞț • Striking magenta on lemon bicolor blooms • Excellent heat and drought tolerance make these sure winners for hanging basket combinations as well as large groundcover plantings

Petunia Sparkle Blue | ȀȓȚȓǼ

Petunia Sparkle Purple | ȀȓȚǼǶ

GaeZola Purple Bird ` ȚȠȎȚȎ • TLe earliest flowering sGaeZola aZailaFle for earlier season sales • Purple Bird blends well into hanging baskets and other combination planters • Extremely heat and drought tolerant for a full season of gardener satisfaction

Petunia Sparkle Burgundy | ȀȓȚȞȠ

Petunia Sparkle Magenta | ȀȓȚȎȓ

Petunia Sparkle Red | ȀȓȚȠ 6


Garden Party: Aria Collection These four combinations utilize our newest Aria Angelona and are designed for superior summer performance.


Garden Party AriaHabanera • Angelonia Aria Blue ` ǶǼǼȚȀ • Geranium Savannah Oh So Orange | ȠǼȞǾǶ • Calibrachoa Aloha Nani Calibash | ȀȞȎȚǼ • Lobularia YOLO Lavender ` ȚȠȓȓț

Garden Party Aria Senza Mama • Angelonia Aria White ` ǶǼǼȚǾ • Geranium Big EEZE Foxy Flamingo ` ȠȓǾțǼ • Heliotrope Nagano ` ȚȓȚǼȞ • Petunia Potunia White ` ȀǼǶǾȞ Garden Party Aria Yankee Diva • Angelonia Aria Purple ` ǶǼǼȚȚ • Geranium Big EEZE Dark Red | ȠǼǶȚȞ • Lobularia YOLOWhite ` ȚȠȓȓǼ • Petunia Potunia tarfisL ` ȀǼǶȀǶ

• Angelonia Aria Soft Pink ` ǶǼǼȚȞ • Geranium Big EEZE Pink ` ȠǼǶǶȠ • Heliotrope Nagano ` ȚȓȚǼȞ • Calibrachoa Aloha Kona White ` ȀȞȞȓȀ Garden Party Aria Queen of the Night


Garden Party: Pollinator’s Paradise These new Garden Party selections blend annuals and nonstop flowering perennials tLat are strong attractors for garden pollinators.

Bee Lovely

Hummingbird Song


Butterfly Breeze

Butterfly Garden



Great Falls Coleus

These two plants make a perfect pairing every time for an outstanding display oJ flowers and Joliage all summer long.

Geranium Big **>* ;atermelon ` ȠȓȓȚȎ Coleus Great +alls &ngel ` ȚǼȎȀ


Geranium Big **>* )arO Red ` ȠǼȚȞ Coleus Great +alls =osemite ` ȚǼȎȀǾ

Geranium Big **>* almon ` ȠȓȓȚ Coleus Great +alls &ngel ` ȚǼȎȀ

Geranium Big **>* PinO ` ȠǼȠ Coleus Great +alls Iguazu ` ȚǼȎȀȠ

Geranium Big **>* +o\y +lamingo ` ȠȓǾǼ Coleus Great +alls Iguazu ` ȚǼȎȀȠ


NewPerennials 2021


Coreopsis 1imonGello ` ǶȓȚǶȓ

Coreopsis 1imonGello Golden ` ȓȞȓ

&uFrieta RoGO 4n Purple ` ǶȠȓǼȓ

• TLe Lardiest &uFrieta on tLe marOet perJeGt Jor nortLern perennial rock gardens • CompaGt lowgrowing alpine plants witL eZergreen Joliage

• Two Zarieties perJeGtly matGLed and designed speGifiGally Jor tLe landscape market • 1arge plants are first year flowering and put on a LeaZy sLow oJ blooms from early summer through frost • Great filler items to taOe up a large amount oJ spaGe in tLe garden


1aZandula Imperial ` ǶȓǼǶț

Gaura Graceful Magic | ǶȓǼǶǼ

• This French lavender has a beautiful Jringed graygreen Joliage • Imperial is a leader in the class of dentata types with exceptional flower power

• An excellent combination component with a dense mass of beautiful tricolor foliage • Plants LaZe darO pinO flowers emerging in late summer

Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy ReFeGGa ` ǶȓǼȎǼ • ReFeGGa Las a uniUue douFle flower form with an abundance of narrow fringed petals • This Leucanthemum continues to Floom Jor ȓȀ to ȓțweeOs continuously for an unstoppable summer show

Lavandula Papillon Lilac | ȚǶȚȚȀ • A new color addition to the Papillon series with large bracts coming on early in the season


Phlox Spring Series • TLe pring series offers growers a Jull line of vividly colored subulate phlox wLiGL time togetLer witLin a weeO Jor outstanding retail displays • )arO eZergreen needle Joliage maOes a strong groundcover throughout the year

Spring Blue Improved | ǶȠȓȀǼ

Spring Pink | ǶȠȓȞȚ

Spring Pink Dark Eye | ǶȠȓȀȚ

Spring Scarlet | ǶȠȓȞț

Spring Soft Pink | ǶȠȓȀț


PhloxWoodlander Series • & new interspeGifiG eZergreen groundcover phlox with extended flower power • Blooms are larger than traditional subulate types for added retail appeal • Woodlander phlox are adaptable to both sun and partial shade for better consumer success

Phlox Woodlander Lilac | ȚȚȠȞȎ

Phlox Woodlander Pink | ȚȚȠȞȚ

Phlox Woodlander Rose | ȚȚȠȞǶ

Phlox Woodlander White | ȚȚȠȀǼ


Flame Pro Light Blue | ǶǼȓȚȓ

Flame Pro Baby Doll | ǶǼȀȞǶ

Flame Pro White | ǶǼȎȞȎ

PLlo\ *arly 2agenta ` ǶȓǼȎǶ

• PLlo\ *arly Zarieties are an interspeGifiG Gross tLat are tLe first uprigLt type to Gome into flower in tLe season • )ense Glusters oJ flowers resemFle larger paniGulate types Fut witL a proJusion oJ smaller florets Jor great color displays

Phlox Flame Pro

• PLlo\ +lame Pro Zarieties are dense GompaGt paniculate types with outstanding uniformity in timing and size for easy retailability


SalviaMidnight Series • The Midnight series of nemorosa salvia are GLaraGterized Fy tLeir ZiFrant flowers on darO midnight purple stems • TLe plants are GompaGt in LeigLt yet GoZer a lot oJ spaGe witL a wide semispreading LaFit • Both colors are perfectly matched for

landscape mixes or container plantings

Salvia Midnight Purple | ǶȓȓȀȞ

Salvia Midnight Rose | ǶȓȓȀȀ


Industry Gamechanger

Ȟ weeOs Jrom direct stick

Ȁ weeOs Jrom direct stick

Ǿ weeOs Jrom direct stick

ț weeOs Jrom direct stick

Ț weeOs Jrom direct stick

Ƕ weeOs Jrom direct stick




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